How to Build an Online Healthcare Marketplace

29 Nov · 5 min read

How to Build an Online Healthcare Marketplace

Every cloud has a silver lining. With the multiple lockdowns in the past two years, the healthcare sector has seen a boom in consumers. Even consumers who previously ignored online pharmacy marketplaces for whatever reason have now adopted remote healthcare. Many medical players were caught off guard by the digital revolution. Numerous door-to-door delivery businesses also add fuel to the fire. 

In any case, both customers and healthcare providers are pushed to adapt to the e-commerce paradigm. The digital health market is developing at a rate of 27.7%. And competition in the internet pharmaceutical market will help the fittest survive. Only software developers with their e-commerce technology seem to have all guns blazing. Let’s see how to run a successful online healthcare marketplace. 

What Should a Healthcare Marketplace App Do?

Every e-commerce project bets on deep personalization. That's why a web-based pharmacy application should be able to accomplish more than a traditional pharmacy. Some crucial elements set an online pharmacy apart from its physical counterparts: 

24/7 availability 

A digital healthcare marketplace should be automated enough to allow simple purchases even when the store operator is unavailable. This isn't a significant concern for e-commerce developers who know their way around technologies like Magento, for example. 

Unlimited inventory 

Of course, maintaining availability is difficult when an online compounding pharmacy is only a virtual storeroom. But when a virtual healthcare marketplace connects consumers with multiple supply chains, a new economic model emerges. E-commerce can easily integrate inventory. 

Delivery service 

You can choose worldwide delivery giants like DHL or local couriers. Demand always creates supply, thus the courier business will rise. In the age of lockdowns, the demand is evident. As the market expands, delivery rates will decrease due to increased competition. Door-to-door delivery is no more a display of good manners, but a need for every online pharmacy. 

Social Trade 

In this digital age, social media integration helps all sectors. Online pharmacies are no exception. Word of mouth is a significant tool for promoting online pharmacies. What better place for some local online auctions than a socially networked community? 

Hybrid product range 

Unlike traditional pharmacies, online healthcare marketplaces may easily profit from featured products. Supplements, medical cosmetics, sports nutrition, and other products will help amaze your audience. A virtual database of medicinal supplies has no storage capacity issues. It can include tens of thousands of things, and their geographical location is irrelevant. An e-commerce project can have a considerably larger product selection than any real-world store.  

Remote consulting

Medical providers can be contacted via messengers, voice features, and video streaming platforms. Your audience can simply communicate with the professionals via your mobile or online application even from home. Professional advice will always add value to your online pharmacy business. 

Multiple payment options 

With online platforms, payments other than credit cards and wire transfers can be also made. Online payment systems like Revolut, TransferWise, and Monzo are fast expanding to new nations. Your healthcare marketplace clients will appreciate your merchant flexibility. Cryptocurrencies are another pure digital payment method. Stable coins like USDT and USDC combine the stability of flat currencies with the global reach of crypto. 

Multi-Channel Support 

The downside of your functional richness is the chance of a customer interaction gone awry. Signing up for your healthcare marketplace application can be confusing for clients who are unfamiliar with online healthcare businesses. If you don't want your audience to be frustrated, advanced customer support is required. 

You can create several support channels for your clients. Among them are Magento voice search extensions. Simple and regular inquiries can be routed to messenger chatbots. Remote BPO contractors can handle payment and delivery concerns. In other words, the more comprehensive your customer care services are, the more loyal your customers will be. 

Tips for building the best healthcare marketplace

If you are reading this, you are probably considering how to start a pharmaceutical company. Remember that any online pharmacy is a for-profit business. Yet, your project must be humane. To develop your virtual healthcare marketplace successfully, you can follow these steps, listed in the order of importance. 

Give precise product info 

Since you aren't restricted by disk space for product data (cloud storage is always available), gather as much information as you can about each item. The data must be organized in a way that your customers would like. Sort the goods into categories and make the transitions between them easy. Create a simple search option for your online pharmacy customers to find what they need quickly. 

Ensure easy customer onboarding 

A specific area for new customers can greatly increase the reliability of your healthcare marketplace app. Consider how to enable existing users to share their experiences with the newcomers. Your loyal customers may express themselves through product reviews, and new buyers can base their decisions on favorable customer feedback. 

Commit to social responsibility 

Create a blog or news section on your website to advertise pharmaceutical events and notable medical news. Inform your customers about vaccinations and lockdowns, and post relevant information. Your e-store's social image will benefit your pharmaceutical firm. 

Maintain online privacy

Personal data is a major e-commerce issue. To keep your customers' data safe, use dependable encryption solutions that can safeguard any digital data. Spare no expense for your consumers' privacy. Uncompromised security can make your healthcare marketplace stable even in the worst conditions. 

Improve customer engagement 

Build your pharmaceutical company so that your customers are always connected. Since we live in a communication era, modern e-commerce platforms feature various customer involvement tools. If correctly set up, newsletters and dynamic emails are rather inexpensive. They might be unobtrusive for your clients while rewarding your project. The same goes for messenger push alerts. 


The pharmaceutical industry will continue to be a tremendously lucrative market. Online pharmacies will benefit from digitization and remote interactions. For a successful healthcare marketplace, you must be informed of the characteristics and functions an online pharmacy must-have. Also, you need a software development company capable of implementing the functions and features. 

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