Google Search Console: Best Keyword Research Tool and Why

17 November6 min read
Google Search Console: Best Keyword Research Tool and Why

Are you a digital marketer and finding the best ways to optimize your website? Make it SEO friendly and rank higher, higher than your competitors at least. Yes we all are running in that race. But probably you are wondering how to do that? How to rank higher on Google, and make a budget friendly plan as well. Then you have stepped into the right platform. Yes, we are gonna talk about the Legit tool where you get solutions to all your worries. So let’s dive in and get to know a bit of the introduction of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a very powerful tool, and one of the most effective tools for your Keyword Research. Google Search Console not only allows you to find the keywords which rank on your website, but also helps you to find new keyword opportunities to rank even higher.

Google Search Console, formally known as Webmaster tool was introduced in 2015, later in 2018 it was named as Google Search Console. In 2018, Google designed it with a lot of new and unique features, and the cherry on the cake is that it's all free. 

While most of the digital marketers focus only on a few metrics, this guide will tell you why you can do something extraordinary as well, with GSC.

So let’s see what and where can we use GSC:

Track the Progress of Website Content

The Content Keyword Reports on GSC give you an insight into the most commonly used keyword in your website determined by Google’s web crawling bot. This is a very good feature, as content creators can use this to assess their web content performance. By understanding that Google assessed your content as expected or not? And that’s how marketers can have better control over their Content Strategies and Marketing.

For a detailed analysis, you can cross-check the keyword's impact as well, if it was as intended or not. If anything went down the line, then you can restructure the strategies too.

SEO Performance Insights

SEO Analytics is as important as an SEO friendly website. As you are putting your hard work to make the site SEO friendly. Search Analytics, which was previously known as Search Queries, helps you to check the health of your performance on Google. Which means, how it is ranking on Google Search Results, what’s the traffic on Website over time, from where it is coming and what queries are making your website rank better in search results. You get all that insights on Search Analytics. 

You can also get to know that, what queries come from SmartPhones, and other platforms, what’s the click-through rate etc. 

This tool helps digital marketers to know their website’s performance and strategies impact in detail with all the important metrics. And gives an understanding to improve those areas as well. 

For example, if GSC tells you that a particular page has been clicked the most, and that was the goal for your strategies as well, then probably in spite of hitting around the bushes, your target gets clearer. Which is an absolute help. 

Furthermore, with the insight of Mobile users queries, you can try to make their experience even more optimized, so from next time your visitors, without doubt come and get the information on your website. And Boom! Your strategies worked well.

Track the Mobile Compatibility of your Website

Google introduced this feature in April, 2015 which helped a lot, to especially digital marketers. It helped in the boost of mobile friendly websites, as the marketers could track the performance for mobile web as well. Hence, there was a boost in optimized mobile friendly websites.

To track the compatibility of your website, navigate to Google Search Console’s Mobile Usability Report, and check the same, with that you can improve the other areas too.

This report will show you any issue which is affecting your website, and how many such pages exist with the issue. 

You are supposed to monitor this report, especially when any significant changes have been made to your website. 

Another brilliant tool is the Mobile-Friendly Test which tells you how mobile-friendly a website is. Just put the URL and get to know the details. Awesome, isn’t it?

Endless Google Analytics Integration

Almost every Digital Marketer or a person owning the website links their website to Google Analytics to analyze the site’s performance and analytics. Hence, it is a wade through to analyze your SEO and other content metrics in a whole different tool. Hence, GSC got your back. GSC can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and analyze the GSC data in GA itself. Now that’s applaudable right!

This feature offers you to keep an eye on both intelligent and analytical tools. Which is great! Hence, when Google Analytics provides you the total number of queries around the website, the search console is ready to provide you with some significant keywords which are helping you ranking. And when GA is telling you about your lead performance, GSC will tell you the reason beyond the conversion or not.

If you are willing to connect your GA and GSC, then these are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to GSC dashboard, and the choose the website URL to link
  2. Click on the gear icon, available on the top right corner
  3. Click on Google Analytics Property
  4. Select the Google Analytics Account from the given list of choices and click on Save

Indexing of Website

Google has its web crawler, which crawls the website available publicly, which is also known as Site Crawling. Crawlers go from link to link to find the data queried, and get the best possible results to Google Servers, available over the internet. 

And that’s how Google creates the index so that when people are searching their queries, it can go back to those search algorithms in the most appropriate and crawled page, and get back with the results. This for sure is fascinating. 

Not only this, but GSC also helps you to point out the Crawling Errors you have made in your web pages, where its crawlers encountered the error while crawling through to access your web page. 

Hence any marketer can fix these errors for Google to crawl through and give you insights as well. Another important domain is to analyze Crawl Stats, where you can see how many pages have been crawled successfully over a period. 

Fetch as Google is one more very important tool to look for. Which is a diagnostic tool, that compares the view of Google Bots and Normal Visitors, to give insight that how they see it and tell if any inconsistencies are there.


Google Search Console has anonymous benefits and that’s the reason it makes the best keyword research tool for you. It helps you to track click-through rates and suggests you the best keywords, by which you can rank. And provides you with other helpful insights as well to perform the best content marketing. Hence there is no doubt why it is the best in the market. And moreover, it's free. Regardless of being free, it serves all the purposes of keyword research and more from a digital marketer’s perspective.