How to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

13 October10 min read
How to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

Looking for the best custom software development companies? Well, you are on the right path. The software development industry is continuously changing and with respect to new technology they are rapidly evolving. Hence, the Custom Software Development is quite in demand. While the company strives for excellence and expertise whether it’s an automation problem or a technical issue, the custom solution comes in handy for companies. And the best solution comes from the best software development companies where the chances to obtain precise products are more. 

To deliver outstanding products, IT companies require software development teams who are more up to date with new languages and platforms. Often, the stakes are high when you are searching for the right vendor and investing significant capital. On this basis and other parameters, you will find your list shortlisted with best software development companies. And the selection of such companies is the first step after you decide to build a product. But before that, let’s take a look into custom software development.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom Software Development is a process of conceptualizing, designing, building and deploying software for a specific set of users, or organizations. When an organization needs specific software with various features and functionality, they deploy a software development team to expedite and deliver standard solutions. It mainly aims at providing tailored software products as per defined requirement. Custom Software Development is also referred to as bespoke software, an old English term having roots in the clothing industry.

Each and every development company focuses on providing custom software solutions as per the market needs, business plan in the given timeline. While there is no such criteria to define which of them all is best for your software development, we still will help you find the ways for right choice as per the product requirement. 

Advantages of Custom Software Development

Custom Software development has grown extensively in the market. Nowadays, competition with respect to software growth is more because in every field we are dependent on software. It is more beneficial from a business perspective. Let’s see how:

  • Unique solutions: Custom development provides unique solutions based on your business. With customised software, you can replicate your business through an interactive UI for the customers.
  • Organisational scalability and flexibility: One of the advantages of custom software development is that it handles the product in a bug-free manner.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Every development company prioritises customer satisfaction and this is one of the benefits of involving custom development companies.
  • Security: Custom development will provide security to the code making the software free from various vulnerabilities. Not only this, it will maintain the least down-time when there are any security patch updates.

Now you know the advantages of custom software development, let’s jump on the facts on how to decide the best development companies for custom software.

What to consider while choosing the best custom development partner

It is very obvious when you are on the hunt to find the perfect match for your custom development demands, you may end up scrolling through a lot of companies. Although there are a lot of custom development companies, their service standard varies and based on your need they built the software. And if you are not careful enough, selecting companies which match your criteria may be a roadblock in your project. But nothing to worry about, we got your back! Here are few points on which you can do a wise choice for your business :

1. Defined objectives and requirements :

Understanding the project requirement and setting the objective is the primary goal once you have decided to build a custom project. Irrespective of the development approach and functionalities, your project should have high-levelled clarity of the requirements. For instance, if you are building an e-commerce application you should be able to define the prior and post requirements of the software. Once the objectives are clear from the beginning, it is easy to narrow down the search based on what the custom development companies are offering.

2. Check portfolios and technical tools utilized by the company :

While you are on the hunt, make sure that you check the company's portfolio so as to ensure the services they are providing with respect to custom development. This will include their involvement in different projects and will give a clear vision of the technical tools, language they have proficiency or experience. You may also want to ensure whether the companies being verified are new or they have skilled experience in the market. Companies with built reputation will be confident enough and won’t hesitate to share the previous experiences and results. This will help you in understanding the work ethics and culture of the company making it easy for you by tapering the selection.

3. Expertise in the respective domain :

While searching, there can be different criteria for deciding what’s suitable for your project. And believe it or not, for building a product from scratch you will always choose an expert over an amateur. So, in order to meet your expectations, the company should be well experienced to tackle the situation in case there is any mismatch or differences in integration. The company with different experience will be able to easily manage unwanted situations or problems in due course of time thus resulting in the better productivity of your company.

4. Security and safety concerns :

Whether building a custom software or any other product, security is the first thing which comes to our mind. This results in raising various questions to your mind like what are the risks involved with software malfunction? Which third-party app can be a threat with data breaching? etc. Thus, security should be the top priorities for all the software development companies. While building a custom software, you should make sure that the data covered within the software are in the right hand. Be it maintaining the privacy or handling the firewall to avoid corrupted sources in the application, the company should be able to handle such vulnerabilities. 

5. Concentrate on time frame :

On-time delivery is one of the major things which we strive for. Be it food on a daily basis or any software deliveries in the IT industry, everyone loves to have the product within the promised time. Choosing the custom software company with on-time track of delivering the product will ace your development. Decide the deadline during the initial phase, and the on-time delivery will give you enough time to test the software functionalities helping in reporting issues if any. Once you decide which company is suitable to give the on-track record of development, it becomes easier to narrow your hunt list.

6. Post-Development Support :

For small projects, post development support may not be required but when it comes to large scale projects it plays an important factor to decide. If you are building a project which requires support after development, then in that case choosing such custom development companies which can be promising to after deployment supports will be beneficial for your business. Ensure that after completing the custom development, the company will provide you proper software maintenance, modification, configuration or backup with the issues. Also, make sure that the software is able to exhibit even if there are more than one instances.

