Three Simple Methods to Create an iOS App for Free

01 December6 min read
Three Simple Methods to Create an iOS App for Free

In 2021, people downloaded 32.3 billion apps and games from the Apple store. Whatsapp was the most downloaded app and TikTok was the second most downloaded app for iPhone users in the third quarter of 2021. Apple is much stronger than Android in terms of revenue generation. The Android operating system is very adaptable and compatible but Android developers face many challenges. iPhone App development is supposed to be easier than Android development because of the many complexities involved in designing apps in the operating system. Here are the top 3 ways of developing a simple iOS app:

Method 1: using Xcode

What you need:

1) A Mac System - Mac system is the operating system for iOS. It allows you to do things you entirely can’t accomplish with other operating systems. That’s because it’s developed particularly for the hardware it runs on. macOS comes with an exclusive suite of beautifully created apps. It functions with iCloud to save pictures, documents, and further things up to date on all your devices. It drives your Mac work like a charm with your iPhone and other Apple gadgets. And it’s the foundation that has been built keeping privacy and security in mind.

2) Account on Apple Application Developer - Register and create an account for an Apple Application Developer. After registration, you will be able to download Xcode, and access iOS Software Development Kit and videos along with technological resources. Then register yourself at Apple’s developer website.

3) Xcode - The tool you require to develop iOS apps is Xcode. Xcode is a macOS app made by Apple for app development. It is the only officially supported way to create iOS apps. Xcode is used to write code and build user interfaces. Xcode proposes multiple features and advantages for creating iOS apps. It contains tools to help the designer at every stage of the engineering process. While building your apps, you will use the visual interface of Xcode to achieve seamless iOS programming. Xcode includes frameworks, compilers, tools, and an iOS Software Development Kit.


1. Open Xcode and Set Up the Project

  1. Open Xcode
  2. Go to File > New > Project
  3. Tap on ‘App’ and click ‘Next’.
  4. Name the project.
  5. Make sure Storyboards or SwiftUI are selected.
  6. You can also choose either Objective C or Swift.
  7. Click on ‘Next’.
  8. Save your file and click create.

2. Write the Code

The programming should be accomplished in the ViewController.swift file. Moreover, you can still check further files as well. Main.storyboard file is User Interface. Leaving the app delegate to jump right on to the programming.

For Example:

Open ‘ViewController.swift’ - In ViewController.swift define the outlet of a label and assign the text “Hello World”. Go to ‘Main. storyboard’Under @implementation ViewController add @synthesize label; and in the viewDidUnload function add [self setLabel:nil];In viewDidLoad, add the following code: lblHello?.text = “Hello World”.

Once the code is completed move on to the next step.

3. Connect the UI

a. Open ‘Main.storyboard’.

b. Search for a label and drag it onto the view like shown in the picture.

c. Click on the Label and drag the squares of the corners to resize the label.

d. Navigate to ‘Attributes Inspector'

e. Keep it in the center and choose the size & font.

f. Right-click on ViewController and connect the label to Storyboard.

4. Open the App

After reviewing everything, click on the Run button, and your app will open and say, “Hello World”.

Method 2: with

There is a big void between the software that is being created and the number of developers. The issue with converting an idea into code needs to be fixed. Then in 2016, came into the market to overcome this challenge.

About -:

The core purpose of this startup is to construct a technological balance between the demand and supply of software. It creates a platform that helps in app development without any code, it builds software and applications that are up to 6x quicker and up to 70% more affordable than standard teams, without users needing to know anything about technical terms. is an AI-powered software that helps companies, small companies, and entrepreneurs to create, run, and scale their software without needing technical expertise and any lines of code.

How to Build in -:

You can build an iOS app easily, fast, and risk-free without coding through This native iOS app builder allows you to develop your app for any Apple device, without writing a line of code. You can prototype your iOS app for free and it’s really quick to do also. It is really simple to create an iOS app.

1. The first stage in the app development process is to select an app that’s mostly the same as your idea, For example, you are creating Instagram for cat owners. Tap the Instagram icon and you’ll see all the features it uses.

2. Drag & drop the features your idea needs from the library of over 500, their research reveals that these make up 60% of the code used on all applications.

You can also give them a call and they will assign an expert to you, who will chat with you and tell you what’s worked well for different customers. Their team of mobile app development experts around the globe customizes designs. They can create any new features you like as fast as you want for your app.

Method 3: with App Maker app

The Third method requires downloading an iPhone maker app and creating an iPhone app with an app maker. With the help of an App maker, you can create your apps in no time and without much learning.

  • First and Foremost, you pick the right elements for your use case from over 30+ modules from the app maker. From branch finder to appointment booking to document scanners, you will discover what you require for your use case.
  • Then select the correct design template and adapt the colors to your requirements. With color schemes, this can be done very fast. Further personalization is accomplished via images, icons, and fonts.
  • The final step is to publish your iPhone app in Apple’s App Store. For this, you require an Apple developer account and then a registered developer with Apple.

Once your app is created with this App Maker then not only runs on all iOS devices but also on Android and Windows phones. They make sure it stays the way you have created it. They care for your technological updates and guarantee compatibility with the latest devices and functional system versions.

But However the great technical operation is, it is the content of your iPhone app that counts. Therefore, They support you in a free consultation with the primary concerns for your app.

A big team employing designers and developing an app from the ground up can cost very much. But with AppYourself, you can try the App Maker for iOS and iPhones free of cost and risk-free. After that, you can get monthly packages for a calculable cost.


Once you’re done with iOS app development which is the process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. After developing, you’ll need to submit your app to the App Store for testing.