How Amplifyre discovers the right partner for your project

07 September4 min read
How Amplifyre discovers the right partner for your project

For any business to grow and attain success, it’s important to have the right solutions for their problems and reliable partners for successful operations. Well, if you could get everything in one place, wouldn’t that be amazing? The best software businesses in the world are with the Amplifyre partner network. To enable fruitful relationships, Amplifyre collects more than 100 data points about each organization that is onboarded. 

Choosing the appropriate engagement model is important for the efficient operation of your project. This determines the processes, the costs, and many other crucial facets of the collaboration. With Amplifyre, you may also build your own team with your desired engagement model. Here’s how Amplifyre can benefit your business. 

How does Amplifyre discover the right partners for your project?

A unique matching technique is used by the data-driven platform to find the best candidates for your project. The platform helps you select the best collaborations thanks to its amazing pool of recognized and authorized software suppliers spread throughout the globe. 

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The platform eases your search for the ideal business solutions. This platform can provide you with the greatest people to work with, regardless of whether your business is related to edtech, finance, healthcare, etc. They have everything, from team composition to operating procedures. 

Your project's success depends on selecting the best engagement strategy. This has an impact on many important aspects of the collaboration, including team makeup, operational procedures, costs, and many others. You may build your own team with Amplifyre utilizing any engagement model, such as staff augmentation or project outsourcing. Let’s understand how it works. 

How Amplifyre works:

Step 1: You share your requirements with the Amplifyre team.  

Step 2: The matching system finds the top 3 software providers that match your needs the most.  

Step 3: Now, just contact the top three and select the best for you.  

Amplifyre’s unique matching system understands your requirements with the six parameters to determine the best three organizations. 

The Amplifyre partner network is made up of businesses that have successfully executed a variety of projects. The software partners have worked on over 200 different project categories, such as blockchain, UI/UX, DevOps, AI/ML, and many more. 

Their technology partners include more than 500 distinct technologies, including Flutter, React, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, and many more. Amplifyre also offers a network of software firms with expertise in more than 60+ industries, including edtech, fintech, healthcare, and logistics. 

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Amplifyre conducts interviews and evaluations as part of the screening process to verify more than 100 data points as told earlier and determine the partner's area of competence. As a result, Amplifyre guarantees that you will work with the best team in your business. 

The one-of-a-kind data-driven engine assesses your project requirements based on six crucial factors in order to perfectly pair you with the appropriate software partner. 

What makes Amplifyre so unique?

Amplifyre ApproachTraditional Approach
Just book a call, get the top 3 desired partners, and select the one that suits you the best. Conducting research, evaluations, interviews, and discussions – such a mess!
Pre-verified vendors A whole lot more extensive efforts to know everything about the vendor.
The process takes less than 72 hours It may take a few days, weeks, or months, you never know.
The matching is absolutely free! Consultancies charge you more than a hundred euros for the finding your software partner.
The best 3 options are presented to you by Amplifyre. Going through a list of 100+ vendors is very tedious and requires a lot of time and effort.
Amplifyre has all the essential information about your desired partner. You might not find reliable information about the desired partner online.
Bonus- A regular 6-month check-up for your success. You may not have any assurance that the project is going to work or fail.

To Sum Up

The partners in the Amplifyre partner network have expertise in a range of project kinds. We will look for providers who have experience working on similar projects to meet your needs. Their knowledge might assist you in more effective planning and carrying out the project. When done the old-fashioned way, finding the right partner can be a pretty complicated process, but Amplifyre can make it extremely simple for you. If you're looking for the right development solutions, you undoubtedly have many concerns and questions. You can contact Amplifyre with any questions you may have.