Are your mobile apps truly secure?

26 October5 min read
Are your mobile apps truly secure?

Data security is gaining more and more importance with the rise in cybercrime. With this, security in mobile apps has become a huge priority as a lot of sensitive and personal information tends to be shared on these apps. Enterprises and businesses have to ensure that user information does not fall into the wrong hands. According to a recent product survey, about 3 in 4 mobile applications fail to clear the basic security tests. No matter how effective your app may be, a security breach can cost you millions of dollars and also the trust of your customers. 

At Workin Geeks, we always ensure that the apps we make for our clients are safe and keep user data secure. Our iOS and Android development teams ensure that projects are implemented on time and promptly available on Google Play and App Store while incorporating the latest technology for maintaining data security. Here are some steps that our mobile app developers always implement for effective data security to ensure a dependable product. 

Code writing: Our developers use code hardening and code signing techniques to harden the code, making it tough to break. 

Code encryption: Our developers use the latest code and data encryption technologies to scramble the information. So even if data does get stolen, it won’t be useable, thus cannot be misused. 

Use of authorized APIs: While there is a lot of APIs available to use, loosely coded APIs can grant admin privileges to hackers, making it easier to access data. For maximum security, it is highly recommended to use only authorized APIs. 

Use of tamper-proof technologies: A lot of new technologies now have in-built security algorithms and fool-proof security protocols. These can detect possible code tampering or security breaches and can alert the app developers. 

High-level authentication: When users create their accounts in an app, there should be alerts that ensure the highest levels of authentication is maintained. Users should be prompted o create strong passwords and also to change their passwords periodically. 

Pay attention: App developers have to be alert and cautious while developing apps. They should test the applications repeatedly to find bugs and security vulnerabilities. Overall, the code should be designed in a way that is easily adjustable and adaptable, to make app updates smoother. 

Mobile app security

Mobile apps have no doubt made our lives easier. They’ve made transactions, entertainment, shopping etc a lot more convenient, with everything available at our fingertips. But a lot of them have some shortcomings. By following and implementing some online security measures, these can be combated to enhance the user’s experience. 

Mobile app security can defend users from all sorts of cybercrime attacks like malware and spam. It focuses more on the software aspect of the applications and assesses the developed framework for security issues. While mobile apps are designed for helping businesses, mobile app security ensures the smooth running of these applications. 

How to keep your mobile apps secure

Apart from the security measure instilled by the developer, the end-users have to take necessary steps to ensure data security. People download several applications every day without worrying about their data. They either trust the app developers or might be ignorant about the data vulnerability involved. As a mobile phone user, how can you keep your phone safe from attacks? Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Keep your apps updated: App developers are constantly making changes to ensure the best performance of the app. Newer versions of an app may have better security features and use the more latest technology. As this is a recurring task, most phones have the capability to update apps automatically by detecting newer versions of the app.
  • Be aware of granting permissions: Whenever an app asks for permission to perform a certain activity, don’t just grant the permission. Verify if this activity is actually required for this app and if it may be trying to access certain sensitive information such as your messages or contact list. By blindly granting these permissions, you might make your phone easily vulnerable to attacks.
  • Use strong passwords: Most applications require some kind of login to retain pertinent information about you and your activity. To make our accounts secure, you have to ensure strong and unique passwords for each login. This can feel strenuous but can be made a little easier by using trusted password management applications that can recommend strong and different passwords. Your login activity can be made even more secure by using 2-factor authentication which follows 2 separate steps, like face ID, password, pin, passcode, etc, to authenticate your identity.
  • Be extra careful while using public WiFi: Public WiFis might be very convenient to use as they are mostly free and easily accessible. But they have the most risks, as you might even be connected to a hacker’s network. You can use VPNs that can keep your browsing activity secure even in public networks.
  • Only install apps from trusted sources: Both Android and iOS have an official App/Play Store for downloading data. Always check reviews and ratings of apps before installing them from these platforms. Avoid installing third-party applications using APKs from unknown sources as these could hold malicious data.

Are banking apps really secure?

There is no doubt that the financial sector has the most to gain or lose out of cybercrime activity. So financial apps have to e built with data security of utmost priority. Yet, due to the complexity of these apps and a large number of users, these are still not tamper-proof. So what do you do with your banking apps? Here are some tips for safe usage of banking apps: 

  • Only download verified banking apps published by your bank. Your bank’s official website should provide links to the app’s official pages.
  • Use strong passwords and 2-factor authentication.
  • Build awareness on phishing to identify fake emails or messages easily.
  • Set up text or email alerts for transactions.


At Workin Geeks, our developers pay special attention to applying the best security measures to your mobile apps. We also provide ongoing support for delivering app updates. We use end-to-end encryption to ensure that the apps are safe from hacking. If you’re looking for a highly secure and well-designed mobile app, we’re here for you. Just send in your request and we’ll get back to you.