How to Choose the Best Remote Development Team in 2021?

25 Mar · 1 min read

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So you decided that the main technology for your web application will be the Ruby on Rails framework. Trust me, it is a great choice. Now, it's time to pick up the development team. The market is full of software companies, and you are wondering, "Which team of Ruby on Rails developers should I choose?". You are in the right place because I'm going to show you which factors are important while choosing developers.

The selection of the wrong IT partner can cost you time and money. One of our clients already knows that. We were not the first pick of Tim Jones (CEO of LaunchMatic). In January 2020, he contacted us, telling us that he needs some professional Ruby on Rails developers to complete the already started project. Why was that? Tim wasn’t satisfied with the result delivered by the previous software development partner.

What do we do in that kind of situation? First of all, we need to check the code quality. Tim's web application for generating screenshots needed improvement. Our RoR developers decided to rewrite it.

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