How to Ramp Up Your Website Personalization Game?

29 Aug · 4 min read

How to Ramp Up Your Website Personalization Game?

Website personalization has helped several companies make their mark, right from the early days of giants like Facebook and Amazon. It has helped companies to create unique website experiences for their visitors. As per the McKinsey Report, 71% of consumers expect personalization. With the rise in digitalization, the game of website personalization has gained enormous popularity. But what exactly is website personalization? 

Let’s take a deeper outlook to know about website personalization, its benefits and much more: 

What is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating customised experiences for visitors to a website. This is where businesses try to customise their websites based on the past purchase history of the customers, their specific interests, their geography, etc. Tailoring your website based on the likes and dislikes of the customers will help you develop a constant relationship with them. Various examples associated with website personalization are: 

  • Utilizing personalised recommendations for featuring-like products
  • Generating thank you messages for returning customers
  • Exciting seasonal offers based on occasions and festivities
  • Building landing pages with relevant CTA’s

And the list goes on. The best thing is that you don’t always need to be an expert in website personalization. All you need is to listen to your customers and modify the overall look and feel based on their requirements. 

Benefits of Website Personalization

Now, let’s explore the benefits of personalising your website in greater detail: 

Increased Conversion Rate

With the help of website personalization, businesses can easily attract their potential customers. It can be done by customising the landing, home, and product pages based on the needs of your ideal customers. But using such strategies to drive customer attention won’t be enough. To drive high conversion rates, businesses need to play smart to present customers with solutions that resonate with their needs. 

Better Customer Insights

Incorporating website personalization leads to better customer insights. Businesses can easily conduct an in-depth study of data through effective personalization campaigns. Following this approach will help you build a deep relationship with your customers and will let you know how they interact with your product. All you need to do is aggregate data from various sources on the website and keep them intact with the trends relying on customer behaviour. 

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is driven by positive customer experiences. Most companies follow the numbers game so blindly that they forget to focus on delivering quality customer experiences. Leveraging website personalization in a competitive world is no less than an advantage these days. However, delivering positive customer experiences will also result in increased revenue.  

Generating Powerful CTAs

When it comes to website personalization, CTAs are one major aspect of it. But personalised calls to action on websites are considered highly effective. According to a HubSpot Blog post, personalised CTAs perform 202% better as compared to general CTAs. Through strategically personalising your website, you can easily find the right call to action. The insights gathered through respective CTAs can help businesses perform better marketing actions and make buyers' journeys more convenient. 

Top Companies with Website Personalization


Amazon has set a perfect example when it comes to personalising a site for the consumer. The company has made thorough use of behavioural targeting, predictive modelling, and personalization to understand the interests of users. The platform uses real-time consumer data to send personalised onsite content, personalised emails, and offers. Tailoring the product recommendations and personalising the homepage based on the search and purchase behaviour of users has helped Amazon stay ahead of its competitors. 


Netflix has taken the personalization game to the next level. With an enormous database of movies, the platform suggests movies and TV shows as per the personal tastes of viewers. Not just this, it also customises the movie covers by focusing on the actors you already know. The platform studies a vast amount of data to predict each and every activity of the user and offers you a personalised watchlist. Netflix is the company that makes you believe it knows you better than you know yourself. 


Facebook takes website personalization quite seriously. You must have witnessed how you get to see the personalised homepage on the platform based on your likes and interests. Just like Netflix and Amazon, Facebook also offers you content based on your past behaviour and data insights. Not just this, it also tailors its personalised strategies based on voice recognition from users. In fact, continuous personalization is one of the key reasons behind the immense popularity of Facebook. 

Apart from these, there are many big companies, such as Nike, Spotify, etc., that have made it big in their relevant industries by strategically personalising their websites. 


As per the briefly presented insights, personalising your website is a continuous effort that needs the desired attention. Your customers might have different needs and requirements. Tailoring their experience on your site based on their choices will keep you at the top of their priority list. In fact, you can take some serious inspiration from some of the above-mentioned companies and read their case studies in detail. Following this strategy will make your personalization simpler and more effective. With never-ending purchase choices presented to customers, this is your time to grab the attention of customers with personalization. 

Why not provide your customers with a website experience that is personalised for them? Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below. 

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