Office 365 Collaboration Tools Part-2

02 November3 min read
Office 365 Collaboration Tools Part-2

Office 365 enables people worldwide to collaborate easily with their co-workers without worrying about where they are. Without physically being present in the same place, people can now perform their works effectively without losing quality. In this article, we cover 4 tools, and you can find the first 3 here.


Outlook is a real boon, which many are yet to understand. Outlook has a difference in its two versions, the desktop, and web version. The former is used by people who need to handle big amounts of emails, and the latter is a subversion of the former, with some features omitted.  

One can only reply to the email to the sender in Teams, or share it will be shared in a Teams chat, group or channel. Emails also allow you to organize meetings with them. Categorizing of email is also there, based on many factors. One can also attach a file, link, or Outlook item, add a signature, insert a picture or table, etc. You can decide how to set a meeting.  

To-Do & Planner

Syncing with Outlook and Planner, the To-Do tool helps create to-do lists and individual tasks, and it is also easily accessible, easy to use, and helpful for managing time. A task will be removed from the list once it is finished. Based on Kanban principles, Planner helps create plans, assign tasks, set due dates, track progress, export a plan to excel, view your schedule, and many more. Sharepoint will create a site when one new plan is created and store it.   


This tool helps in creating questionnaires, viewing statistics of responses, and exporting them to Excel. Sharing of the form is also available. Using the HTML code created for each form, it is easy to embed it into a website.  

MyAnalytics & Viva Insights

This tool has been combined with Microsoft Viva and aims to analyze working habits and advice to achieve mindfulness while being productive. One can book their time to work, and it syncs with Outlook and Teams calendars. The tool provides tips for several topics such as how to network efficiently, achieve goals without burnout, set boundaries at the workplace, and many more. One can keep track of how they feel each day, access their To-Do list, and do many things once they embed the Viva Insights app into the Teams. 


These are only a few Microsoft tools, and there are many more. And no doubt, these tools help us a lot. You can work from anywhere globally, and some tools will help you make your work no less effective. Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and Sharepoint, have become a significant part of our daily life and work. People can communicate, connect, and collaborate with others and keep track of their processes and activities using these Microsoft Office 365 tools.