Salesforce acquires Slack platform: What to expect?

27 October3 min read
Salesforce acquires Slack platform: What to expect?

As the year is going to end, surprising news was out that Salesforce was buying Slack. In this digital era, it is a fact that companies need to maintain their position in the digital realm so that their business will be benefited and will function uninterruptedly. 

What will Salesforce do with Slack? Let us know more details about the two platforms.

About the company

Slack is a platform that unites people from different places to work together, providing information and tools for them. A huge number of people depend on Slack to ease their work and function their business smoothly. They aim at improving the work-life of people. With some of the most creative, experienced and inventive executives in the technology industry, the leadership of Slack is just great. The platform also provides many kinds of opportunities and aims to increase the number of underrepresented people in the technology industry. 

Salesforce is an all in one software

a company that provides CRM service, marketing automation, application development, analytics and enterprise applications focused on customer service. It is the world's number one considering all these factors. Salesforce unifies all the teams and improves the growth of a business. Speedy implementation, easy design, and flexibility for every type of industry or company are some of the outstanding features of the platform. 

Salesforce explains their decision to own Slack. It will help them serve the customers better, as they have changed to a new world with several remote working employees, giving new creativities and new ideas from anywhere in the world. The work will be done no matter where they are, whether in the office, home, or some other place. It's all easy now. 

As these two collaborated, Salesforce had commented on the decision to acquire Slack. As said by them, while all companies are moving into a digital realm, which makes them work from anywhere, it also provides connected experiences to customers from every point. It helps the employees to work from wherever they like. Although remote working has many challenges, it never compromises the quality of the work. 

However, this ownership of Slack by Salesforce gained more status to both the companies, as the two are essentially great in their work. This deal can be considered this year's one of the most significant technology deals. 

Factors to consider

But although considering these changes as beneficial, one should not ignore the setbacks of such changes, and there should be enquiry towards aspects such as: 

  • The effect of this decision on a day to day operations of the two companies or platforms.
  • How the decision affects the payment structure of the slack services.
  • Although both are successful companies, what effect will the new combination create in the companies or organizations that have never used Salesforce?

While explaining this surprising decision, it is worth remembering a previous incident in which Microsoft acquired GitHub, a code repository service, depended on by millions of developers and large companies, for 7.5 billion dollars, and the massive withdrawal followed by the developers who were using GitHub. Something similar will happen in the case of this combination of Slack and Salesforce, too, as both are dependent on millions of companies, industries or organizations. 

Since Slack is a tool relied on by many in the last few years, sudden changes will affect internal communication looks or client relations. Beneficial facts will be drifted aside when considering the response of the users upon the acquisition. And this will be a great cause of irritation for those who are already tied up with the troubles of the year. Hence these changes will not be welcomed in a preferred way. When a larger company owns a smaller one, taking over its control over everything will leave the people who rely on the smaller company in dismay. 

This is only one way of looking at this change or move. Apart from this opinion, we would like to welcome something from your part about this acquisition of Slack by Salesforce. Stay tuned for more topics to read.