Hiring Mobile Developers? | Tips for Choosing your Wild Card

21 Oct · 9 min read

Hiring Mobile Developers? | Tips for Choosing your Wild Card

Consumers choose only comfortable convenience, and this is their whole life in one small device. The smartphone has replaced a lot of outdated things for people and made life much better.

 And one of the main advantages: the whole business is in your hands, literally.  And that's what mobile apps are for. But how to create them? In this article, we will tell you in detail about all the difficulties and pitfalls so that you can safely and successfully hire a good specialist.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App Developer?

But, as a rule, only a small number of people really understand this and then professionals come to the rescue who know exactly how and what to do. And what is important - they will do it quickly and efficiently. 

Is it more convenient than studying a lot of programs yourself and trying to create something? Definitely. More reliable? Exactly.

Here are three ways to find developers:

1. Freelance

Cheap, but at the same time a little dangerous, because there is no way to make sure that the developer is qualified enough and has a lot of experience in creating complex things for large enterprises.

In addition, it can complicate the process of working on deadlines. There are a huge number of obstacles that you can face. So, for example, a typical language barrier or time zones. And it is more difficult to manage the language barrier in the context of dealing with a freelance specialist, because one has the right to abandon the project at any time.

Therefore, no matter how pleasant and easy at first glance freelancing may seem to you, remember: there are also difficulties here. The main disadvantage is the need for particularly close attention to the reputation of a freelancer and the constant risk of rejection.

2. Add to Your Exciting Team

Probably the most common way is to hire developers to your existing team. The usual hiring of a suitable employee is through an interview. And if there is no team, then you just build it from scratch. You hire developers, rent a room, and so on. 

But there are also disadvantages here, and the main one is: huge expenses. Assembling an internal team will not come cheap and will be a strong blow to the wallet. Think for yourself: salaries to employees, rent of premises and its furnishing, licensed software, equipment and all these things, without which the process is simply impossible.

And another important pitfall is that you may need a special manager who will control the development team, in case you do not have managerial skills or are unwilling to be involved. Management is also a very important component, because such a process needs to be monitored.

And the hiring itself is likely to take a lot of time, too. Finding worthwhile professionals has never been easy, and there will also be competition from large companies with their huge salaries.

3. Hiring An Outsource Team

It's more like all the advantages mentioned before, but put together. You yourself, as a business owner, hire application developers who work only on a contractual basis. And it's obviously cheaper than getting an internal team. Also, because of the group setup it comes out better than hiring one freelancer. In addition, hiring an outsourcing company is fully scalable, which means you can expand or reduce the size of the team to meet the exact needs of the project. All of this is saving your resources.

This is probably the most effective solution for entrepreneurs who are ready for a complete breakthrough in the market. 

If you have a limited budget, then you can transfer everything to a team abroad. You can choose any outsourcing company that will suit you in all respects.

But then there are cons, of course. After all, choosing a developer abroad will again introduce a language barrier and a time difference into your life. There is quite a big risk that this may affect the overall process of communication with the supplier. But, as practice shows, really experienced outsourcing providers have all employees with a good level of English and they are able to find the right time to work with clients.

For your convenience, here’s a list of resources for hiring application developers:

  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • ITFirms
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Upwork
  • Youteam
  • Dice

Is Hiring Developers Through Outsourcing the Best Choice?

There are several reasons why we can understand that this is the right way for us. Let's figure it out:

Budget constraints

If you don't have hundreds of millions pre-prepared and hidden in your pockets, then you won't be able to afford your own dedicated teams. In other words, maintaining such a workforce is not suitable for most entrepreneurs. That is why outsourcing is the most convenient and practical solution.

Lack of talent

You may have some good employees, but there is no suitable one with certain skills needed to create a specific function. And this is normal, this is natural. Most outsourcing companies have a fairly large number of personnel reserves for every taste, so a work contract is clearly easier than a long training of someone.


Hiring a freelance application developer compared to an outsourcing agency differs in that freelancers often work on several projects at the same time and may overestimate their capabilities. In other words, taking on too much.

Missed deadlines in this case are a frequent occurrence. And outsourcing companies reduce this, because they have systems that prevent such problems. A larger workforce also allows them to do business on time.

