Hire the Best Remote Developers in 2023

16 Jan · 6 min read

Hire the Best Remote Developers in 2023

The growing popularity of remote work and the IT industry has become the norm as more and more companies realise the importance of a remote workforce. The primary reasons for hiring remote developers include cost-effectiveness, flexibility, faster time to market, team expansion, and the list goes on. The evolution of work culture has forced companies to change their traditional approach to working as developers demand flexibility and ease when it comes to both work and location. 

In one of the recent reports by Buffer.com, 32% of respondents selected the ability to have a flexible schedule as their top benefit of working remotely. Let us explore the benefits of working with remote developers, the evolution of the hiring process over the years, and the secret recipe to make it all seem worth it. 

Benefits of Having Remote Developers

Here are the top benefits of hiring remote developers for your organization: 

1. High Productivity 

Companies prefer to hire remote developers because they are not bound by a 9–5 schedule or time constraints. They are free to set up their own work schedule and work at their ease. This primarily gives them a reason to do what they love to do while staying productive to deliver their tasks in a minimum amount of time. 

2. Top Talent is at your Fingertips 

The biggest benefit of having remote developers is that you are not limited to finding local developers. Finding a local developer with the necessary skill set and expertise can be not only difficult but also expensive. Hiring globally opens doors to remote developers with vast experience and affordable services. It is entirely up to you and your needs whether you want to: 

✅ hire a full-time remote developer; 

✅ go for staff augmentation; 

✅ or outsource the development work to an outsourcing company at a popular outsourcing destination such as the USA, India, etc. 

3. Cost Effective 

Working with remote developers is considered more cost-effective as compared to working with on-location teams. For remote developers, you no longer need to spend any money on infrastructure, but the same is not the case when you are working with full-time in-house teams at your location. You are free to hire remote developers on an hourly basis or on a monthly basis based on the requirements of your project. Hiring remote developers can save a lot of money for start-ups, especially those with limited capital. 

4. Increase Employee Retention 

The flexibility to work remotely helps employees stay loyal to their employers while ensuring work efficiency and maximum productivity. They can work anywhere around the world without getting worried about time or location. 

Why it is easier to hire remote developers now than ever before

Remote hiring presents companies with better and more convenient options that were not available before. They now have access to global talent without worrying about time zones, location differences, etc. Below are some of the reasons why it's easier to hire remote developers now than ever before: 

1) Boost Green Sustainability 

As more and more employees continue to work from home, less energy waste and reduced fuel usage are expected on the employee’s end. With that said, NASA continues to strengthen its "Work from Anywhere" strategy, as the program has helped the federal government save $30 million each day. Employees will be able to contribute more to a greener environment as there will be less consumption of paper and reduced usage of vehicles. 

2) More Employee Friendly 

The remote culture has changed the perspective of employees toward their stressful jobs. With the introduction of remote work, working moms can easily look after their kids without getting worried anymore. Having such flexibility on the employees’ part offers them a better work-life experience, thus making them feel happy and satisfied while working. 

3) Access to Hiring Platforms 

A diverse approach to hiring talent for your business helps drive growth and innovation across the organization. With so many benefits associated with a remote workforce, you can easily hire developers through multiple platforms such as LinkedIn Jobs, Amplifyre, etc. Hiring developers via Amplifyre can be beneficial for you in a lot of ways. The unique data-driven matching system matches you with the best software developers across the globe in a seamless manner. Amplifyre consultants will assist you in hiring your dream team in just three simple steps based on your project requirements. 

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How has the hiring process changed over the years?

The recruitment process has seen tremendous change in the last few decades. This change is mainly due to technological advancements. These days, the whole hiring process has become completely different with AI-based interview tools and various other automated tools that save both time and cost when hiring potential candidates. Popular hiring platforms such as LinkedIn, We Work Remotely, Indeed, etc. were not available with the same capacity and services as they are today. With globalization and border openings, hiring has become convenient for both applicants and employers. 

Data has played an important role in making data-driven decisions when it comes to hiring new talent. Making use of data while recruiting can help recruiters increase the quality of hires and optimise the overall process. Hiring teams that use data is meant to reduce cost and increase efficiency while retaining top talent. 

One more thing that has changed a lot in the past 10 years when it comes to hiring is knowing the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence. This did not exist before, which led to more stress among people regarding their jobs. Various tools are used to interview candidates, ensuring whether they are 100% fit for the company’s culture or not. Also, poor company culture can cost an organization. A great company culture and maintaining healthy communication among employees help bind the company altogether. 


With everything discussed above, remote work culture is undeniably the new normal and has gained widespread acceptance, particularly in the IT industry. Hiring remote developers can benefit companies in terms of cost reduction when it comes to both infrastructure and operations. They can also prove to be a great asset for an organization when it comes to offering technical expertise and the desired skillset necessary for a project. The ever-increasing comfort of remote work culture has pushed more companies to adopt it wholeheartedly. With that, we must say there is no looking back. 

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