Microsoft Azure Solutions: What are they?

2 Nov · 4 min read

Microsoft Azure Solutions: What are they?

Microsoft Azure is a vast set of cloud services that have been here for a while. Although its features and services might seem exciting, here are some of the most significant features of the same, which are more valuable for us. 

It was really beneficial for Comminus to work as a partner with Microsoft for a long time. It has credited the company with a Gold Partner status which helps in applying the topmost standards in usage and development of the tools and technologies of Microsoft and also helps in improving the IT professionals through careful analyzing. And this article presents the technologies used at Comminus and Microsoft Azure being one of them. Let us discuss the term "hybrid cloud" first. 

Hybrid cloud computing is a system in which there is a combined private and public cloud; that is, data will be shared and distributed between the two. This feature allows companies to store all non-sensitive data in the public part and confidential data in private, which will, in turn, provide flexibility and scalability to the company. 

Quality cloud services are becoming unavoidable for the development of many businesses, and Microsoft Azure gives a variety of business solutions to many industries. It is a growing set of hybrid cloud services and products and covers topics such as machine learning, analytics and storage solutions, many developer tools and many more. Let us discuss some of the offers by them. 

BI and MI as world toppers

Every company uses a certain form of business intelligence or BI strategy in this contemporary world. Fact-based decisions are important to maintain competitiveness, and you will get help for it from Azure. Instead of wasting time on creating analytics features, developers can add visuals and reports into their applications using Power BI Embedded. This feature will increase the usability and accessibility of the applications and websites. In order to gain many important insights into their business stats, companies from different industries depend on Power Bi business solutions as it is easily usable and fast. 

BI has an extension called machine learning. People often do not understand the growth of this into everyday life, in areas such as newsfeed, Youtube, Facebook, smart personal assistants. Without or little human intervention, machine learning, which is a form of AI which helps computers and systems to learn from data and act accordingly. 

This helps a lot in improving a product or business plan, as it is used for collecting customers' habits and preferences data and applying it to do the same. 

ML broadens the concept of BI as it uses predictive analytics, meaning it is aligned towards future trends, apart from past and present.  

Convenient machine learning

For users who don't have any background in data science or programming, Azure Machine Learning Service allows them to build, train and deploy machine learning models; with the level of skills they have, they can either use open source Python packages or drag-and-drop functionality. 

Data Management

In the digital world, data is made into databases, which are collections used for handling big amounts of information arranged in understandable ways to make it easier for the users to access it. The database is created by a system called DBMS.  

There are many types of databases depending on function and capacity. 

Azure offers database services, SQL related and other, which provides universal and quick distribution. 

Azure marks your development

Users can choose from a set of language-specific software development kits within .NET, Java, Python, PHP and other areas. 

Apps can be easily analysed after developing them locally, as Visual Studio provides fast insight into every change that is made. Visual Studio Enterprise edition offers many additional testing tools which can be used for expanding the default Unit Testing option. Also, it helps in debugging at any moment without a restart. Apps can be easily deployed to Azure from Visual Studio. 

About DevOps

Azure DevOps services help to enrich the coordination between software development and IT operations teams in the companies. It helps in planning the projects in detail, and also Azure Pipelines offers automatic building and testing of code projects with languages like PHP, Python, Java and others. It also helps to run them on different platforms, and arrangement to any cloud is viable. While Azure Repos helps you to manage codes,  Azure Artifacts helps in controlling access to your packages. Azure Test Plans offers manual and investigatory testing services for the apps. 

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Thanks for these insights. What would be the best migration option for cloud deployment?


Sophie Hodgson

10 Jan, 2022

    This is an insightful read. In my opinion, Azure DevOps is ideal for people who are new to the software development process. Would like to know your thoughts on the same.

    Cerise V

    Cerise V

    16 Dec, 2021

      I have used Azure DevOps in my personal project for the past few months. It proved helpful for me to deploy frequent code updations and monitor them before deploying again.


      Allison Wilkinson

      14 Dec, 2021