How Much Does it Cost to Build a Social Media App?

25 Mar · 1 min read

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In April of 2020, Facebook has reached the number of almost 2,5 BILLION active users worldwide. It’s almost as many as China and India's joint population - and it will definitely not stop on that level!

For my generation (I was born in 1994) social media is something that I cannot imagine a life without anymore. Yet at the same time, in a contrary to the Gen Z - I still remember the times, when the Internet was not so accessible and Facebook was only for those “cool kids” from high school. So I’ve experienced both sides of it - life with no social media at all and one when they are dominating our reality.

Overall, despite all of the negatives that social media brings I strongly believe that they are one of humanity's best inventions. Why? Let me explain that for example. I will also describe in this article the importance of social media apps in modern society and how much does it cost to develop a social media app in our Cracow - based software house.

Let’s get to it!

Social Networking Apps Advantages:

Do you remember the times when to contact your family from vacation you needed to look for the nearest public phone and use some coins to speak with them for a limited amount of time? It was called “impulses” and they always ended in the worst time possible. I perfectly remember those times. 

In the social media app era - this kind of issues sounds ridiculous, so let’s dive in deeper in this software solution main advantages...

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