How to Hire Developers: Key Things to Look For 

10 Jan · 6 min read

How to Hire Developers: Key Things to Look For 

It can be difficult to find the right software developer for a business. Businesses want to hire developers with top-notch technical and problem-solving abilities who can assist in creating a high-performance product. To finish their work and meet deadlines, developers need to be very enthusiastic and have a thorough awareness of industry trends. 

Developers who are well-versed in programming languages, have access to databases, and have a broad understanding of topics including operating systems, debugging, and algorithms are in demand. 

It only makes sense to hire a software developer who meets all of your requirements. Here are some tips for selecting the top software developer to join your development team. 

What are the Biggest Hiring Challenges?

#1 Limited Talent Pool

Many times, it becomes hard to find software developers who have all the skill sets required for the position. Analytics, big data, security, and legacy systems are some areas that recruiters find most challenging to hire for. It is much harder to find a qualified candidate because 86% of IT experts with a solid skill set are currently employed. 

#2 High Recruitment Cost

Software developer recruitment is a time-consuming and expensive process. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it can cost $4,129 and take 42 days on average to fill a new position. Furthermore, when joining a new business, IT candidates are known to demand hefty salaries and benefits. 

#3 High Competition

Businesses compete with tech monoliths, other huge corporations, and smaller businesses in today's talent-driven economy at the time of hiring. Almost every business needs IT expertise, and every business offers unique incentives to get the best talent to work with them. Large corporations have an upper hand in providing a better work environment. 

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What to look for in Developers while Hiring?

#1 Experience

Great developers are proficient in numerous technologies and have worked long enough to become specialists in them. Finding a developer who has experience with a product that is comparable to yours or that makes use of the same technology is undoubtedly beneficial. 

Experienced developers can quickly come up with the best solutions because of the integration of their experience and cognitive skills. Agile development methods and task management tools like Jira and Trello and technologies like AI and Cloud are well-known to experienced developers. 

#2 Dedication

Dedicated developers will complete the tasks within the timeline and set budget. Being committed to a task entails having the intention of doing whatever is necessary to complete it, regardless of how long it may take or how challenging it may be. 

Dedication is a trait with which no quality can compete. Without dedication, every other quality becomes vague. There is a lot of competition everywhere. Fortunately, Amplifyre has you covered if you need professional talent within a few days or weeks. Head to Amplifyre OpenBench and get access to the best global talent. 

#3 Proactiveness

Proactive people are frequently less inclined to be complacent because their constant improvement mindset motivates them to succeed. Proactive individuals have the prospect of career progression. Self-motivated employees that constantly strive to improve, solve, or anticipate problems are productive.

They have the ability to create productive environments that are valued by many businesses. Such employees frequently accept more important assignments, get promoted to management and supervisory roles, and receive more pay and recognition. Proactive employees can change the whole work environment in a positive way. 

#4 Communication Skills

Effective communication is important for all fields and industries. A hiring manager looks for candidates who have effective communication skills. 

A developer with strong communication skills makes interactions better. They can explain the reasoning behind code to other developers, testers, and management, in addition to the customer, more effectively. Therefore, having good communication skills not only helps developers land their ideal jobs but also improves their ability to get along with others. 

#5 Emotional Intelligence

Everyone has emotional intelligence, but very few people are truly proficient at using it. Emotional intelligence in general and empathy in particular are important to create a better work environment. In the current situation, with everybody working from home, it becomes important for the recruiter to seek individuals that have an appropriate mix of soft skills, such as the ability to collaborate effectively with others, empathize with clients and coworkers, and lighten tense situations. A high level of emotional intelligence is needed for each of these abilities. It is easy to work with individuals who possess emotional intelligence and have a sense of lifting each other up within the organization. 

#6 Critical Thinking

The breadth of some projects can make it unrealistic to change course midstream when writing code, especially when it involves enough collaboration. If developers possess critical thinking, they can build strategies and minimize the time and hassle of having to go back and correct significant issues by taking the time to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of every potential course of action.  

Even the best-laid strategies can go wrong without critical thinking. Critical thinkers will take advantage of the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and apply what they learned to make future decisions when it becomes clear that the old ways will not work. 

#7 Collaboration Skills

The ability to help others while working on self-improvement is outstanding. Candidates having this quality can assist teammates when they are stuck, impart new knowledge to others, and provide documentation that will be useful to teammates both within their company and throughout the developer community. 

Developers must be capable of dealing with the subtle interpersonal dynamics of the workplace. Collaboration becomes important in a diverse team and helps resolve conflicts amicably. Individuals that can collaborate better are a fair deal for businesses. 

#8 Flexibility

Flexibility is very important in the ever-evolving nature of technology. Developers are bound to update their technical knowledge and coding in order to keep up with the latest trends. If developers don't keep up with technological breakthroughs, their knowledge and abilities will be obsolete in no time. 

It is very important to stay updated in the technical industry, or else the millennial generation will take over. Thus, the ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving nature of technology becomes one of the most important attributes that a software developer must possess. Developers can stay in the game for a long time and leave their mark if they are adaptable to the environment. 


You can streamline your hiring process and create a strategy to attract the right candidates. It is not very easy to get the best talent to work with you. For a business to grow, it needs a great team that works behind it. 

If you’re looking for developers or any other staff, head to the Amplifyre Open Bench. You can filter developers based on their experience, role, and expertise. Once you find a developer that fits your requirements, click on the "Contact" button to get in touch with the software provider for further discussions! 

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