Things to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

02 December3 min read
Things to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Nowadays, successful organizations aim to be at the top of their game when it comes to client satisfaction, process optimization, and financial results. It has become significant for businesses to thrive customer experience regardless of a specific industry. Due to enormous growth in the advancement of technology, companies tend to seek scalable and personalized solutions which can meet the demands of the end-users. Therefore, hiring a dedicated team of professionals is a viable solution to accomplish the business goals. 

Skills and Experience

The first step in hiring a dedicated development team is to outline the project's goals, timeline, and scope. It is highly recommended to specify the skills that should be possessed by the development team to develop your business solution. To ensure effective communication, it’s considered a good idea to specify the skills required to work on your project. Furthermore, one needs to make sure that the team follows appropriate standards and best practices in terms of development processes such as test-driven development, regular sprint, and code reviews to ensure consistency and quality of the product. 

Ideal Leadership and Organizational Structure

It is often witnessed that a project may lead to failure even if the chosen development team is comprised of highly talented developers. This might happen if the development process is not strictly monitored by an experienced project manager or technical team lead. A project manager should possess good technical expertise, organizational and leadership qualities. Such individuals are considered to be the main point of contact when it comes to project-related concerns. He will be in charge of determining the best combination of programming development approaches such as sprint planning, estimates, and code reviews. Hence, the right leaders and proper structure of the organization is to development of the project. 

Agile Development Methodology

Following the Agile approach is considered to be the best strategy when working with a dedicated team on long-term software projects. It is important to specify the priority of the requirements to ensure timely delivery of the project. Usually, the development process is segregated in iterations, often known as sprints. The key goals of the project are set at the start of each sprint followed by a detailed discussion with a project manager. Scrum is one of the most widely used Agile Development Methodologies as it is used to manage complex development projects. It also provides room for easy monitoring and strategic planning significant in every way possible when it comes to providing strong visibility into project status. 

Teamwork and Communication

An important component of the dedicated development team engagement model is that the hired team should be fully committed to your business goals. That is why it is critical to establish effective communication among team members. One can make use of emails, video calling, collaborative tools to conduct regular sprint review meetings for formal communication. Moreover, the frequency of the meetings is determined by the specific project and the appropriateness of the project. 


Good documentation plays a significant role in a project. It is highly recommended to document everything that a development team might consider to avoid further misinterpretation followed by a continuous attempt to promote team collaboration. 

One can make use of the necessary tools mentioned below for this purpose: 

  • Project and Team Management
  • Bug Tracking
  • Documentation of Collaboration
  • Code Review System
  • Management of Source Code and Repository
  • Release Management (Continuous Integration)

Final Thoughts

Taking account of all the above-mentioned factors, hiring a dedicated team of experienced professional developers will allow you to create a dependable solution to ensure the scalability of the company’s growth. We at Devision, develop complicated and long-term web and mobile solutions for various businesses. To ensure effective implementation, we provide direct access to a skilled workforce, allowing them to form a dedicated development team led by an experienced Team Lead. We follow test-driven development, CI Tools, and Scrum with 2-week sprints in our development process. Moreover, we also conduct stand-up meetings for frequent reviews after each sprint followed by project tracking will various software tools such as JIRA, Basecamp, Bitbucket, etc.