How Can UX/UI Boost Business Online?

09 August3 min read
How Can UX/UI Boost Business Online?

Let’s start from the very begging – what do UX and UI really stand for?

UX – simply put it is User Experience – what your customers feel when using your website or your app. When done right it turns first-time users into loyal customers, unfortunately, if done badly it will turn them into detractors.

 UI – means User Interface – it describes the way that users interact with your website or app. Buttons, widgets, blocks – everything that they can interact with. The main goal of the right design is to make it simple to use and focus attention on the right elements.

If ever started using an app and hated it immediately – what did you do? Chances are you uninstalled it and never came back again. It means that they lost a potential customer due to bad UX/UI design. Can you see how that can impact your business? Unless you are the only one in the world offering a service or product that can satisfy a particular need, gaining and retaining customers is probably one of your main goals and it is well known that gaining new users is more expensive. 

Most users will not care about why or how your website or app functions. What they care about is whether it is easy to use, looks great, and makes you feel welcome to use it but does not force you to buy anything. Sounds pretty simple, right? Yet it is an art as well as science.

Five rules you should follow:

Excite users

First impressions count, make sure you capitalize on this principle. What is the first thing your users see? How does it make them feel? If they are interested or intrigued, it is more likely they will stay longer and discover different functionalities or products.

Use scale and balance

Utilizing scale to show rank and importance is widely used for a reason – it works! Your users will be able to focus on different features easily and you will be in control of what they focus on. Balance is also critical. It allows your design to “breathe” and not be too crowded. This changes the flow of your website and helps support feelings you want to be supported.

Does it work?

Test your design not only from a visual perspective but also from the technical side. How is your loading speed? Does the screen scroll fast enough? Nothing is more infuriating than a website or app that just doesn’t seem to work quick enough.

Where should it work?

Make sure that you support all devices that need to be supported. If you alienate users of specific devices, you are automatically losing part of your potential customer base.

Consider Design Thinking

It is a process of creative problem solving with a human-centric approach. During the design process, you focus on your users – the people you are creating for. This leads to better websites, apps, and products.

From coding, testing up to stunning UX/UI design. If you have an idea but you are not sure how to put it into the digital world – reach out to us at!

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