How Flutter Has Become the Best Choice for a Startup in 2021

5 Oct · 3 min read

How Flutter Has Become the Best Choice for a Startup in 2021

Are you wondering to start your project in flutter technology? Regardless of whether you’re a CTO, Tech Lead or occupy any other designation in your company where you are concerned about making decisions for future projects. This article is surely going to help you get knowledge about the advantages of flutter technology.

In simpler terms, a flutter is a cross-platform tool intended to create Android and iOS apps from a single code base by using a modern, reactive framework. 

Flutter Advantages:

  • Reduced Code Development time. For instance, Let's suppose you want to build a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms, considering that it'll be made by Android and iOS developers. The total cost of implementing applications comes to be twice as expensive as you are likely to pay two programmers for their work. With reference to the above, the situation of flutter is different as your projects for both platforms will be written by one developer.
  • Flutter allows you to rectify all the changes immediately without checking original application situations. Additionally, Flutter includes a working widget which is designed by the flutter(google) team who are also responsible for developing these technologies. This configuration helps in saving time and money. Flutter prides itself on increased time-to-market speed. It has a library of components that can be applied across multiple platforms and operating systems. Furthermore, The developers are no longer required to execute platform-specific codes. Thus, reducing the number of working hours required for the development.
  • Owning Rendering Engine- Flutter provides several functions within your apps that mightn't be available on other platforms. It makes use of Skia for rendering itself onto a platform-provided canvas. UI built-in Flutter can be launched virtually on any platform because of its engine. Thus, there is no requirement to adjust UI to transfer it to a platform that simplifies the development process on a whole different level.
  • No issues with product development are likely to occur since Google is creating Fuchsia OS, which presents a fine work tuning with Flutter.
  • Ease of integration: The list of global companies making use of Flutter keeps expanding with representatives such as Alibaba, Google Ads, App Tree, Reflect, My Leaf, etc. leading to the proof of Flutter’s uncompromised quality.

All the aspects presented above make Flutter a viable solution for businesses to prevent obstacles related to seeking specialists, adjusting to new technologies, and integrating the tool into the system.  Moreover, Flutter poses minimal risks to a business and therefore is worth being the number one choice for your business. Let’s briefly understand the advantages of the framework which are as follows:

  • The app logic and UI are platform-independent.
  • Faster code development.
  • Increased time-to-market speed.
  • Enormous UI customization potential.
  • Separate rendering engine.
  • No reliance on platform-specific UI components.
  • Suitable for any target platform.
  • Minimizes necessary risks and losses for your business.

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Hence, Flutter is the fastest way to deliver a well-performing cross-platform mobile application. The day is not far when Flutter will be officially declared as the ultimate cross-platform UI framework. 

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