Make the most out of in-app chats

26 Oct · 3 min read

Make the most out of in-app chats

With the rise in mobile phone users, companies have been using mobile apps to generate more sales and reach their target audience. But these can be accomplished a lot better with live chat. Through live chat capability, consumers can contact the company’s representative with complaints, inquiries, etc and have these solved instantly. This easy way of communication creates a more rapid flow of information, which in turn helps businesses to acquire and retain customers. So, after developing a mobile app for their business, companies are now also focused on implementing built-in chat features for consumers. 

Chats in mobile apps

In mobile apps, the chat feature creates a two-way interactive feature for consumers and customer service representatives to interact. A user may initiate a discussion to report a concern or ask for assistance. The chat feature can also work as a sales tool to drive sales of new products by identifying users’ behaviour and promoting products accordingly through automated chat. 

A lot of companies have seen a growth of upto 45% in conversions through live chat capabilities. Companies and businesses use these to initiate conversation with app users directly from within the app. Customer service representatives can also handle and control multiple conversations simultaneously as they do not need to be on a phone call with end-users anymore. In-built chat capability can be used with existing customers as well as new leads, and they work equally well to drive sales. Interfaces too can be made to look like a familiar chat interface so that users are more likely to engage in them. 

The need for chatbots in iOS and Android apps

By adding a chat or live chat option in mobile apps, internal communication becomes a lot easier. With chat, you can directly converse with your customers and send accurate information, links, etc. You can also use chatbots to assist you in initiating simultaneous chats so that you can reach more customers at once. The information being delivered can also be tailored to the end-user in a more relatable way to connect with them. 

Customers might have different reasons for using a chat feature. A well-configured chatbot can provide them with appropriate information or guide them through the necessary steps to arrive at a conclusion. In case a customer requires more assistance that a chat bot is unable to service a customer, it should also provide the right contact details like a hotline or toll-free number that can be used in case of emergencies or urgent queries. 

Integrating in-app chats

To incorporate a live chat feature on your website or app, all you need is to install a chat widget. A chat widget is a simple code that creates a chat icon at the bottom right corner of your website. On clicking this icon, customers can directly contact a customer service representative. 

The chat widget can also be configured with chat bots that send messages to every visitor to initiate and drive a conversation. The bot can gather necessary information before handing over the conversation to a live agent. 

The cost of chat app development

Just like how the development of an app can incur several costs along that way, there is no single answer for the cost of a chat app or chat-based app. App development and feature integrations involve a lot of technologies and resources, some of which might not be predictable at an initial stage. 

For app developers, it can be tough to give a straightforward answer for the total cost of creating a chat app. In fact, creating a full-fledged messaging service like WhatsApp or Telegram can cost anywhere over $50,000, especially while using native Android and iOS features and adding customizations. 

Let us make an app for you!

At Workin Geeks, we have the right experts and tools who can easily create in-app chats for your website and app. Our team can create high-quality chat features for your mobile app and website. We can work with you in planning the ideal chat pp and also create a custom quote based on your requirements and budget. We have a lot of experience with creating chat apps and have several professional developers on board who can facilitate this. 

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