How to Start an App Development Project? [Checklist]

28 May · 1 min read

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There is no doubt that the application market is still growing and such forecasts are still the same for the upcoming years. However, it turns out that about 40% of mobile apps are uninstalled because users no longer use them! In addition to huge competition, the biggest challenge for product owners is to keep the user in the application.

This statement should stay with you from the very beginning of the software development process. Although the global app market is growing and the number of users increases year-to-year, it can be challenging to keep their interest in the long term. My experience ( I work in a software house for over 6 years) tells me that app idea is not enough to run a successful project. While building an app, some mistakes can happen. But the good news is that good preparation for app development will help you avoid many of them.

How to start the application development process?

To begin the development and build the app, you don't have to be familiar with programming languages and code, web or mobile (iOS, Android) technology, app stores, etc. App developers from software company will do it for you. But it doesn't mean you can neglect the whole knowledge about app development.

There are many factors which you need to think about and what you have to do to start the app development process on a good track and plan in advance...

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