Top 10 features of a great website - part 2

6 Oct · 3 min read

Top 10 features of a great website - part 2

Every business requires an online presence. With most interactions and activities now happening online, businesses, no matter big or small, need to have a good web platform to increase their sales. 

The first step towards this is to create a good website. With so many businesses already running their own websites, it is truly necessary to stand out among them. Attracting customers can only be done with an attractive, user-friendly website that is easy to use and manage. 

So what makes a good website? Most great websites have several features in common. We have aggregated the top 10 features that are commonly seen in most good websites. In this article, we cover 5 features, and you can find the first 5 here.


No matter what the purpose of your website is, a visitor should easily be able to understand who you are and what you do. As the website owner or developer, you might know your website very well, but this does not mean that everyone understands what you’re trying to convey. To create an intuitive website, put yourself in their shoes and view the website as a regular user. Even better, you can ask others to have a look and get feedback from them. 

An intuitive web design can improve your conversions by upto 200%. By creating easily understandable texts, smartly placed icons and graphics that tell a story, users find it much easier to make decisions. You can also include chatbots that can assist the site visitors. 

Optimized for search engines

To stand out amongst your competitors, your website has to be optimized so that they rank well in search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done by optimizing pages and HTML tags with keywords, generating backlinks, making your website mobile-friendly, and having well-written content that is useful to the readers. In this day and age, launching a website without doing SEO is just a cry for attention. If your target audience can’t find you in their search results, there is very little chance to actually grab their eye. 

Quick loading

With high-speed internet available at our fingertips, people are no longer willing to wait for web pages to load. In fact, most people tend to exit the website if it doesn’t load with 3 seconds. Bounce rate, which is a measure of visitors who leave your website immediately after they arrive, is a crucial number to judge your website’s worth. By optimizing your website to load faster, you can reduce bounce rates significantly, which in turn increases the net worth of your website. This can be done by reducing heavy media files, including compressed images, optimizing the back-end code, etc. 

Quality content

People visit your website to know more about your business and your products. The content that you present to them can create a lasting impression. Not only should you be able to establish yourself as a leader in the field, but you should also build trust and confidence. This makes the visitors more comfortable in buying your products or services. 

With well-written content that connects with your target audience, you will also be able to rank better in search results. Using relevant keywords and language that your target audience relates to will amp up your sales. 

Regular updates

Website content should be fresh, to encourage visitors to return. In fact, repeat visitors are more likely to convert to customers. To keep your website fresh, you can do the following: 

  • Site updating: Website landing pages can be frequently updated to showcase new products/services.
  • Blogs: Publishing regular blogs can help create more fresh content for the website, which also helps in SEO.
  • RSS feeds: You can use RSS feeds to show the latest news, weather, stock tickers, etc. Thes will update automatically to ensure consistent fresh content.

Those were our tips on creating a great website. If you’re looking for further assistance, our web experts at WeSquare are happy to help. 

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