How Right Service can Improve your App's UX: 4 Examples

12 Jan · 6 min read

 How Right Service can Improve your App's UX: 4 Examples

How do you create a good user experience? In essence, UX design serves as the foundation of the web application and has an impact on the overall success of the business. Even if we have a fantastic platform or product and an excellent marketing strategy, if we don't establish a lasting connection with the user, we won't know precisely who our target market is and how they use the app if the design (UI) is appealing enough, and so on. This blog explains the importance of using the right services to improve your user experience. 

What exactly is UX, and why is it important?

UX is an approach that makes using your website or app simple and easy for customers, leaving them with a positive impression of your brand or business. To give users the best experience possible, it blends elements of design, psychology, research, technology, and business. 

It's important not to undervalue the importance of UX. After a poor user experience, about 30% of users won't visit the same website again, and as UX is inextricably linked to online surfing, that percentage will only increase. Whether you're a startup creating your first website or a large organization with a well-established presence, the user experience must be a major element in your design process. 

What effect does the app's UX have on user engagement?

User experience is essential because it helps meet user demands. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep customers loyal to the product or service. You can identify consumer journeys on your product that are most favorable to commercial success thanks to a relevant user experience. 

The truth is that every person has a different user experience. Don't presume to know their needs or requirements. Try to understand the market and its demands so that you can deliver the best design in the way that is required. 

So, what exactly qualifies as a fantastic experience? Speak with your clients. Have a conversation with them, watch how they use your product, peek inside their heads, and consider the decisions they make for themselves. Pay attention since you will pick up tips from your users and customers. Pay attention, take a look, and inquire. It helps you understand your customers and offer the best services. 

Why your mobile app needs effective UX design?

In order to build customer trust and strengthen the bond, you are bound to offer the best user experience. Let’s understand why your mobile app needs effective UX design: 

#1 Brand awareness/branding  

An app with an ideal UI/UX design strengthens the brand's reputation as one that prioritizes and supports its consumers' demands. Customers choose brands that are easy to find on their applications and that often update themselves to offer their customers more features and facilities. This lays the groundwork for a solid client–business connection and develops a perception of your brand as a client–centric company that prioritizes clients. 

#2 More user interactions 

An effective mobile app makes it easier for users to interact with it and assists them in completing their duties. Users are more likely to use and like your program when it is released with an excellent user experience. User interaction is essential to the success of an application. Customer engagement increases with a better user interface. The revenue will increase after everything is tailored to the needs of the customer. Your software will stand out if it provides a personalized experience for the user. 

#3 More conversions  

A well-designed app is essential to the success of a marketing campaign, just like any other component. When users download an app, the first things they notice are the interface and user experience. Additionally, it is a key determinant of whether users come back to utilize it again. 

The design of an app should be uncomplicated, understandable, and intuitive. Every element of an app's design, from the navigation menu to the color palette, should be carefully taken into account. All of your target audience's needs should be adequately met. 

4 instances when the right UX service helped companies boost their apps

#1 Deutsche Telekom

Challenge: The company serves more than 90 million customers in Europe. They wanted to elevate and establish a strong digital customer experience. 

Solution: The software vendor fetched by Amplifyre for them created a mobile-first self-service application. 

Outcome: It created a balance for the general customer journey and promoted customization, which, in turn, increased customer loyalty in the long run. 

Read the entire case study here: 

#2 Startup Fon

Challenge: It is a platform where entrepreneurs and investors can find each other and work together. The platform is required to work on UI/UX designs, customer journey optimizations, and third-party integrations to create a smooth experience for users. 

Solution: The software vendor worked on UI/UX designs, followed by successful optimization of the customer journey and adding third-party integrations. 

Outcome: Optimization helped entrepreneurs attract more investors and increased visibility for both. It resulted in a collaborative platform where both can grow together. 

Read the entire case study here- 

#3 Gamivo

Challenge: As a gaming-specific organization, they wanted to deliver a top-notch user experience to their customers. 

Solution: They created an excellent user experience followed by safe transactions. 

Outcome: With the right vendor and the right set of technologies, Gamivo has been established as an amazing platform for gamers and has some excellent affiliate programs for customers. 

Read the entire case study here- 

#4 YouMap

Challenge: It is a progressive application that helps users create customized apps and grow their communities. They wanted to improve the user mapping experience and build a strong user social community. 

Solution: The vendor built UI/UX designs, a native mobile application, and a fully functional website. 

Outcome: They developed an interactive approach for users, which resulted in an enhanced personal experience for global customers. 

Read the entire case study here- 


With ever-changing trends and technologies, user experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important in the age of digital transformation. Long-term customer retention is impossible to achieve. But with the right services and solutions, everything is possible. 

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