Remote Software Development Center

09 August8 min read
Remote Software Development Center

Assessing the dominant factors influencing changes in the global economy, the recognition of the effectiveness of remote teams and the development of tools for productive cooperation have a significant impact on the fullness of the technology sphere now. 

Key Advantages of Remote Hiring

When considering the topic of remote hiring of software developers, it is necessary to take into account such facts as the impact of noise on the arithmetic abilities and productivity of the employee, as well as his basic satisfaction.

Focus and Productivity

It is imperative for software engineers to stay focused and be able to face as few distractions as possible. Working in an office with the rest of the staff, despite the availability of quick help from colleagues or professional support, there is a huge chance that the developer will not be able to control his focus. When working remotely, a specialist will most likely be able to identify for himself the most productive period of the day and an environment that allows him to focus on doing his job in the most effective way.

Freedom and self-organization

There is a theory that people working from home spend less time at work than is required due to the lack of control in the workplace. But some research shows that remote workers are most productive when they are given relative freedom and are not subject to control. All this is achieved by the effective use of working tools and teamwork skills.

Balance is maintained

Years of experience employees who work long hours in offices and spend many hours commuting from home to work are relieved when they are allowed to work from home. In fact, hours spent on the road could be used productively as work hours. Many companies are now preaching a work-life balance that greatly raises employee life satisfaction. Which is also a consequence of high productivity and effective teamwork.

Foreign Talents

Offshore software development companies that strive to recruit development teams from different regions and countries are very beneficial for various reasons. They bring together different talents that can compete with each other in their uniqueness creating an outstanding team of professionals. Another advantage is that developers are given the freedom to organize their workflow without being tied to a specific mode, which increases the overall tone and reduces the possibility of burnout. Companies may not have to invest in the rent and maintenance of offices in order to increase the salaries of their developers.

What do you need to consider in order to put together a good remote team?

For fast and sufficient results, you need to combine several key points. The era of Covid-19 has taught this world a lot, including helping to take many steps forward towards technological progress. Now everyone is able to get access to a huge number of the latest and most thoughtful tools for productive remote work. For many employees, it has already become customary to work from home.

  • Each team member must have the right technology and software tools at their disposal for high-performance remote work

Headphones and a webcam for conferences, a great VPN paired with remote desktop software, an always-on internet connection, and online video conferencing software for meetings are required means, especially for weekly sprint planning meetings.

Automation saves the everyday work of the development team by quickly tracking the entire delivery process. For example, there are tools that are great for planning and creating products because they capture and organize issues, assign work, and track team activities.

  • Having short daily meetings

Keeping the team on the same wavelength through these quick meetings is very beneficial for any remote development team, as it makes tracking progress and workflow easier. This is usually a short discussion that takes place in the morning for 10 or 15 minutes.

  • Bringing together employees from all over the world

In a remote environment with multiple time zones, you will suffer a great deal if you decide only employees from a certain region can work at inconvenient hours. This can negatively affect your mood.

The biggest issue is the synchronization of team members who are scattered across several regions in diverse time zones. This demands some flexibility from the group: someone may need to stay up late or get up very early.

  • Working software should be preferred over documentation

As a result of the characteristics of distant teams, it is important that all team members have easy access to the project information and knowledge gathered. Managing source code is an essential aspect of remote software development. Maintaining version control and source code control is crucial for a product's longevity at the end of a project.

What skills should the candidate have?

When choosing new software developers, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of all factors and personal qualities of candidates. After all, someone may ideally fit a flexible schedule and remote work, while someone just needs office discipline and a social environment from colleagues. Below you can study some tips on the basis of which you will understand what exactly you should pay attention to in this complex process.

Self-discipline and time management

Remote work concerns the ability of an employee to organize his day with the greatest productivity. This quality is a key point to pay attention to, as it can also indicate related practical qualities of a potential employee. It would be appropriate to ask about some unusual situations in order to assess the ability of an employee to cope with unexpected difficulties.

Social skills

It is also an important criterion without which it will not be possible to make a single whole out of the team to make a cool product. Each member of the team must be responsive and able to communicate clearly with others.


Looking for a remote developer who displays this trait as a key component. Find out how well the candidate met the deadlines and how often it was difficult for him to meet them.


The advantage of procrastination is that it allows you to come up with creative solutions more quickly. It is essential for a remote developer to not implement this daily habit, so clarify this quality as well. In all cases, there is a period of burnout and motivation is very reduced. In such cases, the employee is also responsible for reporting the vacation.

Technical and design competencies

As for the technical background, expertise, knowledge, and skills, these are what you need to be looking for in your perfect candidate. As a result, many outsourcing software development companies that hire a remote group from a technical vendor also employ an independent consultant to assist with the technical interviewing of candidates.

Risky points to pay attention to when creating a remote development team

The whole process of creating something always seems quite complicated and complex from the outside. Therefore, wherever you work and whatever you create, you need to keep in mind a lot of moments for productive work. Diving into the implementation of a specific request always requires an integrated approach and careful organization. The process is responsible enough to include certain risks.

Considering scope and budget

In order to achieve results efficiently and in a timely manner, it is always necessary to think over the scope of work in advance. Determining the path of development of all future processes is very important in the current pace of the global market. If you divide all the work into certain parts and set a fixed time to complete the goal, then the work will go much faster. Also, if you have a certain budget, then a well-thought-out strategy will greatly facilitate the organization process for you. Try to think about all the little things before you involve money and new labor in it.

The structure of the team

Thinking through the structure of the team, you need to know what roles will be needed for the development of your project and how many people you are missing. This is a very important issue that cannot be overlooked. Also, the development of the idea of ​​recruiting remote specialists will allow replenishing the number of talented developers with different backgrounds, which will effectively affect the development of not only the project, but also the team as a whole. In fact, the connection between team members plays an important role in the mood and overall tone of the group. People can't work alone anyway and connections with colleagues are very supportive.

Attentive interview

In selecting suitable candidates, a well-defined plan must be followed, which must also be planned and tested in advance. By bringing together people with similar skills, you are like putting together a puzzle that puts together a picture of a strong and skillful team. Do not neglect the careful selection of candidates and the analysis of their personality and background. Sometimes large companies lose talented staff due to the fact that they do not carefully analyze volunteers.

At the very beginning

At the very start of the project, when you are ready to start the process, it is also important not to miss some details. The Service Level Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement are signed as well as contracts with your remote software developers before the launch of the remote software development center. At the beginning of the process, it is necessary to hold more meetings and meetings to settle all issues. Employees should have the necessary assistance at any stage of work.

A wrong developer company partnership

Another obvious choice is to work with a talent scouting software company. You need to be very careful with a technology vendor, as a mistake can have a big impact on your project. Conduct a series of developer interviews to ensure a perfect match with the company's experience by reviewing their case studies, asking for similar projects they've worked on, investigating their online reputation, and reviewing their case studies. This step will definitely save you from unpleasant consequences and unnecessary responsibility.


In today's world, recruiting a remote team is gaining more and more popularity and is receiving conscious confirmation of the benefits of such a workflow organization. The new level creates a new economy allowing each outsourcing software development company to grow at a pace. 

The awareness associated with the practices and policies of many remote employers now serves as a template that established firms can jump to and host startups. Enhanced office spaces that include specialized areas for different tasks, with spacious areas for teamwork, are just the beginning. Even if you do not have much experience managing distributed teams, hiring a technical team remotely can be an effective development tactic. Try different development strategies to effectively grow your project.