Outline of a Mobile App Development Project

26 Oct · 4 min read

Outline of a Mobile App Development Project

With several apps featured on the massive internet, the mobile app development timeline is one major parameter that plays a significant role in getting the app to the market ahead of the competition. As a result, one of the most standard questions being asked to the app developers from their clients are: How long does it take to develop an App, its overall cost, and the amount of work required. 

The development of mobile applications depends on various factors. Although, the conventional answer comes out to be around 4 to 5 months. In order to get familiar with the timeline of the mobile application development, it’s important to find the answer to the question that how will it be developed. One can easily figure out the answer to the above question once they are familiar with the functionality and overall complexity of the app. 

Scope of an App

The scope of mobile application development has evolved at a rapid pace, not only due to the increasing number of development platforms available, but also due to the seemingly limitless number of ways it can improve our lives. Defining the scope of an app creates opportunities for the growth and expansion of the company. Usually, developing a smaller app takes less time than developing a large one. As a result, the first step in determining how long it takes to develop an app is to define the scope of the app early on in order to avoid having to go back later to add more features. The easiest method to define the scope is to look at the requirements of the client in order to meet the demands of their end-user. 

Mobile Application Development Timeline

Every mobile enterprise app concentrate on fundamental features. While a consumer-oriented mobile app mainly focuses on offering a great user experience followed by security as the primary focus. Creating a mobile app is surely a time taking task requiring patience, time, and a collaborative development team. 

Now, let’s discuss the factors on which the development of a mobile application mainly depends on which are as follows: 

  • App Complexity

 App complexity is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining the budget for the development of the app. The addition of more features will result in higher expenses for your app. 

  • Business Logic

Understanding how mobile app logic should function and where it should be stored is crucial as it can have a significant impact on the user experience. On the other hand, any processor-intensive processes should be delegated to server infrastructure, whereas simple data input/output logic should be kept on the mobile device.       

  • Third-party integrations

Despite building the functionality from scratch, third-party API integration is often considered a viable solution by businesses keeping in mind the deliverability and duration of the App. 

  • App Security and Publishing

Keeping up with the security of the Application is yet another crucial factor before making it available to its consumers. One must ensure that applications are secured from external threats like malware and other digital frauds that risk critical personal and financial information from hackers. 

  • Addition of Functionalities

While adding functionalities to the app, it's important to consider whether it’s an essential one or not and how will reflect it reflects in enriching the overall experience of the app. 

  • App Design

When it comes to designing the App, it’s the responsibility of the designers to ensure the overall styling of the app involving color scheme, fonts, high-grade images, etc. 

  • Availability of resources

Understanding the availability of resources is also one of the key factors to be considered while building a mobile app. It allows you to make informed decisions, conduct feasible studies followed by making room for new features. 

  • App Customization

Customization of an App gives users the freedom to set their preferences resulting in efficiency and enhanced user experience. This also helps users to convert into potential ones which are beneficial for your business product to grow its reachability to a wider audience. 

Each factor mentioned above plays a key role in determining how long will it take to develop an app followed by its time to market and availability to use. 

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