Top 10 Websites for Remote Recruiting

13 Jan · 7 min read

Top 10 Websites for Remote Recruiting

Remote work has had a significant increase since the pandemic took over the world. As per a recent survey by Growmotely, 74% of working professionals consider remote culture as the new normal.  With this, a lot of companies are looking to hire employees remotely, and even have fully remote teams. 

As seen in the image above, in a recent survey by Global stats by LinkedIn, remote jobs witnessed a significant increase in various countries ranging from 1.5x in Canada to 4.9x in Brazil. In fact, European and Latin American countries experienced the fastest growth whereas North American and Asian countries experienced slower growth. 

To help you find the right talent, we have created a list of the top 5 websites suitable for remote recruitment: 

1) LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is considered to be among the top platforms for remote recruitment. With its advanced search features, LinkedIn has made the hiring process quite easy for employers. Companies can also use LinkedIn Ads to promote their open job positions. Moreover, the website offers a Candidate Management feature that allows the employers to keep track of all the job applicants relevant to your job posting. Hence, with its seamless recruitment approach, LinkedIn tops the list of the most preferred remote recruitment websites. 

2) FlexJobs 

Founded in 2007, Flexjobs is yet another top website to be considered for hiring remote talent. As per FlexJobs’ survey, 51% of respondents claim that they are much more productive working from home, and 95% stated that their productivity has been same or higher while working remotely. FlexJobs has been the first choice of some of the leading employers such as Apple, CVS Health, Pearson, Wells Fargo, Williams Sonoma, and so on. Some of the benefits associated with recruiting on FlexJobs are listed below: 

  • Unlimited job posting with the availability of job ad inventory at a single cost.
  • Access to a high-value prospect pool ensuring effective engagement.
  • Streamlined job posting with Application Tracking System (ATS) integration
  • Availability of credible recruitment marketing solutions to reach out to potential candidates.
  • Access to expert assistance and resources for remote culture and recruitment.

3) We Work Remotely 

With over 2.5million monthly visitors, We Work Remotely is yet another destination to list remote jobs. In fact, the platform has the largest community of remote job seekers in the world as compared to its competitors such as Jobspresso and Working Nomads. It has been trusted by some of the world’s leading tech companies such as Toggle, G2i, Shogun, etc. to find the right talent. Below are some of the benefits that make We Work Remotely a good choice for remote recruitment: 

  • Create job listings with ease.
  • Easy candidate filtration features to sort multiple applications simultaneously.
  • 80% customer return rate month over month.
  • Budget-friendly packages.
  • Provides access to huge partner networks.

4) Upwork 

Founded in 2015, Upwork lets you connect with the top freelancers to boost your business. The platform has been trusted by leading companies like Nasdaq, GoDaddy, Microsoft, and Airbnb. It has postings in multiple work areas such as Design and creative, Finance, Accounting, Dev and IT, and so on. Moreover, employers can choose the level of services offered by Upwork based on their specific requirements. Both the levels, Basic as well as Plus offers access to a wide range of talent on their work marketplace. Below are some of the benefits of Upwork: 

  • Helps you save money by avoiding agency markups.
  • Availability of Payment Protection to avoid any disputes between your company and the freelancer.
  • Offers you the freedom to initiate your projects asap once you find qualified talent.
  • Offers multiple hiring solutions such as Upwork Enterprise that allows large businesses to offer customized hiring solutions.

5) Fiverr 

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace for listing and applying for remote opportunities as a freelancer. Founded in 2010, Fiverr serves as an important medium to connect businesses with freelancers who offer digital services. It helps companies to find the talent with the right expertise with its vast network of vetted experts. Trusted by well-known brands like Loreal, Hindustan Unilever,, etc, it is surely one of the most suitable websites for remote recruitment. With Fiverr Pro, one can choose expert freelancers with proven track records from the premium-tier selection. The benefits of Fiverr Pro are as follows: 

  • Saves money and delivers a better Return on Investment.
  • Freelancers from Fiverr Pro deliver high-quality results.
  • Hired freelancers will follow a strategic approach to meet your project requirements.
  • Increased network to expand team presence.

6) AngelList 

AngelList is a renowned name in the start-up community to find talent specialized in remote and local technical opportunities. Well-known start-ups such as Roblox, Peloton, Cruise, and Postmates have hired successfully from AngelList. Companies can hire exceptional talent using specialized features such as Job search status, skills, and experience, time zones, remote preferences, assessments, etc. These unique benefits offered by AngelList makes it one of the suitable choices for companies: 

  • Easy tracking of candidates through free ATS.
  • Offers free job postings that can be promoted for more reachability.
  • Access to over 8M candidates to find the relevant match.
  • Unlimited message subscription to encourage maximum reachability to candidates.

7) JustRemote 

Founded in 2018, JustRemote is a recruitment board where employers can post their remote job listings to connect with potential job seekers around the globe. The platform offers a simple yet powerful approach to hiring the best talent. Moreover, it offers affordable pricing packages as compared to its competitors which makes it a suitable choice for employers. Benefits of JustRemote  are as follows: 

  • Offers advanced search and filter capabilities.
  • Ensures more affordability and credibility than its competitors like We Work Remotely and
  • Offers a variety of resources such as resume assistance and blogs on how to carry out recruitment effectively.

8) Jobspresso 

Jobspresso is one of the prominent websites to be considered for hiring incredible tech talent. Companies easily receive over 10,000+ applications with their vast pool of high-quality job applicants. It has been trusted by over 650+ start-ups and remote companies such as GitHub, Airtable, Sketch, Trello, etc to hire bright minds. 

  • Allows access to 5000+ remote candidates across the globe.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, and your expense is covered by complete money back policy.
  • Affordable pricing, categorized as 5 Pack Bundle, 3 Pack Bundle, Featured, and Basic.
  • Job listings will be featured everywhere including 45,000+ followers on Jobspresso’s Twitter handle.

9) Remote Ok 

Remote Ok is yet another popular remote board trusted by leading remote companies like AWS, ESPN, Y Combinator, Shopify, and so on. It has a vetted network of over 1,600,000+ remote workers ensuring effective reachability. The platform offers a very convenient approach for employers to hire the talent with the right skillset. The benefits of hiring on Remote Ok are as follows: 

  • Distributes the job listings on Google Jobs to boost the recruitment network.
  • Offers a budget-friendly package worth $299 for 29 days + renewable.
  • Jobs listings are cross-posted to their 121 job boards that utilize the API of Remote Ok.
  • Offers employers the freedom to choose from single or bulk job posting plans.

10) is another useful resource for companies to promote their remote jobs listings in multiple countries. The platform offers candidates with dedicated job categories to help them find their dream job. It also acts as a popular resource centre for remote job seekers and freelancers with various blogs on working remotely. 

  • Seamless approach towards creation of job postings.
  • A handful of fresh new remote jobs are listed every week.
  • Easy categorization of advertised positions based on a specific industry.
  • Offers affordable discounts on multiple job posts.

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