The Best Ways to Hire On-Demand Remote Developers

13 January6 min read
The Best Ways to Hire On-Demand Remote Developers

The success of any organization, whether a start-up or a tech company, entirely depends upon how skilled and efficient its core development team is. With that said, finding a remote developer is no less than a challenge. Hiring is a comprehensive process that can be time-consuming and energy-draining, while also costing your company a lot of money. On the other hand, hiring remote developers can prove to be a crucial asset for your in-house team. They can fill the desired gap with their right skillset and expertise. Recruiting remote developers comes with a lot of questions, like why should you hire remote developers, where to find remote developers, what to know while hiring remote developers, etc. 

All these points will be discussed in this article to help you hire the best remote talent for your organization without much hassle. 

Let’s get started! 

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

Hiring remote developers is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Let us understand them in greater detail: 

#1 Access to a Large Talent Pool: The biggest advantage of hiring remote developers is the flexibility to choose talent from all over the world. Organizations can reach out to the best talent in their region based on their desired expertise and business requirements.

#2 Low-Cost Advantages: Hiring remote developers can save you a lot of money on overhead. This includes setting up office space, office supplies, utilities, and various other important amenities. You could use that money to hire more people and provide the best learning and development training to your in-house team.

#3 Employee Satisfaction: Remote working leads to employee satisfaction. It offers employees the flexibility to set their own work schedule, resulting in less burnout and more productivity. The well-being of your employees should be on your priority list. In one of the survey reports by Statista, 60% of respondents claim that the remote work setup has positively impacted developers’ productivity. This points out the fact that happier employees will give more of their value to the overall growth of the organization.

#4 Flexibility: Working with remote developers offers you more flexibility as a company. You can utilize your time to work on core aspects of the business that can prove to be a competitive advantage in the market. It is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer. 

Places to Hire Remote Developers

  • Upwork

Upwork is one of the leading marketplaces when it comes to hiring remote talent. It simplifies the hiring process with its vast offerings and benefits. You can easily check the developer’s work history and client reviews for a better comparison. The best part is that the platform categorizes developers into four different talent badges. These badges are categorized based on the developer’s work experience, quality, and ease of deliverability. You can easily hire freelance remote developers at either fixed rates or hourly wages based on the requirements of your project.   


Freelancer is yet another large freelance marketplace where you can easily hire remote developers. It provides you with ample choices based on your budget and the demands of your project. You can easily get the best talent by browsing the candidate’s portfolio and getting fast bids on the projects. The platform prefers quality over quantity, which is why you have over 50 million quality freelancers to choose from. It offers two modes of searching for the right candidate for your project: one by skill and the other by the project. 

  • PeoplePerHour

As the name implies, PeoplePerHour is the platform that connects business owners with remote professionals that can be hired on either an hourly basis or a project basis. This marketplace helps automatically select potential developers based on ratings, skillsets, and reviews that match your requirements and goals. The potential candidate makes a specific offer based on their mode of availability. All you need to do is reply to choose a potential candidate, select the final one, and make the initial deposit to kick-start the project. 

  • Amplifyre OpenBench

On the Amplifyre OpenBench, you can find the best talent from their vast network of software vendors. You can easily hire software developers based on their desired skill set and the needs of your project. The platform categorizes the candidate in a detailed manner based on their role, knowledge of tech tools, availability, pricing, location, and so on. Amplifyre prioritizes providing its clients with affordability and quality. They have 500+ options to get your project fulfilled by the right development team. Check out the link to find out more about their exceptional services. 

Tips for Hiring Remote Developers

Remote development can prove to be successful if you are clear with your project requirements right from the beginning. We have curated some useful tips for you to bring the right talent on board. 

1. Be Clear with your Business Requirements 

Before hiring, you must know your development needs, as this will help you narrow down your search in the best way possible. Set long-term and short-term goals and prioritize them accordingly. Having clarity right from the start will help you find the best possible candidate for your company with the right talent and expertise. 

2. Choosing the Right Hiring Platform to Look for Remote Developer 

Once you are clear about the requirements, now comes the step of searching for remote developers in multiple ways. Explore all the possible opportunities and hiring options available to you. All you need to do is create a job post and post it on relevant hiring platforms such as Upwork, LinkedIn, PeoplePerHour, and so on. This is the phase where you can take your search to the next level with the right set of options to find an ideal candidate. 

3. Start Thorough Screening for Remote Developers 

Hiring a remote developer is a tough nut to crack because it is all about going remote for the role. You need to evaluate the candidate in several steps to check whether they are the right fit for your company when it comes to company culture, work ethics, etc. 

Conduct a thorough interview process, which is as follows: 

  • Initial screening to evaluate their soft skills and knowledge about the past work experience of the candidate;
  • Technical screening to determine whether the candidate possesses the necessary technical expertise to meet the project's requirements;
  • Final interview to go over the price proposal and key role responsibilities. This tip is all about being mindful of your decisions while choosing the right one for your company.

There are plenty of questions that you can ask the remote candidates to bring your vision to reality and witness a faster time to market. 

3. Time for the Job Offer 

Once you are satisfied with the candidate’s ability to fulfill the job requirement, it is time to offer them a job. Discuss all terms and conditions to maintain transparency throughout every step of the hiring process. Also, do not forget to give them ample time to make a final choice after sending them the job offer letter. 

In Conclusion

Hiring remote developers can be tricky as a variety of things can go wrong, especially when it comes to remote development and the employee not being physically present in the office. But with all the insights related to remote developers discussed above, you can find a dedicated person suitable for the job role. Following a strategic approach for hiring remote developers will keep you one step ahead throughout the entire hiring process. 

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