Hiring Developers for a Project? Here’s What You Need to Do

4 Jan · 9 min read

Hiring Developers for a Project? Here’s What You Need to Do

Are you looking to hire a software developer? While the job profile has evolved lately, the characteristics of a good software developer haven't changed much.  

These professionals should have strong programming skills, a singular focus on the work at hand, and enough imagination to come up with elegant solutions to difficult problems. 

It may be difficult to find a qualified software developer in the current job environment. Companies are racing to complete their digital transformations and position themselves for growth, creating an intense war for exceptional talent. The role of software developer is one of the most in-demand IT positions of the year, as reported by Robert Half's latest Salary Guide. 

In lieu of this, it is essential that you do everything in your power to obtain the services of the most qualified candidates. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why is it difficult to find the right developer?

Below are the major challenges of hiring developers: 

 1) High Recruitment Costs 

The complexity of recruitment is probably underestimated by many individuals and organizations, particularly when hiring software developers. Finding the ideal developer for a role requires a lot of patience, time, expertise, and money. Recruitment costs are one of the most important factors when organizations begin hiring.  

According to a series of studies by the Society for Human Resource Management, hiring a new employee during a 42-day recruitment period costs $4,129. Additionally, according to Entrepreneur, business owners spend 40% of their working hours on non-profit activities like hiring. 

2) Limited Pool  

Despite the abundance of software developers on the job market, it might be difficult to discover and hire the perfect one for your business. It is because there is a small talent pool for the specific technology or abilities you want. 

According to Jobvite's 2018 Job Seeker Nation Report, 67% of recruiters still struggle to locate top-quality candidates with the necessary abilities, despite the rise in tech graduates in recent years. Big data and analytics, security, and legacy systems are the three areas with the most difficulty in recruiting candidates with the necessary skills or experience. 

3) Fierce Competition in the market 

High competition for jobs is a problem, whether you're a large corporation or a brand-new startup. There are various ways in which a company can set itself apart from the pack in the recruitment arena. 

Because of the high need for IT specialists, engineers can choose from a variety of lucrative career paths. It's great if you can use the wage as a selling point, as competitive pay is still the most important thing for developers to consider when making a career change. 

As reported in the Jobvites 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey, 53% of candidates who turned down an offer did so because another candidate offered more money. 

4) High Salary Demands 

By 2020, there were 1.4 million new developer job positions, but only 400,000 IT graduates were able to fill them, according to the US Bureau of Labor. This enormous difference explains why software developer salaries keep rising as employers raise pay in an effort to attract more tech talent. 

A developer's pay is influenced by location, tech stack, tools, and professional experience. However, the need for software developers is growing, and this has resulted in steadily rising compensation. Keep in mind that hiring in-house developers will cost more, especially in light of the aforementioned criteria. With the increased competition, it is up to you to figure out how to give your new developers an outstanding offer while staying within your budget. 

Factors to consider while hiring:

1) Define the desired skillset  

Prepare for a rapid and likely messy breakup if you and the candidate do not agree on what you both expect from the partnership. Be honest about the fundamentals. Clearly define the skillset you’re looking for. Before making an offer, it must be determined whether you need them to develop a mobile application or work on the overall website. 

Although defining the desired skill set is one of the most obvious pieces of advice for hiring the best developers for your company, it actually helps more than you might imagine. 

Make two lists: one of "must-haves" and the other of "like-to-haves." While there is no such thing as a perfect applicant, the must-haves can be discussed during the first conversation to weed out those who won't be the best fit. 

2) Know what kind of soft skills you are looking for  

Different offices have different moods, and so does the culture. If your developer doesn't fit in, it might be a fiasco that wastes your money, damages your product, and is unpleasant for everyone in the office—including the developer, who didn't know what they were getting into. 

The most important thing is to find and work with top developers who fit your company's culture. If you work in a remote team, you need someone who is comfortable working alone. 

If your organization values teamwork, you can't hire a developer who doesn't get along with others because they won't fit in with the culture of your business. It is not advisable to ignore soft skills while hiring. 