Saved time

To find out everything on your own and at the same time quickly just won't work. By hiring a team of application developers to outsource, you use someone else's vast experience in the industry to create your mobile application and save decades of effort in the process. Quickly and efficiently.


Business owners should focus on the big picture, rather than spending all their time studying the details of the application. In order not to blow up your own head, you can simply hire a development team. You allow them to handle small things and all the sharp corners, freeing up their own time to launch more important projects of your business.

Summing up, we can highlight several things: yes, it may not be as cheap as a freelance employee, but your work will definitely be more efficient and will obviously go faster. And if you choose a good agency, it will make you a good application that will erase even the products of more well-known companies from the ratings.

What is Important to Consider When Hiring App Developers?

A well-written resume does not guarantee you a really suitable employee, so here are some tips for hiring a developer productively:


Ask your friends and colleagues - these are the most reliable recommendations. They have already had experience working with this or that person, so they can tell you more about his skills and provide you with someone proven. With their help, you will save your own time and you will not have to swim through a sea of unnecessary employee profiles.

Recruitment platforms

A new and pretty good way. Quickly research through online platforms will help you in your case

— Design communities Dribbble and Behance

— B2B platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms

— Freelance platform Upwork

But don't forget to be extra careful anyway! Fraudulent websites still haven't gone away and can easily trap you.

And now let's make a step-by-step search process for application development!

Step One: Study the developer's portfolio!

Miracles happen, but still remember that it is quite difficult to find really qualified specialists. Seriously, don't risk taking those who have just graduated from college. Of course, you may be lucky, but as experience shows - not especially.

Before hiring someone, be sure to look at their portfolio and evaluate their past work experience, as far as it may suit you. At a minimum, be sure to review their websites.

Step Two: Reviews and more reviews

The basis of everything is the experience of previous clients. Be sure to read their reviews, but only if they are legitimate. Asking a friend and getting fake flattery is very easy, so no matter how important the reviews are, rate them along with everything else.

Step Three: Approach

The success of the project depends quite heavily on the coincidence of approaches to development, so be sure to pay attention to it. Different teams have different methods and approaches, which means they divide and organize the work in different ways so that the process goes smoothly. Don't forget about it and always keep it in mind

Step Four: Technologies used

Interesting graphical interface or something basic, classic? Is the app based on a website? And what language do you need? And what kind of styling do you prefer? Answers to all these questions will narrow down the search for your candidates. You don't just need a good application developer who understands certain technologies that are right for your project.

Whatever type of hiring you choose, you will still have to conduct an interview. The whole set brought in the face of a portfolio and reviews will not play a role if it is difficult to deal with the application developer on a personal level. Keep in mind the idea that potential difficulties or character flaws can lead to disputes and conflicts in the future

And Step Six: Communications

Openness. It is important to always adhere to open communication with the developer. If you are hiring someone remotely and the only communication with him is an email or a teleconference, make sure that this does not interfere in any way with constructiveness and the possibility of constant communication. It's always better to find someone from your part of the world and agree on the specifics of the time.

And most importantly: be frank about your capabilities and limitations, as well as payment terms. Do not work with anyone who seems to be hiding something and not telling.

Where to hire mobile app developers?

There are several ways, such as referrals or professional platforms. Online platforms are the easiest way. There are a huge number of them and each stores information about IT companies and freelancers from all over the world. In addition, it is also the most economical option. This collection of professionals, which is divided into three types, includes:

  • For hiring freelance (Youteam, Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr)
  • Developers on a permanent basis (Glassdoor, indeed, linkedIn)
  • For IT vendors (Clutch, GoodFirmes, IT Firms, 99Firms)

Process of interviewing a developer

Let's highlight this as a separate item. But here, of course, there are also nuances that should not be forgotten in any way.

 - Involvement in your project concept while being interviewed

- Do you have at least some experience running applications?

- How do you propose to ensure the security of applications?

- How exactly do you test the software?

- What monetization methods can you suggest for my apps?

- What are the most necessary and important functions you would implement in my application?

- What advanced features do you offer and what can you add to the application?

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