Benefits of Diversity in Outsourcing

18 Oct · 6 min read

Benefits of Diversity in Outsourcing

Nowadays, outsourcing projects and taking advantage of business has become the global trends. The traditional approach of in-house software teams has been shifted and the companies are relying more on the outsourced project. Hiring a development firm supports diversity within the organization. The companies that deliver services reflect the diversity changes through outsourcing and these changes in the client's culturally diverse landscape can have distinct competitive advantage. Most of the companies operate in such a way that they hire full-time professionals from different backgrounds and company cultures. And it is advantageous for organizations to understand the diversity in the workplace and get benefited when it comes to outsourcing and hiring talent. Approaches for some companies doing business in a specific country is to ensure the workforce reflects the country’s population. Before we move towards the benefits of diversity in outsourcing, let’s explain the basics of diversity.

What is Diversity?

Diversity generally refers to the differences among people based on race, age, technical backgrounds etc. Diversity in tech is essential for businesses to stay relevant and competitive in the talent market. An inclusive work environment provides various opportunities for growth and scale up the business. The world itself is full of diversity. Without a diverse culture in tech, the tech world cannot enter in the full range of richness in the diverse environment.

Diversity in the workplace is more about cultivating better product views and creating better chances to uplift IT development. This is why it is important to understand what constitutes workplace diversity. Diversity not only includes the identification of individuals but also how others perceive them.

Benefits of diversity in outsourcing

Diversity is a crucial topic in outsourcing as you are involving third-party professionals through outsourcing. One can define diversity in outsourcing in such a way that IT experts are outsourced having different cultural backgrounds and workplace environments joining together to work for a specific goal. The success of any project depends on the management of quality relationships with outsourcing partners and the culture differences to externalize the project overseas. This article identifies few benefits of diversity in outsourcing described briefly :

Diversity leads to more creative solutions

There is a generic saying about opinions - ‘Different people come with different perspectives’. And diversity is all about people from different cultures who show different problem-solving approaches. When a team of developers with different backgrounds work together, then there is a diversity in their ideas and how they solve challenges. And when you outsource professionals, it is obvious that individuals will have experience working on various projects and may even face the same challenges as previous one. It will lead your business to develop more creative designs or solutions for the project. Outsourcing will add more culture values to maintain the diversity as the individual will have more knowledge to create ideas based on how others think. However, with cross-cultured teams, problem solving ability needs to be deliberate because different cultures have different ways of working as individuals. Creating an environment where the ideas coming from various backgrounds will prove beneficial for your company’s standard.

Diversity enables better knowledge transfer

Developers from different companies possess knowledge of various programming languages. Likewise, in outsourcing, you get the advantage of a team with different skill sets and that means there is a good opportunity for mutual learning of professionals while putting the cross-cultured developers on the same team to work. Both parties have the potential to learn from each other’s technologies and approaches, as it differs across organisations be it outsourcing or outsourced partners.

Diversity offers global adaptability from the beginning

Most software generally requires major adaptations in different markets. It means that the companies can rarely develop products in different languages based on countries. For a successful product growth, it is crucial to have diverse development from the start. An outsourced partner will bring a diverse opinion on the development of a product and allow companies to keep global adaptability. Outsourced software development professionals can work together to build solutions with global potential from the start or at least know to maintain the pace in the global market. This provides businesses a unique advantage to expand globally.

Diversity improves corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining acceptance globally and it involves more than one organization merely acting in an ethical and conscientious manner. The business case of CSR has developed over the last few years. The company choice of outsourcing service provider will not only affect the quality of its delivery but also its overall social responsibility accounts. Many clients include the outsourced employees in their CSR accounts for true transparency. Maintaining CSR records is all part of diversity and the company’s initiative therefore be significant to such social responsibility.

Diversity allows synchronous communication

For each and every business perspective, communication is crucial for successful delivery of projects. This is why Agile and DevOps development methodologies have been emerging over the years to monitor the process closely. Outsourcing developers who are in close geographical proximity have the advantage of working together and collaborating through same time zones making effective communication. This provides higher quality software solutions because developers are more in-tune with the company's needs and iterate quickly. Similarly, outsourcing individuals outside the geophysical radius can help solve various challenges and maintain the diversity within the organizations. Such talents from foreign regions can help solve tech’s issue and produce better software in the process without any asynchronous communication in the process.

Leveraging diverse talent frees up capital for business

Outsourcing has long been used as a cost-saving approach for companies. By searching outsourcing partners or hiring affordable developers across different countries can free up capital for other processes and those savings can be utilized to build other software based on business requirements. These diverse differences will not only optimism the costs estimation but will also bring most of the profits within the company. With outsourcing, it is like keeping all the varieties in a single plate and that too at a reasonable cost.

To effectively manage diversity through outsourcing, you should understand the backgrounds, behavior, beliefs towards their work and decision-making skills in critical situations. While outsourcing involves relying on global virtual project teams, the management towards diverse cultures is recognized as a major factor for a company's growth. The cultural fit between the outsource service provider and the client is crucial for the contract's successful release. And a diverse service provider is more likely to match the culture of the organization and is more capable to include and integrate the professionals successfully


Companies create diverse workplaces to outgrow their business standards. Be it outsourcing or hiring in-house professionals,  a diverse environment collectively brings the best creative ideas from the individuals. Encouraging diversity is part of each organization plan implementation. And no matter what, a business with managed diversity can be successful in terms of definite competitive advantage, differentiation, innovation and employer branding. And as part of outsourcing services, diversity is important. You will collect a whole new set of classified people who will bring their own culture and promote companies' success in their own way. The overall business case for different cultures is quite strong and is based on measurable objectives constituting a powerful dimension for diversity through outsourcing.

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