7. Emphasize on the communication style :

Always look for an interactive partner. As you know, communication is the key to all successful business transactions, it is obvious that you want to have transparency while handing the development projects to supporting companies. For custom development, having a skillset is not important but the way of communicating should also be considered for the selection. Suppose you hire the company with required talents and hands-on experience but it fails to represent the development methods, testing approaches and resolving issues, the whole product will be dispersed before going live. It is because if the challenges and approaches are not well explained, then miscommunication may lead to product failure. So, before shortlisting  the companies always talk with them about the implementation and the transparency towards development.

8. Attention towards user experience :

You always strive for excellence when it comes to customer interest. Being a product with custom development, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the end-product. So, look for those development companies which are more bent towards the user/customer experience. While choosing the company, you should keep in mind that the custom development supported by these companies has the expertise and resources to provide exceptional user experience making the application more interactive. This will not only bring success in-house but also allow your business to grow exponentially.

9. Examine company's development methodology :

Now, the major parameter to decide which company is better for custom development is their methodology or approaches being followed in a software development cycle. Do they implement Agile scrum rituals? Are there any other approaches which they follow during development? These are basic questions which may rise when you are considering the development methodology of the company. Having a well-documented process and well-executed project development methods in place will enhance your company’s potential. This will also help the team from the development company to backtrace and tackle challenges during post development support. Adaptive planning of the project will also help you in keeping track of development at every stage.

10. Negotiate a win-win contract :

The final stage of the selection is hiring the company with proper legal details. This involves the contract period, software liability, delivery date and managed cost for all the services. You can discuss your involvement because depending on the engagement model the details and development may vary and in such cases you can look at the progress closely and examine the end-result performance effectively. Most importantly, always build a contract with a legitimate description of the pay scale between certain time periods.

Till now, using these parameters you may end up creating a list of desired companies for your custom software development project. What comes next is to know the ways these companies are implementing development like what methodologies they follow. And for this you should look for all the approaches and then finalize to hire the perfect match!

Development methodologies to consider :

While the search for various technological stacks never stops, you should consider some of the basic software development methodologies :

  • Agile development : An iterative approach which breaks the requirements into consumable functions and delivers values to the customers through incremental development. In practical terms, software development through agile methodology is all about delivering end-products with the help of maintaining ‘sprints’ to improve customer satisfaction. Agile uses an adaptive development approach and teamwork which focuses on continuous enhancements. A feedback loop helps here to find and fix defects as per required functionality and updated enhancements continue to deploy. Also, it supports a light approach for documentation related to development and embraces changes at any stage of the development cycle.

  • DevOps : It is a practice of combination of software development and IT operations. It is an agile-based approach that brings software development and IT operations together in the design, development, deployment and support of software. In other words, devops supports continuous development and continuous integration. But the main purpose of software is automation and bundling of various software through continuous deployment for the full development cycle. The process of software development mainly consists of the following steps : planning, development, testing and deployment. And with DevOps, through continuous integration, testing and automated deployments it becomes easy to monitor the progress at every stage.
  • Rapid application development (RAD) : RAD is a development model that provides prototyping and rapid feedback for long drawn development cycles. It is a non-linear approach that condenses design and code construction into one interconnected step. It focuses on building a product through frequent iterations and continuous feedback. RAD basically eliminates the complications found in traditional software development methods and focuses more on customer satisfaction. In this method, speed is emphasised that is why specified time frames are not recommended because it accepts the enhancements or change in requirements even late in the development process. RAD works on four phases : project requirement, prototype, rapid construction/feedback and final implementation.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) : SAFe is a set of workflow patterns which is implemented through agile practices at an organisational level. Thus, it provides a way to scale agile methodology to a larger organisation such as a global development team. SAFe consists of three main pillars : team, program and portfolio. Since it provides scalability for a large number of teams at global scale, it can therefore prove a structured guidance to the development team. SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration with different teams and delivers across large numbers. It is one of the most popular frameworks in enterprise organisations as it eradicates the complex challenges faced by the team during agile development.

For the development point of view, using any of these methodologies is quite important to scale your business outcomes. But just as these methods are crucial, custom development teams and the technical tools are more helpful to amplify the benefits at different stages. And while making such decisions, these parameters may help you in selecting the best software partner for your product and won't lay you down no matter how complex the situation is in the development phase.

To Conclude:

Custom Software Development has the advantages in its own way and you will have the best product without buying a cookie-cutter solution. Be it technical or any business management, nobody wants to compromise with the product quality. For an industry like IT where the tech stacks upgrade often, it is required to be aware of it. While software development is something where we have to act patiently and plan accordingly, it is still the best to have a functional team and exceptional knowledge of the tech stacks. And software companies always prefer extensive knowledge of the latest technology with experience in the IT market which creates smart solutions. 

The feasibility of using the right development companies can help bring the perfect solutions for you. No matter whatever the decision is, the final success lies on the grounds of forming a relationship with the right software partner who can help you in building the software matching with your business requirements. At the end, what matters is the quality of the product build and its steadiness after being deployed which is the primary criteria of your search in development.