Steps to follow to become iOS developer

26 Oct · 4 min read

Steps to follow to become iOS developer

With the boom in Silicon Valley and increasing digitalization, IOS development is a field that has gained an immense appreciation, opportunity and popularity. If you are someone who is keen on this particular field, this article is just for you!  

The article is of use to both immediate beginners and those who have some experience in the field. We will analyze the necessary skills required for success in the area, inevitable miscalculations that can be avoided, and ways to have more excellent outreach networking.  

Now, let’s hop on to the agenda for today!  

How can I become an IOS developer? 

This is possibly the first question one can think of, and understandably so. The answer to this includes a series of steps and requisites. So, let us dig a bit deeper into them! 

1. Gather your essential IOS products!

One cannot start to learn the work of this field without having a Mac and an iPhone. The best part is that you don’t need the most expensive or updated version; just a basic one with all the essential features will give you a great start!  

2. Get your IDE ready!

The next step would be to install the essential app in your Mac which is called XCode. The app is free of cost in the app store and the base to establish an Integrating Developing Environment (IDE). XCode offers an IOS developer with many functions ranging from debugging your program to writing a new code. Make sure the features of this one are on your tips!  

3. Start to learn the basics of programming!

This step might seem a little more complicated to begin with, but there is no running away from it. People with some experience in the field might be able to pick up the object-orientated languages for programming fairly quicker; these include Swift and Objective-C. However, the absolute beginners, who have had nothing to do with coding, need not worry. There are various tools available over the web to start your learning. The key here is to be patient as the process takes time and loads of practice, but it will be your greatest asset as an IOS developer once you are through with it.  

4. Learn great apps from tutorials!

You cannot expect to gain expertise in this field in a day. However, there is always a way to get started! Refer to sites such as AppCodaRay and WenderLich, which provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to develop your first few essential apps. Making apps with the help of these tutorials in your initial stages will help you have a better hand at your operating language and help you gain more confidence! With the use of these and a few more, you can start by first creating a calculator, then a currency converter and then step up your game by making your first ever music app! 

5. It’s time to create your first ever customized app!

Your customized app will serve as a prospectus to your interviewer or employer. Keep in mind that this app isn’t supposed to be the next Instagram. You just have to make the best use of your area of comfort and mastery here. Exploring and keeping are the only prerequisites here. Your concentration should be on developing the most functional, stylish and organized code. Your employers are likely to have these criteria in mind, so make sure you run down on them several times. These include working apps, clean code, code organizing, usage of storyboards, CocoaPods, some simple unit tests, and external libraries. These elements are most likely going to help you secure your first job as a junior IOS developer.  

6. Become an app-store publisher!

Now, you are ready to send your app to the apple store for publishing. Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended as it looks good on the resume and helps you make some money while developing your additional skills in the field.  

7. Start your networking with GitHub!

GitHub is a first-stop site for networking that primarily governs the exchange of codes. Here, you can upload the code you have constructed for your app and observe the principles of others. The benefit of this is two-fold. One, it will help improve the quality of your code. Two, this might serve as a good alternative or professional backup option.  

8. Apply to your dream company!

Congratulations! You are now ready to send your resume to the company you want to work as an IOS developer in. Your first position may be an intern or a junior, but the best part is that you are now eligible to enter the tech field. So, go get your first job, as you are only likely to grow from there! 

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