3) Have clarity on the expectations from the new hire 

Know your company's culture thoroughly and inquire about candidates' preferred work settings to determine if you are on the same page and to gauge how well your developer will fit in. One thing unites all the best developers available for hire: high standards. 

You don't want a candidate who feels at ease releasing something before it's ready, and you definitely don't want a candidate who will leave the project in a complete mess for the following developer. The best thing to do is to understand the capacities of both parties. One must be clear about the kind of output they are looking forward to from the other. The quality of your software development project will be greatly influenced by the quality of the programming or coding and the developer's coding abilities. 

4) Look For A Flexible Polyglot 

It's really difficult to become an expert in every programming language, tool, algorithm, and framework. There are simply too many of these technologies, and practically daily improvements cause the way software developers approach development problems to change. 

Finding software engineers that are proficient in two or more technologies is always preferable to looking for someone who is a true expert in just one language. Look for a versatile person. It will be more economical this way. 

Where to Look for Developers

Job posting sites

1) LinkedIn 

Developers can subscribe to notifications to receive emails for any time a new job post is listed that matches their skillset. As a recruiter, you can opt for the 'Easy Apply' option that helps candidates directly apply on the platform. The LinkedIn job posting tool also allows you to ask few questions, request for resumes, etc. before shortlisting. 

2) Indeed 

Indeed is a well-liked job search engine. It not only has its own job posting feature, but it also aggregates postings from other job sites (both free and paid). Indeed charges you only when someone clicks on your job post, using a pay-per-click business model for its paid (sponsored) advertisements. 

3) Referrals 

One method for locating and hiring a developer is to ask for a recommendation. You can use your network of professional contacts to request a recommendation for a software developer who is looking for work and who possesses a specific set of technical skills, as IT professionals frequently switch companies every three to four years in search of new and exciting projects and challenges. If you need to start working on the product right away, you can employ a professional website-building platform to meet your demands in the meantime. 

Freelancer Platforms

1) Fiverr 

A marketplace for on-demand digital freelancing services, including music, audio, programming, and tech, can be found at fiverr.com. It is one of the best platforms for those who want to work with developers on brief assignments. This is how it goes: you look for the necessary solutions, like WordPress website design. Use intelligent filters to focus your search. You can define the service category, such as full website development and plugins, the price range, and the turnaround time. 

2) Upwork 

You can find and employ independent developers quite easily with this one. You publish a job or project description that lists the qualifications that applicants must possess. The description is compared by Upwork to the profiles of independent contractors who have comparable expertise. You receive a shortlist of the best applicants. 

3) B2B marketplaces 

The hiring of new developers must be done quickly and efficiently. It can only be accomplished with the assistance of an efficient partner, like a staffing agency. Based on the needs and requirements of your project, they carefully select skilled people. Software developers actually have a lot of job opportunities right now. The problem is that virtually all companies require the same things from candidates: a solid CV, examples of prior work, and frequently a cover letter. This is time-consuming and won't help your job posting stand out from the crowd. 

Working with an IT staffing firm will help you streamline the process and attract the best talent available. 

4) Amplifyre 

If you want to get the best project results, your team members must work in harmony. They can complete this task since they are inherently capable and skilful. Finding suitable developers on your own can take months. You won't have much time for this if the project is difficult or growing quickly. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered! 

Amplifyre excels in finding the right solution for your business. Amplifyre has finished numerous software development projects and is well aware of how to identify a software developer that can entirely meet your objectives; thus, it can provide guidance on how to employ software developers efficiently. Amplifyre offers hiring services for qualified IT workers.  

If you're looking to hire temporary developers for your ongoing project, check out the Amplifyre OpenBench. You can filter developers based on their experience, role, and expertise. Once you find a developer that fits your requirements, click on the 'Contact' button to get in touch with the software provider for further discussions!

Do you want to hire efficient programmers but discover that a developer's experience is insufficient for your requirements? The solution to all IT issues can be found in one place by selecting a professional staff. Our dedicated team approach is a great way to ensure that your product satisfies global quality standards throughout the development cycle. Feel free to contact us

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