Payment Gateways: Stripe v Paypal v Authorize.Net v Square

14 November3 min read
Payment Gateways: Stripe v Paypal v Authorize.Net v Square

Payment Gateways: Stripe vs. Paypal vs. Authorize.Net vs. Square

So before we start the comparisons, what is a payment gateway? Simply put, payment gateways are used by businesses that are wholly and solely run online, permitting and processing customer proceedings. In other words, a company doesn't get its money without a payment gateway.

Setting up a payment gateway is easy; even if you have not done it earlier, you have used a few of them from a customer point of view - especially if you ever bought anything online, which most of us have done.

Every time you purchase something from amazon, your payment goes through Amazon's payment gateway. PayPal is another instantly recognizable payment gateway that everyone might have used before. 

Today we are looking at payment gateways from a different perspective, not the customer's perspective but the owner/merchant's perspective.

A few examples of 'Payment Gateways' are as follows:

  1. PayPal
  2. Amazon pay. ...
  3. Skrill. ...
  4. Stripe. ...
  5. 2Checkout. ...
  6. Authorize.Net. ...
  7. Payza. ...
  8. SecurionPay

A little insight into the details of each Payment Gateway:


Paypal is one of the most popular payment gateways of all. A big reason for this: Paypal is conceivably the most effortless payment gateway to construct. Regular PayPal users will know they will be redirected to the site to make the payment directly. There are no processing, authorization, or security issues to worry about. Simply attach a Pay with PayPal button on your website, and let PayPal manage the rest.


Next up, Stripe is feasibly the most popular PayPal replacement available.

Why is Stripe so popular? This is because it allows you to employ on-site payments without the monthly fee. A WooCommerce user could easily consolidate Stripe by using the official extension, free of cost.  

Stripe is not as straightforward or trouble-free to configure, especially as PayPal Standard. After all, Paypal targets the consumers, and Stripe targets the developers. If you grasp the knowledge of payment gateways or hire someone with said knowledge, Stripe can be one of the best in the business. 


Authorize is another popular, reputed payment gateway. It is cost-effective, as well as charges an extension fee. This then gets you a first-rate on-site payment gateway. This helps and allows you to accept all major credit cards directly from your website (as well as PayPal). For the amount you pay, you get offered an Advance Fraud Detection Suit and an outstanding on-hand support team to help you out. 

Creating a payment gateway equal to existing ones is tough; businesses need a payment gateway to handle their website purchases and payments. 

There are a few important things to gauge when choosing a payment gateway, including:

Cost of the Service:

Bottom line — PayPal vs. Stripe vs.

As you can arguably see, each has its pros and cons. It eventually comes down to being user-friendly, cost-effective, and a support team if one is required. In a day and age where users know most of what there is to know about a computer and can find help and assistance with the internet through the information available online. 

Cost-effective, user-friendly payment platforms seem to be in great demand; PayPal, Stripe and  seem to be leading in this area. 

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