Guide For Recruiters To Shortlist Remote Developers

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Guide For Recruiters To Shortlist Remote Developers

The first pillar of a technology-based company is forming a strong team of expert talents. Whether a new product or an established business, all it takes is a group of talented developers to deliver their best efforts and keep you ahead of the competition.

With the remote revolution unstoppable, businesses of all sizes are experimenting with "remote work" and seeking the best-hidden talent from around the world.

Hiring the right remote workforce, on the other hand, can be difficult for many techs and product companies that have never worked remotely and are struggling to adjust to this new normal.

With the rate at which competition in the digital space is increasing, CTOs and entrepreneurs must think outside the box and seek remote developers from thriving outsourcing locations such as India, SEA regions, and others.

Why to Hire Remote Developers?

Remote work has numerous advantages for both developers and businesses. Here are a few examples:

  • Cost savings: Businesses can save thousands of dollars on physical office space, utilities, and overhead costs associated with a typical employee. When businesses use independent contractors and agencies, they can save money on benefits and other expenses.
  • The global pool of talent: Access developers with specialized skills and diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Only 1 million (5%) of the estimated 18 to 21 million developers worldwide work in the United States.
  • On-demand expertise: Filling talent gaps within your organization with remote developers saves time and money on employee upskilling.
  • Business Agility: Build a scalable mobile workforce of remote developers who can be hired on a per-project basis to increase business agility.

How to Hire Remote Developers?

A little planning and research can go a long way toward assisting you in establishing your first remote team, and many businesses report that it was well worth the effort. We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to overcome the obstacles and hire a remote developer in the sections that follow.

1. Define The Requirements

The first step in hiring a team of remote developers from a leading offshore development firm is to clearly define your project requirements. Make a list of your product's main features. You should also be clear about the type of targeted users who will use the product. Once you've defined your requirements, it'll be simple to determine the type of dedicated remote developers you'll need to hire.

2. Sourcing

Post a job posting on popular tech job boards to reach as many talented IT candidates as possible. We recommend that you post your ad on CrunchBoard, AngelList, and Stack Overflow, among other places. Make it a point to emphasize that you are a remote employer.

Post your offer on special remote work boards such as We Work Remotely or RemoteOK as well.

We recommend that you actively seek candidates as well. You can find them on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to LinkedIn and Stack Overflow.

If you're looking to hire temporary developers for your ongoing project, check out the Amplifyre OpenBench. You can filter developers based on their experience, role, and expertise. Once you find a developer that fits your requirements, just click on the 'Contact' button to get in touch with the software provider for further discussions!

3. Remote Job Portals

Begin marketing your remote job. Your job posting should include key points that clearly describe your requirements. Several online remote job platforms promote remote positions, such as, Upwork, and freelancer. You can browse all of the remote job openings on the sites and choose those that meet your company's needs.

Simply post a job profile on the platform, and it will generate a shortlist of independent professionals based on your project specifications. You can choose the candidate from the list who best meets your needs.

4. Collaboration Model

The next step is to determine the level of collaboration with which you are comfortable. Can you manage a freelance remote software developer while taking the lead as a project manager?

Or are you going to hire a dedicated remote team of developers who will manage the development entirely?

Your decision will have an impact on task delegation, coordination, and cost.

5. Screening Based On Communication Skills

When onboarding remote developers, hiring managers frequently make the mistake of focusing too much on hard skills and ignoring the importance of soft skills. When working with a remote contractor, you need someone who is an effective communicator, a team player and is familiar with your organization's project management and communication tools.

Remember to consider experience with project management tools, issue trackers, and code collaboration platforms when looking for the best developer for your project. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Git repositories: Look for basic knowledge of Git version control systems and good commenting habits. It's even better if they've already used your preferred Git repository hosting service (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab).
  • Tools for team collaboration: Whether you prefer Slack, Twist, or good old-fashioned email, make sure this person can effectively communicate complex ideas in writing.
  • Project management software: If they are familiar with your preferred project management/issue tracking system, that is a huge plus (e.g., Jira, Asana).

It will also help you if the person you bring on board does not require hand-holding. The best candidate will not only check all of the technical boxes but will also be able to work autonomously with little supervision.

6. Soft Skills Interview

The purpose of a soft skills evaluation interview is to determine whether your candidate is a good fit for your company's culture. Do they appear to be someone who shares your values and would fit in with your current team?

This stage can be handled solely by HR because there are no technical questions involved.

7. Technical Interview

If the soft skills interview goes well, your CTO or hiring manager should schedule an online technical interview.

It should concentrate on two areas: reviewing one's experience and testing one's skills during a tech interview, which is sometimes done in a pair programming session.

The hiring manager should discuss the candidate's previous projects during the technical interview, including what their role was, which tasks they tackled, how, and why.

Then it's time for the live coding session, which is sometimes included in the process.

8. Finalizing Interview

Nothing beats a face-to-face interview for determining who you are most likely to hire as a remote developer team. Schedule a video call with the potential candidate, whether he or she is a freelance developer or a product manager. You'll find out if you can communicate effectively with them and if they have a design process that you're comfortable with.

9. Sign The Documents

Once you've decided on which remote developers from the offshore development company to work with, the next step is to sign the necessary documents. The NDA is the first and most important document you must sign (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This is a document that prevents remote developers from disclosing sensitive information about your project to outsiders. You will protect your data to some extent by signing the NDA. Other documents that you must sign with your hired remote team include the pricing structure, delivery schedule, and maintenance contract. If you hire from companies that provide dedicated remote developers, all you need to do is sign a contract and you're good to go.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between a freelancer and a remote developer will be influenced by several factors. Consider how frequently and for how long you will need the services of the professional you are looking for and the goals you want to achieve before making a hiring decision.

Managing a remote team is a difficult task, but the benefits to entrepreneurs are enormous.

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