Tips and Tricks for Web Developers

4 Dec · 3 min read

Tips and Tricks for Web Developers

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Just as we do every month, we’ve pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we think are worth sharing…

Discover how to optimize your Vue.js apps, get valuable insight into caching headers, learn what’s new in Angular v15, and much more.

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Angular v15 released

Despite having lost a few famous team members, the Angular framework continues to constantly evolve. This new version brings in significant improvements, such as the image directive – which relieves a lot of the burdens around using the correct version of responsive images and speeds up the page load. In addition, stack traces have been improved by showing the user code involved in the error instead of internal methods, and much more. The link to this article is here

Optimizing the size of Vue.js apps

Reducing the size of an application brings instant benefits to the user in the form of shorter load and parse time. This blog post explains some performance-optimization techniques that will keep your Vue.js app lean and use only minimal JavaScript resources. The link to this article is here here

Make websites accessible to keyboard users

Making web apps accessible to keyboard users is a complex topic that can be hard to do without a full understanding. This two-part Smashing Magazine article series gives you the big picture you need to design an app correctly with keyboard accessibility in mind – the first post focuses on using HTML & CSS, while the second part adds JavaScript to the mix. The link to this article is here

AutoAnimate for quick React animations

Adding animations to an app brings it to life and improves user experience, but it can be a repetitive and time-consuming task that often requires a lot of boilerplate code. AutoAnimate is a lightweight, open-source animation library that can animate the DOM changes when a node is added, removed, or moved with zero configuration. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this new library! The link to this article is here

Caching Headers Tips and Tricks

Correctly set caching headers can make websites and apps lightning fast for returning users, and improve the load speed of any web project. However, in practice, they are often overlooked or configured defensively to avoid possible issues due to a lack of knowledge. This web article provides a comprehensive overview of caching headers and their usage. The link to this article is here

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