How Google uses Machine Learning to Transform the Internet

30 Nov · 6 min read

How Google uses Machine Learning to Transform the Internet

Machine learning assists companies to improve productivity and profitability by discovering useful insights from the company's data. Machine learning lowers variance at every stage whether the company arrives with new product ideas or delivers the product to the customer. It boosts the efficiency of a company and improves client-company relationships which profits the company. Artificial intelligence is used to give the expected result. Analysis shows where it varies and solves a problem that would work better. The role of machine learning is to find patterns they can interpret. But Machine learning depends on humans to transform the way it approaches a concern.

Machine Learning has been used by a wide variety of companies for tasks that were earlier done by humans but are now automated through algorithms. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are used to find patterns from data and this technique is where algorithms understand data. Machine Learning mimics human learning and becomes better and more precise as data gets collected and examined.

How does Google use Machine Learning?

Machine learning is already used in various applications like Gmail, Google Search, and Google Maps. Google benefits from machine learning and delivers consumers with a helpful and personalized experience. They apply Artificial Intelligence technology to their newer products and help in creating tools. Google aims to collect all the information and make it available and useful to everybody. AI helps to solve problems for everyone from developers to users. Machine learning can develop systems that can automatically make decisions on their own through learning algorithms and analyzing statistical data and pattern matching which delivers the expected outcomes.

8 Google Applications that use Machine Learning:

Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps in assisting with day-to-day activities. Google Assistant helps in searching everything such as nearby cafes or what the weather is tomorrow..


Machine learning plays an essential part in filtering emails and labeling them. There is a feature called 'Smart Replies' to which you can reply immediately with the suggested replies given by Gmail. Also, it supports many languages other than English.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image search produces categories and with the help of reverse image search, it has become easy to search for similar photos. It also helps in finding websites that have these photos..

Google Adwords

Google Ads uses machine learning and helps advertisers to pay to demonstrate advertisements. Google Adwords also offers product listings and video content.

Google Maps

Machine learning automatically predicts what you are looking for when you just begin typing in the search box, it also suggests search terms. These suggestions come because of your past searches, popular searches, or famous places near your location. Machine learning gets all the real-time data. So, Google provides forecasts by calculating time, distance traveled, and other datasets. Google Maps use machine learning to predict your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with the help of your location, day of the week, and time of day.

Google Adsense

Using machine learning, Google tracks the user's search history and recommends ads according to a person's search history to get to the target audience. Google AdSense helps website owners in earning money from the Ads and AdSense works by comparing text and display ads, it largely depends on the search history data and machine learning enables Google to attain that data.

Google Translate

Google Translate is free and quick. It helps people to translate any word, sentence, or paragraph. Well, it is not 100% accurate for some languages but it can help people to understand a general meaning and make it less complex. Google Translate uses Statistical Machine Translation for translation. Statistical Machine Translation analyzes pre-existed translated documents to learn the language and find patterns in a language. Google translate mostly chooses the most statistically probable translation. Before Google Translate it was very tough and time-consuming to translate text into a different language, but Google Translate makes it very easy to do that. Google Translate can also identify text from a photo and detects where it is in the photo then it translates it in real-time. Google Translate is available in as many languages as 103.

Google Photos

Google Photos stores your photos online on the cloud, so you can access them anytime and anywhere. Google Photos also automatically collects images of the same people and converts them into organized groups or organizes them into an album. It also helps to declutter and asks you to delete the duplicate image to make more space for other images.

How Google is Transforming The Tech World

Google wants to make our lives easier and also to use AI to find solutions to existing problems. We are seeing the progress of Machine learning on a daily basis in search engine algorithms. Google has been improving to connect users with the information they want and searching for. Search engines are doing pattern detection to identify spam with the help of machine learning. Machine learning identifies these patterns and labels them as 'Spam'. It also uses the data captured from user interactions within the platform to detect the new spam techniques that are being used and also labels them. Using Machine Learning has helped google minimize the manpower for reviewing the content. So now, Google can automatically filter out low-quality content. Machine learning is an evolving technology and with time, the more analysis is done by AI, the more exact it will be.

How Google Wants To Dominate In the Future With Machine Learning

In October 2015, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said "Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re re-thinking how we’re doing everything. We are thoughtfully applying it across all our products, be it search, ads, YouTube, or Play. We are in the early days, but you will see our work systematically and apply machine learning in all these areas.”

Google is starting a platform that gives an equal chance to look out and see how the firm considers designing machine learning systems. Also, Google has spent many years creating a platform for Machine Learning and releasing it to the world. Google is trying to create natural intelligence but in machines. They allow employers within a company to create an effective machine-learning method.


Machine Learning algorithms operate by understanding great amounts of data and it is accessible to everyone. Machine Learning operates and incorporates changes into business processes and has become common in daily life. Machine Learning methods indicate the possibility to change technology for the better. Machine Learning model development improves the data quality and transforms unstructured data into structured data. They automate the feature of using Machine Learning methods to develop more flexible components. Automation of machine learning has impacted almost all industries by helping in saving both time and resources. Also mixing these automation techniques with machine learning creates processes that are consistently improving.

Machine learning can be used to improve the manufacturing process by estimating the manufacturing process and calculating all the shortcomings then the company can fix any problems to maintain the manufacturing. Also, Combining ML with AI can design intelligent automated robotic workers that are always growing. Automated robots reduce deficiencies and increase efficiency.

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