How To Hire Best PHP Developers For Your Web Development

28 Nov · 6 min read

How To Hire Best PHP Developers For Your Web Development

In search of the best PHP developer for your web development? Well, we will help you choose one of the best developers. The all-round and easy adaptability of PHP makes it one of the favourites among experts. Being one of the most flexible and practical languages, it makes hiring crucial for your development of dynamic web applications.

PHP is, with no doubt, an omnipresent language on the web today. It is apparent that PHP is still one of the most preferred programming languages according to W3Techs Usage statistics of PHP for websites. Although, being around for a while, it has potential to dominate the web development space for years to come. Regardless of whether it is a small or an enterprise-level project, PHP remains the ultimate choice of every organization in need of a robust, scalable and customizable website or application. In order to help you find the right PHP developer for your web development, this article is going to offer expert advice for understanding what PHP is and how a PHP developer can be useful to you or your business.

What is PHP and who is a PHP developer?

PHP, an acronym for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’, is an one-source scripting language that is known for dynamic website and web application development. PHP is unique because the code is executed on the server side which is embedded into HTML and then sent to the user instead of being executed on the visitor’s browser. So, PHP is more focused on the server-side of the development process, but can be used to write desktop and cross-platform applications.

In simple terms, a PHP developer is a kind of web developer who can write, test and maintain code for programs, web pages and applications. This requires a good amount of analytical and problem-solving skills. They should also possess knowledge of major PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symphony, Laravel, Codeigniter etc.

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The basic checklist of skills for a PHP developer includes -

  • Knowledge of PHP programming language, of course.
  • Should know how to work with SQL or MySQL databases.
  • Understanding of JavaScript.
  • HTML and CSS
  • Last but not the least, you should be aware of the OOP (object-oriented programming) concept.

The beauty of PHP development lies in its flexibility and ease of working. And there has been an increase in the number of customers hiring PHP developers for their web development. You will have several options out there in the market for an offshore PHP developer. And for that you need to be smart here and weigh your options for pros and cons. So, how to proceed? We have added few helpful tips below to guide you with respect to hiring:

1) Know your project requirements

Before evaluating a PHP developer, you need to know the exact requirement for your project. Once you measure the project, you can know better the project demands. Do you need a core PHP developer or a developer proficient in open source frameworks like Wordpress or Joomla? Also, in your project requirement give a proper description with exact goals of the project and few other important characteristics. The more specific you are with project requirements, the better PHP developers can determine their roles and understand the code base easily.

2) Technical Proficiency

You can have complete access to the developer’s abilities by checking technical proficiency up to some extent. This includes -

  • Evaluating coding skills.
  • Programming and analytical abilities.
  • Measuring the comfort level with javascript, HTML, XML and so on.
  • Hiring a multifaceted developer will definitely help you in the long run. In addition to this, see how a good developer is addressing the technical and security issues. A PHP developer should focus on coding such that it improves the application runtime.

3) Experience Level

Experience matters, especially when you are hiring PHP developers as the result depends on it to a massive extent. A developer with a few years of experience in your own domain can be better than a developer with decades of expertise in another domain that is not relevant to you. So take steps wisely and go with one that matches your project. Moreover, your best bet should be to hire the PHP programmer who has worked on multiple business domains, including yours. This experience will shape up the developers’ understanding of the business logic.

4) Communication skills

The developer should be in a position to comprehend your working instructions and communicate back effectively. This is effectively an important aspect while hiring. Gauge the developer’s communication capabilities so that you can both interact with each other without any obstacle. When working with an offshore developer, there is a cultural chasm that you might encounter. Ensure that this cultural divide is not so huge as to impact your project or rapport with the developer. Moreover, the developer must also be conversant with various modes of communication such as audio, video, web, email and phone. It is also important to check if you have direct communication access with the developers who will be working on your project.

5) Assess the attitude and problem solving ability

There is a simple saying “Hire for attitude, train for skills” with a profound impact on successful recruitment. You may find exceptionally good at PHP development but if the developer lacks soft skills such as interpersonal skills, having an upbeat personality it can get quite difficult to work together. One should know how to solve the problems with less complexity and can address the issues effectively.

6) Adaptability - Improved Outcomes

Developers with PHP experience should be open minded with the capabilities according to your project. Whenever there is any requirement to make some changes in the project or implement additional features, then the developer should be adaptable enough to understand the exact requirement. To obtain clear cut outcomes, you should have a check into the developer's portfolio. By this, you would be benefited in various terms. You’d get flexibility and cost effective resources who will be aware of deadlines and be the reason for speed to market for your core business.

7) Technical Interview Questioning

This process will give you better clarity on if the PHP developers are fit for your project requirement. To do that, below are a few PHP developer related interview questions:

  1. How to enable error reporting in PHP?
  2. How will you use HTTP headers in PHP?
  3. Define constructor and destructor in PHP
  4. How will you define a constant in PHP?
  5. What are the differences between echo and print in PHP?
  6. What is the difference between a session and cookies?
  7. How to compare objects in PHP??
  8. Write a sample of code showing the nested ternary conditional operator in PHP.
  9. Define composer? What benefits have you found in the composer?
  10. Can you tell the 3 scope levels available in PHP, and how would you define them?


To build robust, scalable and well-functioning web applications, PHP is an effective solution for your business. There is no certain and foolproof way to hire the best PHP developers for your web development. Categorize your requirements to get beginner, mid and expert level PHP developers. Have specific goals by having a list of frameworks that are suitable for your requirement. You should be evaluating subject knowledge by having technical questions to the suitable developer. It can be a complex situation to find a developer that can meet your project and business requirements hassle-free, but a little evaluation and caution can transform your vision into reality of having those requirements met. 

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