Is Offshore Software Development the right choice for you?

2 Jan · 7 min read

 Is Offshore Software Development the right choice for you?

For those unfamiliar with the term, offshore software development is when companies hire dedicated development teams from a different country that offer more affordable services compared to their home country. For example, you may run a software company in the US but give the job of making the software to a third-party vendor in Vietnam.  

As the need for outsourcing grows, more and more businesses are using the flexible and open offshore software development model. It helps with a faster time to market while providing the client with the highest return on investment (ROI). 

Statistics by GlobalNewswire claim that the IT outsourcing market is expected to reach USD 425.19 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period (2021–2026). Certainly, outsourcing services to a software vendor has set a competitive edge for most companies all over the world. Without much ado, let us dive into this article to get great insights into offshore software development and know whether it is the right choice for you or not. 

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Below are the benefits associated with offshore software development: 

Low-Cost Rates

One of the biggest benefits of offshore development is that it helps you save a large chunk of cash. It is important to think about financial viability when it comes to delegating tasks to an outsourcing company. By choosing an offshore development team, you can reduce the cost associated with in-house processes such as recruitment, learning, development, etc. You no longer need to worry about expensive office infrastructure, operations, and several other core essentials. 

Faster Time to Market

Want to launch new software products faster?  

No one wants to deliver projects after the deadline. Hiring an offshore software development company will free you from the responsibility of recruiting, onboarding, and training new employees. You will gain direct access to professionals with high expertise, and that will in turn save you ample time. Otherwise, you would have consumed most of your time searching for your own software developers, leading to massive delays in project delivery. With the help of their skillset, offshore developers will be able to develop a software product, which in turn will help you achieve business goals and a faster time to market. 

Access to Cutting Edge Technologies

Implementation of innovative technologies such as AI, ML, and blockchain has become a tough nut to crack for software companies these days, especially when it comes to implementing solutions associated with such technologies. That is why companies outsource their projects to offshore software development companies. They make every effort to stay current on cutting-edge technologies in order to provide you with valuable services, thus ensuring a successful outsourcing journey. 

Gives Time to Focus on Core Tasks

Software development is an intensive and time-consuming process. Once you outsource software development to an offshore software development company, most of your burden will be taken away. You can easily focus on critical business operations and other core tasks to utilize the remaining time. Your in-house team will have an ample amount of time to coordinate and monitor the progress of the offshore development team on a regular basis. Their excessive knowledge and creative instinct will help you achieve business objectives in an efficient manner. 

Challenges of Offshore Software Development

Communication Gap

There can be multiple reasons for miscommunication between the client and the offshore software development team. For example, if your vendor is not as proficient in English as you are, it might certainly lead to poor communication. You need to consider these instances before outsourcing services to an offshore development company. Not considering the communication aspect might hamper the timely delivery of your project and cause other unexpected errors. To avoid miscommunication, consider working with third-party vendors who have a good command of English or a language of your choice. 

Time zone differences

While coordinating with the offshore software development team, time zone differences can be crucial. You need to come up with a strategic plan to manage teams in such situations. If not handled efficiently, differences across time zones can affect the productivity and motivation levels of an employee. To face such situations with ease, you need to hire smart teams that are self-motivated and can manage their work and time efficiently. In fact, you can also invest in simple yet effective time zone management tools such as World Time Buddy, World Clock Meeting Planner, etc. 

Lack of Security

Security is one of the major challenges today, as you need to provide some important information while working with an offshore software development team. Many instances related to security and privacy, such as data leakage, have resulted in major outsourcing failures in the past. Without strict legal bounds, your information can be leaked, stolen, or replaced by software vendors. It is necessary to discuss these things with your software partners and insist on signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). You must have clarity on various rules and regulations related to protecting your intellectual property, private data storage, GPDR regulation, and several others. 

Lack of Quality Control

Quality can be a major challenge when it comes to working with offshore development teams. To meet customer requirements, you need to deliver products of top-notch quality. Your product might lack quality if the offshore developers are only concerned about missing the deadline and not maintaining the quality.  As a software development company, you should be proactive throughout your software development outsourcing journey. Engage yourself in business meetings and ask for frequent updates to stay sure about whether things are in place or not. 

Why you Should Consider an Offshore Software Development Team

There are multiple reasons to consider an offshore software development team, as follows: 

  • No overhead from hiring full-time

This is most likely the most significant benefit of considering an offshore development team. Recruiting full-time employees is a time-consuming process that can cost you a lot. As mentioned earlier, hiring offshore outsourcing services frees you from the overhead of hiring full-time. Instead, you can use the same time to perform necessary business operations. 

  • Faster delivery

Working with skilled professionals will keep you one step ahead of the competition. This time, you are collaborating with expert professionals who will help you speed up the software development process. With their vast experience and passion for innovation, offshore developers will already be well-versed in your industry. As a result, understanding your business requirements takes less time, resulting in faster delivery of the software project. 

  • Access to Best-in-class Developers

With offshore outsourcing services, some of the best technical experts in the business will be available to you. The outsourcing journey becomes a lot easier with the right team and the right skillset by your side. 


Offshoring your software development tasks is being widely adopted all over the world. With so many benefits, such as low cost, better experience, shared responsibilities, etc., considering offshore software development is no less than a blessing for your company. It can have a positive impact on the client when it comes to reduced costs, increased productivity, and scaling your business to new heights. Not just this, but this article is a witness to the fact that offshoring software development tasks will promise you that your project is well-equipped with the latest and trendiest technologies. 

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