Why Entertainment Apps are Important for the Media Industry

01 December6 min read
Why Entertainment Apps are Important for the Media Industry

Have you ever forgotten to take your phone at work and you had a monotonous day, with no entertainment, gossip, and chit-chat, or couldn’t watch an episode of your favorite show? Hence, it concludes that mobile apps are more inclined toward need than a want. Isn’t it?

Gone are the days when you had to wait to get home and watch your favorite show after busy work hours. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows on the go, anytime, anywhere. Entertainment apps have become important in our day-to-day lives, from news updates to live sports, hence there is nothing left that a mobile app would miss. Moreover, it also provides you the ease of reachability, faster and in a better way. As a result, businesses are creating mobile apps for the media and entertainment industry at a rapid pace for transforming an exceptionally focused customer base. 

In a study, a big share of 12% of games, and 10% of business apps, were positioned in the top 5 most popular app categories, in terms of popularity on the Apple app store. If we talk about the most used apps by people, then it’s Maps, Messenger, Photos, and Music, and to be very honest, no one can think of their lives without these applications on the go. 

Hence there are various reasons, why apps are important and will continue to play a vital role in our lives:

Enhancement of Brand Value & Visibility

Our daily lives are dull without entertainment media and apps. And the media & entertainment industry has found a way to deliver the content their audience wants. Therefore they have the great opportunity to make your brand established and deliver high-quality content with extraordinary services.

Moreover, we can’t deny the power of social media, via social media apps that make more influence people, when our favorite stars increase brand awareness in a very subtle way, people easily get influenced by the pitch. Which indeed increases the brand value by increasing the brand visibility and awareness. 

Hence, this factor is unbeatable when it comes to mobile apps supporting and increasing brand value, as an average screen time of a person is 3-4 hours when they look for entertainment and take a break from work. 

Social Media Integration

Social Media integration and engagement are very crucial and beneficial for your app. Which informs your user about new updates, and keeps your audience engaged with their stars and show hosts not only in reel life but in real life as well. This also increases the visibility of your apps by sharing the posts with the same interest of friends and people’s groups. Which impacts the brand value and visibility indirectly in a positive approach.

Trend Tracking

The entertainment and media industry has got a lot of rivals. With that, there is always a fear of missing out on ongoing trends. Hence, by having a mobile application, your users are not leaving your side. When you are proactive to create an impression on your users, they try to be loyal, which is a basic human trait. Hence mobile apps help a lot to keep up with the trends and keep your audience stuck to your screens only.

Moreover, with analytics, you know what social media trends are going on, and hence applying the same to your services, keeps them more interested than ever. Which creates a very positive impact on your audience.

Content Circulation

A constant content circulation is the key to making your users engaged and creates a trustworthy relationship with them, as they won’t have to rely on other sources to keep themselves updated when you got their back. When the reader or user has your mobile app installed in their phone, it also keeps them reminding of your application with each push of notification. Hence it is a smart move to remind them of your app as well as give content for them to engage with.

Some Crucial Domains Uncovered

Gaming and Music

Gaming is the most popular domain in the entertainment industry. Gaming applications are not only mobile but also advancing to AR and VR. Pokemon Go was an excellent start to that, and more to come. It’s not only a way to get some entertainment, but also connects people through multiplayer features. 

Music, in the same way, has made much progress with Technology. Gone are the days when we had to download our favorite playlists, now music leaders Spotify, iTunes, Wynk gave us the authority to listen to our favorite music just by using their mobile applications. Which gave wings to music entertainment to fly higher. 

Live Streaming of TV shows

Imagine it’s the Cricket WorldCup or Fifa WorldCup, and your favorite teams are playing. But you gotta go work. In that case either you could take leaves or you could work. And all the 90’s and previous generations can relate to this. But now OTT apps are even providing us the feasibility to watch live streaming of TV shows or games happening all around the world. 


By embracing mobility and understanding the flow of an exponentially busier life every day, the entertainment industry collaborated with OTT platforms to increase mobility. And even OTT came into the picture to increase the mobility of TV and entertainment shows. OTT, Over the Top, is a platform meant to provide entertainment and film or video content via the internet at the request and or known as steam on demand too. Netflix is the king of all the OTT platforms, providing the best services successfully all over the world. 

Brand Promotion

With 4-5 average screen time of people, brands have the greatest opportunity to promote their value and create trust. 

Independent Platforms: Increase in Employment

A very crucial and positive aspect of these mobile apps is that, while there is an increase in the need of customer’s wants. There is also an increased rate of employment. However, these mobile apps not only increase employment but also support small artists to grow and make good use of these platforms. Which indeed leads to better reach and leaves a constructive impression on your audience, being the reason for a good cause.

End Note

Every day is a new day for the media and entertainment industry with each growing day. Technology is growing, and so are the expectations of people with Entertainment, Social Media, and Media too. Hence with advancements in tech, it’s very important for media and entertainment to be more mobile, and automotive and try new experiments every day.

Mobile apps are creating a new era and giving a new direction to the entertainment area, to grow. The happier the people with mobility, the more it grows. The thumb rule of marketing and promoting the content is to make your customers happy, understand them and then act.

However, it’s important in the aspects of competition too, to sustain in the market as a beginner, and to grow with them as a veteran too. Hence the race never ends, and the grind never stops. Grow with time, grow according to people’s expectations, and grow with technology. That can be the agenda of the entertainment industry as it is all about people’s choices when it comes to entertainment.