secureRedesigning eCommerce Website Process and Steps – Gumtree

Redesigning eCommerce Website Process and Steps – Gumtree

5 Oct · 4 min read

Redesigning eCommerce Website Process and Steps – Gumtree

Redesigning an existing website is usually a challenging yet exciting task for designers. Within the following article, we are keen towards presenting you with our detailed design approach to redesign one of the popular online classified ad websites in Poland named Gumtree. 

Since the launch of Gumtree in Poland in 2004, the Polish website hasn't introduced a redesign yet. Therefore, we decided to give it a trial offer at Softnauts. 

1. Understanding the website performance and current users

In the discovery phase, we aim to acknowledge the general look, website goals, and its most precious web pages. Our initial focus was on asking ourselves three questions depending on who is visiting the corporate, their reason behind doing visiting, and what pages does one needs in the first place to realize the goal. Being consistent with a Google case study from June 2015, there are four typical user motives: ‘What I want to understand’, ‘Where I want to travel’, ‘What I want to do’, and ‘What I want to buy'. Our focus was to analyze the present website performance, online positioning, targeting, and mission statements. Our workflow involves performing essential UX research practices, like usability testing, competitor analysis, and audience research followed by user feedbacks, reading online comments, and page reviews. All of these activities bring us closer to understanding what must be wiped out in terms of customer satisfaction resulting in better content, enhanced website architecture, and improved marketing strategy. 

With the Gumtree redesign, we’ve analyzed some of the most important factors while talking to individual users, customer feedback based on Gumtree's social media presence. In the entire process of redesigning, we learned that users often tend to switch to competitors' websites due to the lack of modern look and feel in the website when viewed from the customer's perspective. 

2. Brainstorming & mood boarding

Being part of the planning team, we attempt to bring our redesign vision together to rejuvenate followed by modernizing the overall look & feel of the website, improved logo redesigns, standard fonts, style propositions, and build rock bottom for the longer-term new design system. we frequently use inspiration boards and socials, like Dribble or Pinterest. It’s also important to keep the precise color schemes in mind, depending on the target audience in several geographical locations.

3. UX Design improvements 

E-commerce might be a specific category of internet sites, where UX design practices get to focus directly on customer behavior, often in the least ages. Overall, website architecture must be innate, products should be listed properly along with the reduction in page overload. 

On the improved Gumtree website, we specified five main areas for usability improvements which are as follows: 

  • Homepage must focus more on the search process - Followed by which we put an inquiry bar within the center of the screen, alongside an attention-grabbing tree image.
  • Reviewed categories - a number of the prevailing categories having few active ads, like Boats and Water Vehicles, or Health and so on. These categories are often gathered together as the other category.
  • Redesigning ad posting - We tried to make the redesign more clear since we wanted to avoid most of the present functionalities. Therefore, putting more emphasis on the worth and the pictures of the posted advertisement. We prioritized more on the content and added a map feature underneath.
  • Redesigned filters - currently, while checking out instances for an apartment, users cannot choose multiple options (i.e., 2 and 3 room apartments) at one moment, which is quite confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, we hooked filters into the category to ensure usability testing.

4. UI Design changes

Changes in UI design are the foundations of website design and re-development. We often make our final decisions after the UX amendments stage by considering user feedback from the invention and research phase. 

For Gumtree, we reduced our focus on branding visuals - especially the brand graphics, replacing them with an icon. It has been vital for us to take care of the tree annotations - remembering that the name is derived from the local Australian phrase for the eucalyptus. We emphasized choosing vibrant and modern shades of green, as we acknowledged users like and associate Gumtree with green. Thus, changing the word “Tree” by coloring it green. 

5. User testing and Conclusion 

After implementing the above phases, we created the clickable prototype and performed user testing to gather feedback. We were keen to understand whether we are able to tear down the barriers that users experienced while visiting the website. For best practices, it is important to prototype responsive designs and lean over the functionalities on mobile and tablet versions respectively. In addition, website content must be inbuilt in terms of SEO optimization. Also, we tried to mixing insights from different sources to form the simple discovery of a potential solution. 

If you're curious enough to know about our Gumtree redesign process, please inspect our recent Behance post with more details on redesigned screens.

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