Synergy of software company with a digital agency: benefits

13 Apr · 7 min read

 Synergy of software company with a digital agency: benefits

Why is the synergy of a software company with a digital agency the best way for a client to save time and money?

The topic is important because clients are often unaware of the differences between a creative agency and a software company, so they do not know who they need to hire. In addition, it remains unclear what media houses and full digital agencies do, and how they differ from software companies. In this article, you will find a complete overview of the topic. You will learn what are the differences between a digital agency, and a software house, and what you can gain from the synergy of the skills of such entities.

Service offer: software company vs digital agency

Comparing software companies with interactive agencies is best to start with analyzing what products are delivered by one and the other. When you have a clear understanding of the products and services both entities provide, then a decision of who to hire will be easier. Of course, the entrepreneurs have to examine their own needs as well. If businesses know what they want, it will be easier for them to decide which type of company is appropriate to cooperate with. 

Software companies provide the client with a specific – tailored to the recipients and the client's needs, digital product: www, e-commerce system, mobile or web application, CRM system, etc. Such a product is designed to handle existing processes by adapting them to new operating conditions or if it's a new product to generate and manage new processes.

Support from a digital agency is more strategic. The agency focuses on research, analysis, and evaluation to understand clients' and consumers' goals and needs. Based on the analysis, the agency develops an action strategy. It translates its implementation into solutions and activities for the brand or product. 

In other words, the digital marketing agency deals with promoting the product, achieving certain KPIs, generating higher revenues, paid search and lead generation, and so on. The agency, however, does not create or build a product from scratch! The software house is responsible for creating the product, and the agency works with its branding and the concept of the product promotional campaign. 

Competencies in a software company vs digital agencies?

Thinking about the similarities and differences in the area of ​​software companies and digital marketing agencies, we instinctively compare the products and services they provide and the extent to which they support their clients' business development. However, it is worth paying attention to the employees who make up both types of entities.

A software company usually consists of experienced developers, project managers, business analysts, testers, UX designers, and so on. A software house mainly focuses to create or improve a product and its usability. A tool like a marketing plan is not the main focus here. An ideal, tailor-made, and user-friendly web application or any end product based on the built software, are the main goals, the software companies pursue. 

In the case of interactive agencies, it is a bit different. Specialists in the area of ​​strategy, social media, customer experience, and UX / UI or creative teams, have a diverse range of skills and experiences, often going beyond the strictly digital area, which allows for an unconventional approach to new projects and creative solving of customers problems.

Front-end development and UX / UI teams in software companies have similar competencies to those in digital agencies, but often lack strictly consumer or research experience. Moreover, many software companies work only in specific technologies, products, or industry areas (e.g. only specific programming languages, types of software, or only solutions for financial institutions or logistics companies). This allows them to offer very high-quality work, often expertness, but usually in a fairly narrow specialization.

As you can see, although there are many areas of skills and services that overlap, the differences between a software company and a digital agency are clearly visible. Then the question is, what can be done to have the full range of benefits that both entities offer? The answer is simple – combine a software company with a digital agency.

What is synergy anyway, and how to understand it?

"Synergy, synergism, synergy, synergistic effect - the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects." Oxford Languages 

What, then, we can understand by the synergy of a software company with a creative agency? From the customer's point of view, this is the possibility of using a fully holistic service - from a to z.

What can a service offered by an entity consisting of a digital agency and a software company look like in practice?

  1. A business that wants to enter the market and implement a digital product – a website, comes to one of the companies.
  2. A client can choose a designer who will design the website - several experts with different styles to choose from.
  3. Then, the website is developed by a comprehensive and experienced technological team.
  4. On a board are copywriting specialists, who are ready to write exceptional and user-friendly website content.
  5. And additionally, the website and the brand's offer may be introduced to the market by an experienced strategic team.

What does the client gain?


This is the greatest measurable benefit. The entire service is carried out in one place. There is no need to look for several suppliers of particular services, sign many contracts, or have many meetings. The customer saves time, and time is money.


Two companies work together - technological and creative, on the already developed terms and conditions that are financially attractive to clients.

A dedicated account manager

One person looks after the client throughout the entire process. This solution gives both sides more time to get to know each other, identify needs, and communicate more easily.

Making changes and the flow of information is easier

In terms of design and implementation, product development is a frequent iteration. Designing a solution, testing, collecting customer opinions, introducing changes, and re-implementation. Everything so that the customer gets a product that brings value. The teamwork of so many specialists who know each other, are close, and carry out the project together, saves time and customer satisfaction.

Providing several services in parallel

When design and technology work on the product. Marketing can simultaneously prepare texts and develop advertising strategies and communication solutions. Again, the proximity of the team and the smooth ideas flow are of great importance here.

Chance for long-term partnership

For a client who decides a few months after the launch to promote or extend the product, it's easier to come back to the partner who created the product to life and asks for another service to deliver. The team already knows the client and product, which will make the new project easier to succeed. 

The synergy of competencies is simply a better product

A wide range of competencies - combining a software company with an agency means access to various types of specialists and their skills. The broad spectrum of different experts increases the chance that the product will be polished in every aspect.

Specialists in various fields - normally, software companies and digital agencies, work separately on their projects, specializing in various industries and gaining different kinds of experience when it comes to types of projects. Using the services of both entities allows a client to work with specialists with very broad experience in terms of industries and products.

Innovation potential - skills of effectively working together, and the awareness of how to expand the expertise through cooperation with another specialist, is a great asset. A very good level of communication, and openness to the know-how of others, creates a large field for innovation and unconventional solutions.

Success stories

The best example of successful cooperation resulting from a synergy between Software Things and Kava is the partnership with the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Katowice. RCKiK turned to Kava with a specific, but also challenging, objective to increase the number of blood donations and to strengthen the engagement of the blood donors community. To achieve the client's goal, it was necessary to combine the forces of both companies to deliver several products. In this project, a wide range of skills and experience were crucial. The supporting fact, but essential for the project to succeed, was very good cooperation within the team.

As Kava and Software Things we delivered several products for the client:

  • Design and development of the new website.
  • Creation of an image campaign
  • Design and development of the landing page
  • Branding and communication support.
  • Design and development of "Bliscy Krewni" application
  • Creation of a digital system for staff training.

The summary conclusion is that a great product needs a great team to build it. Not always one company has all the skills and resources. Most often it is just impossible. Our example of synergy between two entities – a software house and a digital agency – proves that strength is in variety. 
If you are interested in our offer, grab a link to your website and learn much more who we are as Software Things and what we can do for you.

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