Tech Jobs that Automation Could take Over by 2030

09 November5 min read
Tech Jobs that Automation Could take Over by 2030

Technology is evolving and is constantly creating opportunities for people to learn and upskill to create value and bring value globally. Technological evolution also demands sweeping off old methods for fresh innovation to come through. In simpler words, with each tech revolution, many jobs are rendered obsolete to bring fresh opportunities. 

According to some studies, around one-fourth of the jobs will be replaced by automation globally around every sector. AI and robotics are already optimizing redundant tasks to make life easier for human beings. This is creating new opportunities, and this will also phase out a lot of jobs by 2030. This will replace the need for doing technical redundant tasks and move humans to roles that require more interpersonal skills.

Although the idea of automation taking up human jobs stirs up quite a debate. However, at the end of the day, it helps people focus on more productive aspects rather than tedious, monotonous tasks that a robot can perform.

Professions to be taken over by automation

Automation can either be software or hardware based. Pre-programmed and AI-enabled bots are now being used across the industry to improve profitability through increased productivity. This not only saves time for tedious tasks but also saves employee overheads. That being said, listed below are some of the jobs that can be replaced by AI and automation soon.

Proofreading and Editing

The industry is slowly moving towards AI-generated content. The idea of creating content through AI that relates to a user emotionally might take years to perfection. However, simpler tasks like checking for grammatical errors, sentence construction, and basic writing mistakes are now being taken care of by different applications. Although we’ve just achieved success in the proofreading domain, these bots will soon be able to edit written content as well. 

Customer Service

Companies have started to use chatbots and AI assistants who answer customer queries and facilitate them with basic problems. More often than not, websites with a sales landing page have an automated chatbot attached that texts and replies to customers and are available 24/7.

Data Entry

Data entry is an important element and is a job required by companies across industries. Machine learning easily helps automate these tasks while the machine leans and identifies patterns across different data sets to perform any Data Entry related tasks easily.

Technical analysis

AI is known to collect and process data better than humans. So, technical analysis in finance and market research analysis will soon be replaced by machines while yielding better and more accurate results than before.


Industries have engineers and technicians responsible for overseeing and carrying out manufacturing processes. While this has been the case for years, there are futuristic manufacturers like Tesla who have replaced these engineers with robots who swiftly and easily carry out these tasks.

Jobs that can’t be replaced by technology

While AI and automation are extremely powerful and can perform many tasks that humans can, they are not alternatives to humans. They are here to facilitate us by increasing productivity and reducing efforts. This means that there are still a lot of jobs that will remain under human control due to the humanity required to perform them. These jobs include but aren’t limited to:

  • Psychologists
  • Scientists
  • Human Resource managers
  • Lawyers
  • Writers
  • Software developers
  • Event planners and managers

With technology evolving at this pace, it is also necessary that new skills be developed in line with the innovation to keep relevant with the powers of AI and robotics. The following set of soft and hard skills can be attained and developed by professionals to stand the test of time:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • People’s skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Thought leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Coding
  • Mathematics and Statistics

Impact of AI and Automation in creating employment opportunities

We’ve already discussed how AI is making lives easier for people while eliminating certain jobs in the name of innovation and productivity. The other side of the picture is a lot brighter since these technologies are already creating new employment opportunities, and if the right skill sets are attained, individuals can make a great living in the following jobs:

Data Sourcing

Data sets are goldmines in the current age, and there’s a certain amount of data to be fed to these AI bots for them to work perfectly. Data sourcing is a skill that will slowly gain importance as it helps improve the model’s accuracy by giving feedback and bringing data from different sources via databases and APIs.

Data Analysis

Data analysts take the data processed by different AI models to give them a meaningful shape and make decisions based on them. These decisions can be critical business or sales decisions that the AI model can not take itself for humans.

Data labeling

For the AI to function properly, we need the data to be properly annotated and labeled before feeding it into the model. This job is essential and goes hand in hand with data analysts and AI engineers. The model is best trained if the data is meaningful and annotated. 


AI and ML can be integrated with almost everything in today’s age. It has started to become mainstream in domestic and industrial use cases. This means that with each model to be deployed, there must be an integration specialist who takes care of the deployment, management, and maintenance, thus creating opportunities for DevOps engineers. 

The most obvious roles that AI is responsible for creating are AI engineers and Data Scientists. These roles are slowly gaining popularity, and companies like Meta, Google, etc., are bulk-hiring individuals with these capabilities. 

AI is bringing a positive impact on society by bringing innovative solutions to problems that were previously impossible to solve. While this might steal jobs from some individuals, it definitely will bring more opportunities for people willing to learn the technology. The best way is to understand the value provided by this technology and embrace it with an open mind to benefit from it.