How to make a corporate website

14 October3 min read
How to make a corporate website

Your website reflects who you are. Having a professional-looking website can give a lot of credibility to your business. After all, it’s the first impression you can make on your customers. So how do make a good corporate website? At Osom Studio, this is exactly what we do and can help you with. Here is our guide to follow for creating a professional and corporate website. 

Stick to proven technologies

When you approach a web development company to create a website for you, ask them about their expertise and the technologies they use. Most of them can offer multiple options. Check if these options are well-established and recognised solutions. New or proprietary solutions can be unstable, with new changes happening on the fly that may affect your website.  

Popular solutions like WordPress can easily be handed over from one contractor to another in the future. But less popular systems might be difficult to manage and carry forward. See how flexible the technology is and how it can be adapted to the growing needs of the website in the future. How easily can you expand it with plugins and modules? How easily can the visual theme be modified, while still maintaining uniformity? 

The popular options are popular for a reason - they are reliable and have stood the test of time. Some companies might not even advertise these ones as they are older technologies, so you can always ask them if they use the technology that you’re looking for. 

Read customer reviews

You can find customer reviews about web development companies on a lot of platforms like Google Maps, Google MyBusiness and many industry portals. Industry portals also have a careful screening process for these reviews so that you can get an objective look about the company. A lot of them also show projects that these companies have implemented. A company with no presence on these portals or with zero customer reviews online might not be the best choice for a big project. 

Set a goal

Before approaching a web development agency, set your expectations for the project. This includes the general idea of the design and performance expectations or even the type of contract and deadline you want to establish. A good agency should be able to guide you based on these expectations and also help strategise the project. Setting the expectations acts as a map for the rest of the project, and makes planning and execution a lot easier. Agencies can establish the goals and design choices as per these expectations to complete the project successfully. 

Here are some things that an agency might want to know: 

  • Who is the target audience? What will they use it for? How does it benefit them?
  • Purpose of the website - is it informative, brand building, or sales-oriented?
  • Are there any KPIs you want to achieve? For example newsletter signups, more traffic and other conversions.

With this information, a good agency should be able to guide you through various options for technology and design. Make sure that your goals and expectations are SMART, i.e., specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. 

Know the technical aspects

Pay close attention to what the agency is offering with respect to the technical details. Will the able to provide a responsive website that follows the practices of good UI/UX? Is the website easy to remember and recall? Can the hosting server be able to sustain the amount of traffic you expect? Is the website easily scalable? Does it load fast? Is the user’s data security maintained? Is it SEO friendly? 


There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right agency for creating your corporate website. Expectations have to be maintained beforehand so that both you and the agency are on the same page. Website development can be a huge investment, and getting the return on this is only be getting a well-structured, high performing website. For any assistance, we at Osom Studio can help you. Contact us now!