Companies That Are Leading the Way in Green Technology

1 Sep · 5 min read

Companies That Are Leading the Way in Green Technology

Every day, we learn about the significance of green technologies. But what does green technology? Green or eco-technology encompasses sustainable or environmental technology and encompasses constantly expanding sets of methods, practices, and materials ranging from energy generation techniques to non-toxic cleaning solutions. It considers both the long-term and short-term environmental impact of anything. In this article, we focus on green technology, its importance, and companies that are implementing green technology to the fullest. 

What is Green Technology?

Green technology is a form of technology that is ecologically beneficial due to its manufacturing process or supply chain. Green tech can also refer to clean energy production, the use of alternative fuels, and technologies that are less detrimental to the environment than fossil fuels. 

Although the green technology sector is still in its infancy, it has attracted significant investor interest as a result of growing awareness about the effects of climate change and natural resource depletion. 

Green technology is an umbrella phrase for the application of technology and science to generate environmentally friendly products and services. Green technology is connected to cleantech, which refers to goods or services that increase operational effectiveness while lowering costs, energy consumption, waste, or negative environmental effects. 

The purpose of green technology is to safeguard the environment, restore past environmental damage, and conserve the Earth's natural resources. Green technology has also grown into a thriving business that has garnered massive sums of financial cash. 

Why do we need to rely on Green Technology?

Green technology has dipped into a variety of areas to benefit the environment, from electric scooters to using green products. However, the emergence of green technology is not surprising given that it is the solution to contemporary environmental concerns such as global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and wildlife conservation, among others. Green technology seeks to replace environmentally harmful materials, processes, or products with alternatives that do not disrupt or deplete natural resources. 

But, do we truly require green technology? Doesn't technology already have a negative impact on the environment? On the contrary, when used wisely and correctly, technology delivers solutions. So, here are some of the reasons why we need to do so now more than ever. 

According to a report, despite the globe's trend toward renewable energy sources, 84% of the world still uses fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are non-renewable and will be depleted soon, so it is critical that people move to greener alternatives. People can continue to collect energy from nature using green technology, such as solar panels, wind turbines, dams, and geothermal wells, among other things. 

Alternative energy means that fossil fuels will not be depleted, greenhouse gases will be reduced, and global warming will be slowed. Green technology also provides solutions such as green structures, eco-friendly battery technologies, and metallic foams. Furthermore, researchers are constantly developing new ways to generate energy through the use of technologies such as lithium-air batteries, fuel cells, and thermal energy collectors. 

Companies that are Paving their path with Green Tech?

1. Intel 

Intel is the world's leading maker of computer CPUs. It leads the way in using green energy, consuming up to 3 billion kWh each year. Furthermore, Intel’s office has 18 on-site solar panels with a total capacity of 7,000 kW. The company plans to continue increasing and developing renewable energy sources in order to function entirely on green energy. 

2. Apple

Apple may not be the greatest consumer of green energy, but it is one of the top IT corporations in terms of energy efficiency. Apple's annual use of green energy is estimated to be 635 million kWh. Apple's use of green energy is motivated by the company's goal of having a carbon impact that is zero. It has purchased a number of solar farms to assure the sustainability of its data centers. Apple is also working to make its entire store 100% energy efficient through the usage of green energy. 

3. Google

Google cannot be left behind in the use of green energy because they are one of the most vocal supporters of green energy. Google has been carbon neutral since 2007, using around 735 million kWh of green energy per year.  

Because it is more stable than traditional power grid systems, the majority of the energy is used to power its data centers. Google is also constantly looking for new methods to harness and use green energy to improve sustainability and operational efficiency in businesses that rely significantly on power.

4. Enervee

Enervee's purpose is to protect the environment by allowing buyers to choose the most energy-efficient items and to make every purchase an energy-smart purchase. They accomplish this by assembling the brightest minds in data science, behavioral science, digital product design, and marketing. 

5. Indigo

Indigo uses natural microbiology and digital technologies to increase producer profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer wellness. Indigo is advancing its objective of using nature to help farmers feed the earth sustainably by utilizing beneficial plant microorganisms and agronomic insights and working across the supply chain. 

6. AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics is upgrading the world's recycling infrastructure by leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to boost recycling rates and cheaply recover recyclables recycled as raw materials for the global supply chain. The AMP CortexTM high-speed robotics system automates recyclable detection and sorting from mixed material streams. 

7. Twelve

Chemicals derived from fossil fuels serve as the foundation for thousands of items ranging from toothpaste to fertilizer. Twelve creates the same compounds from carbon dioxide using only renewable energy and water. Twelve began working with Procter & Gamble on a pilot to generate a critical ingredient for Tide laundry detergent last spring, and in a summer program for the Air Force, twelve demonstrated that it was possible to make carbon-neutral jet fuel from CO2.  

8. Sprint

Sprint has adopted green power due to its objective to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. Sprint's plan has mandated the use of on-site clean energy to power and facilitate the operations of its energy-intensive facilities. 

Sprint has also collaborated with renewable energy research firms to find better methods to invest in clean energy and backup power at the site. Sprint's renewable energy sources include wind and solar electricity, which have been refined through the installation of wind turbines and solar panels. 


Many big and small organizations are moving forward toward green tech. These organizations know how to be strong and change their strategy with changing environments. These organizations are excellent examples of using green technology. Green technology is the future. I hope you have understood the value of using green technology. Start implementing it in your business for a better and healthier future. 

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