Connecting private networks – SDN Router open beta

12 Apr · 1 min read

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In October last year, we made a major overhaul on how networking is handled with the launch of SDN. The new software approach to networks has been a game-changer in creating opportunities for developing valuable services and features. Along with the launch of SDN, we introduced SDN Private Networks that allow users to create their own custom, private networks. Today, we are expanding on the customisation possibilities of private networking by introducing SDN Router open beta!

Introducing SDN Router

Using SDN Private Networks, you have a lot of freedom to configure secure connectivity between your cloud servers. With the introduction of SDN Routers, you can create a gateway between any number of SDN Private Networks within a data centre. SDN Routers make it very simple to connect existing private networks without added complexity or new IP addresses to configure.

SDN Routers launch in open beta with connectivity limited to SDN Private Networks in the same data centres. But the initial functionality is just the first stage of our routing services. The next step on connectivity for SDN Private Networks is going to bring the ability to easily connect private networks across data centres.

Furthermore, for as awesome as the new SDN Routers are, they will be free of charge during the beta phase!

However, the beta version of the SDN Router, though limited to connecting private networks within data centres, serves as an advance introduction to the final functionality. You can therefore already get familiar with the feature in preparation for the global connectivity launch!

Check out our new tutorial on how to use SDN Routers or get started right away at your UpCloud Control Panel or via our API.

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