Digitalizing of Theme Parks

5 Oct · 3 min read

Digitalizing of Theme Parks

Nowadays, mobile applications have become popular in the entertainment industry. Implementing mobile apps in amusement parks makes the adventure sound even more exciting.

The most important question that arises is who are the potential customers of the amusement parks. 

As per the survey by Thinkwell Group, almost 67% of respondents are interested in seeing increased mobile integration in theme parks as it would improve their experience. 

Most of these customer issues can be solved easily by an application, but it is all worth implementing out-of-the-box functions of the application which will make you stand out. 

Mobile game in an Amusement Park

One of the viable solutions is to develop your own theme park mobile game. It can be simple and engaging along with providing a bunch of customized rewards for the users. This will make users more excited to continue their game adventure outside the park as well.

Planning a Trip in an Easier Way 

One of the useful functions of the application for future visitors will be the possibility of buying a ticket and storing it in the application without presenting the need to remember about paper tickets. There will involve a feature that will help them check the weather and map it with a complete description of the attractions based on reviews from previous customers. 

Eliminate long queues

Disney amusement park implemented a unique Fast Pass function that allows visitors to book a specific attraction at a particular hour. In this way, one can avoid long queues and the frustration of the customers. Furthermore, an interesting feature has been implemented in Port Aventura or Garda land amusement park that allows checking the approximate time of waiting in line for a specific attraction. This helps visitors to adjust their plans in the amusement park rather than wasting time standing in queues.

Customized experience 

One of the amusement parks implemented a feature that allows visitors to check in on the map of the attraction making it possible for a group of friends to find each other easily. It also inculcated a feature that allows in creating a step-by-step plan for a day in the amusement park. For example, including a  feature that makes it easy to share customizable photos on social media. 

Since amusement parks are also struggling with major issues, and investment in the application can be the right solution to keep an adequate eye on them. The main focus of owners and managers is to increase customer satisfaction and generate revenue. In addition, Applications can also speed up many processes such as fast payments or ordering via applications. 


Mobile devices are becoming an essential part of everyone’s life which has become the main reason behind the benefits of businesses. However, applications are certainly an investment that facilitates workflow and customer satisfaction to provide an enriching experience.

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