AWS Products to increase your Business Productivity

19 October7 min read
AWS Products to increase your Business Productivity

AWS, we all have come across this term once in a lifetime at least. So for starters, let’s first understand what AWS is exactly. What it does and when did it come into the world? AWS is the largest cloud computing platform and is widely used across the IT industry. It was introduced in March 2006 by Amazon. AWS offers more than 200 offerings from infrastructure to machine learning. 

With AWS, the best part is you pay as you go, while providing products in different domains such as Computing, Storage, Networking, Database, Content Delivery, Analytics, Machine Learning, and much more.

So let’s dive in and see the AWS products by category:


Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is a cooperative query service that makes your analytics work easier in Amazon S3 using SQL. Athena doesn’t work on Servers, and you have to pay the cost only for the queries you use. 

It is easy to use. All you have to do is map your data to Amazon S3, define the schema and start using standard SQL queries. It gives super quick results within seconds. With Athena, you don’t have to execute complex ETL queries to complete your data for analysis.

Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon Cloud is a fully managed high performance service to make your search easier than ever, charging around 100$ per hour, and can be set up within an hour. It supports 34 languages and scales the search performance of your website. 

Benefits of CloudSearch:

  1. High Search Performance
  2. Simple
  3. Scalable
  4. Reliable
  5. Fully Managed
  6. Cost Effective

Amazon RedShift

Amazon Redshift is the easiest, fastest and most used data warehouse. The Reason to switch from your expensive and hard to set up data warehouses is simple, because you are solving all the problems mentioned earlier by choosing RedShift.

Thousands of the customers have switched to RedShift and trust to analyze their exabytes of data and run complex analytics queries and makes it the most widely used data warehouse. 

Benefits of Amazon RedShift:

  1. Improved Financial Forecasting
  2. Collaborative and Sharable Data
  3. Optimized Business Intelligence
  4. Increase the productivity


Alexa for Business

Alexa is always fun to talk to due to its fast and intelligent responses, but have you ever imagined that you can make your business easier by using Alexa. Yes you heard it right, Alexa for your business. It is a service that enables intelligent solutions such as special lights for different occasions, smart voice control for simple activities such as say, “Alexa, open the meeting link”. Which saves your time and increases productivity and it feels kinda cool right!

Benefits of Alexa for Business:

  1. Enhanced and smart meeting room experience
  2. Improved employee productivity
  3. Voice Enabled and Integrated applications

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a communication service which lets you chat, video meet, make business calls inside and outside your organization using just a single application with high performance quality. With Amazon Chime you can:

  1. Place online meets with HD audio and video quality, along with screen share and other communication services as well
  2. As an admin, you can keep a check on managing the policies, setup SSO protocols or integrate other features easily

Why Amazon Chime:

  • Control over how to communicate
  • One application for all your communication needs
  • Pay as you go

Amazon Honeycode

Ever an idea popped up in your mind to build an application for any use case for your team. But the next second became worried about how to develop the web app or mobile application. Well, Amazon Honeycode got your back. You can create customized mobile applications just in a few simple steps. Select the customized templates and integrate with your favorite application with Zapier, AppFlow and more, and build apps in minutes without any programming required.

Why Amazon Honeycode?

  • Manage team in a personalized manner
  • Plan company agendas and more


Amazon Aurora

Amazon aurora is a high performance database with SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility. It also provides built-in security, with continuous backup, serverless computing. It integrates with other AWS services easily, to perform analytics and get meaningful insights from the data. 

Benefits of Amazon Aurora:

  • Powerful performance over critical data
  • Full compatibility with SQL and PostgreSQL
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Improved Productivity
  • Budget Efficient, pay as you go

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon fast and flexible database service for NoSQL, with the work time of single milliseconds no matter the scales., with automatic multiple region replication as well. It also provides 99.99% uptime SLA, and is highly encrypted at rest to secure your data from any data breach. Now you don’t have to invest your time to find the best database solutions for all your needs and at the cost efficient price. 

Why Amazon DynamoDB?

  • Integrate with AWS services and do much more
  • Built-in tools for analytics and monitoring traffic
  • Focused on innovation
  • Used for developing software apps
  • Seamless retail market

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS is a group of managed services. Which makes it easy to set-up, operate. Also, scaling the database in the cloud has become easier with RDS. You can choose from the popular engines such as Amazon Aurora, and deploy on premise with RDS.

Remove admin tasks without the need of supervision infrastructure and time consuming databases with RDS. 

Why Amazon RDS?

  • Highly scalable
  • High Throughput
  • Build Mobile Apps and much more
  • Cost Effective by 1/10
  • Managed database

Machine Learning

Amazon Augmented AI

Sometimes, just the machine is not complete to be used as a fully automated Machine service. Hence AWS came up with a solution to make your human supervisioned services to be supervised more carefully. You can easily integrate it to your workflow for a better work experience. 

Amazon Augmented AI is a machine learning-based service, which makes it easier to build the workflows required from a human perspective. 

The use cases of this service are on the higher end in Healthcare and Financial Services.

Why Amazon A2I?

  • Easy implementation
  • High Performance
  • Integrated Human Insights for any application
  • Retain your market and scale more

Amazon Fraud Detector

Cyber frauds are very common when you are working online. As there are hackers continuously looking for loopholes in your processes in order to hack your system and make a big profit. 

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service, which enables customers to find out the fraudulent activities happening and catch them faster than ever. 

Why to choose Amazon Fraud Detector?

  • Beneficial in Risk Management
  • Identification of suspicious payment activities
  • Prevent loyalty program abuse

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex provides the best service to create the chatbot for your business, with the advantage of conversational AI. The understanding of the intent, content in the text is very high, which you can add easily. Which makes it a super intelligent service. It also connects seamlessly with other AWS services for the query and execution as well. You can easily design and deploy omnichannel and conversational AI, without the tension of infrastructure and hardware. 

Benefits of Amazon Lex:

  • Build intelligent chatbots for your apps and websites
  • Automate the response
  • Improved productivity of bots
  • Maximum insights scripted in in transcripts

Final Note:

This is the end yet, AWS has a lot more than this to offer you in terms of amazing services. If you are curious to know them all, check out the AWS products of all categories here. AWS has really awesome products to help you get rid of unproductive tools and services.