5 Steps to Strike the Best Software Partnership

30 December88 min read
5 Steps to Strike the Best Software Partnership

It is hard to find the right software partners especially when it comes to choosing from hundreds of best options available out there. Choosing a software vendor can be no less than a challenge especially when it comes to software development.  

Do you know? Statista Reports claims that revenue in IT Outsourcing is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 8.26% along with a market volume of US $587.30 by 2027. 

Before you proceed further, it is important to do your homework properly i.e., you need to be clear with your business requirements and project outline. Not considering the strategic approach can lead to multiple risks leading to cost overruns.  Following the step-by-step approach throughout will help you strike the best software partnership. With the help of this blog post, we have got you covered for what are the mistakes that you can avoid while considering the potential software partner.  

Top Questions to answer before Looking for a Software Partner 

Here are some of the top questions that you find answers to before searching for a software vendor in the market: 

First and foremost, you must be clear about what you are looking for, what are your core business requirements, must-have criteria, and so on.  

1. Do you have an appropriate budget to proceed with outsourcing?

Both are two important things to consider while looking for a software agency. Selecting the appropriate software partner based on low cost alone should not be the only reason behind making an informed decision. Sometimes low costs also mean bad quality in delivery. Falling into such traps is quite common these days where software partner does not deliver as expected when it comes to quality and timely delivery. This ultimately results in failed partnerships from both ends. 

Being a start-up, having sufficient funds might be a concern for you while selecting an IT partner. Right from capital investments to specifying the dedicated timeline, you need to present the whole plan in front of software partners to maintain transparency right from the beginning and ensure a successful outsourcing journey. 

2. What all services do you require?

Having a software plan in hand will free you up from the extra hassle required throughout the software development process. You must specify what all services are needed and set the expectations right from the start to avoid any misconceptions in the future. It can be anything right from technology-driven services to specific workflows that will ultimately add up to the growth of the business.  

3. What kind of team will benefit you?

While collaborating, you need to make sure you are hiring the right team that holds technical expertise and resonate with your project specifications. Hiring developers belonging to your industry will make your software development journey a lot easier. You must access the teams based on various factors such as technical expertise, exposure to the latest technology, experience in solving complex challenges, and so on. Prepare a list of questions right from start till the completion of the project, so that it will be easy for you to sense their expertise at the early stage of the project. 

4. What type of collaboration model you should adopt?

Another important question to ask yourself while outsourcing software development is the type of collaboration model you will adopt. With the evolution of the software industry, the choice of collaboration model varies from partner to partner. You need to analyze each collaboration model based on which one suits the best as per the need of your organization. 

Collaboration models can be categorized based on the three essential factors: 

  • Location Based: Onshoring/Nearshoring/Offshoring/ Hybrid
  • Relationship-Based: Staff Augmentation/ Project Based/ Dedicated Team Model
  • Pricing Based: Fixed/ Time and Material/ Hiring a dedicated Team

Also, while selecting the appropriate collaboration, do not forget to consider what type of product you are developing, your project outline, and whether you are willing to engage in a long-term partnership or not. 

5 Steps to finding the Right Software Agency to Partner With 

Now that you have defined your requirement, here is what you need to do:  

  • Look for potential vendors

Once you are familiar with the scope and outline of your project, it’s time to research potential software vendors. The more you know what type of partner you’re looking for, the more accurate your search will be. Narrow down your research as per your list to maintain the business as well as the technological vision of your company. 

  • Evaluate their Past Experiences

It’s time to evaluate your potential partners thoroughly based on their past work experiences, their reputation in the industry, and so on. If your partner already holds experience in your industry, and consists of a good client network, then things will become easier for you when it comes to facing obstacles too. Thus, helping you achieve your goals with a clear objective. 

  • Consider their Location

Location is a major constraint that needs to be considered while looking for hiring the right software agency. What will be the location of your software agency? Which location-based model will be suitable for you? And so on. If you are thinking of offshoring your software development services, then how will you manage the time zone difference, and what all communication channels will be utilized throughout the software development journey? 

These are some of the instances you need to keep in mind while considering the location aspect of a software agent to make an informed decision. 

  • Your Budget Matters!

Budgeting is another important thing to consider while planning to outsource software development.  As a company with a limited financial budget, you would like to hire a software agency that is affordable and delivers the best quality. Be cautious while shortlisting or choosing partners offering low prices. Also, choosing experienced software development agencies will give you a better perspective on handling difficult scenarios while protecting both the budget and project timeline. 

  • Do a Thorough Market Analysis

Once you have a list of shortlisted software partners, it’s time to finalize one amongst them based on your true preferences. Investigate them thoroughly and select the one that fits your bill. Keeping a detailed track of all the potential partners will make your search easier and more precise. 

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What Amplifyre does 

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