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25 Mar · 1 min read

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Cost Estimation for Application development is really quite a complex process. Depending on the type of application and it’s size different types of specialists are needed to make it. Let's take a look at the Facebook example. The company built different variants of its most popular apps. Both Facebook and Messenger have equivalents in version Lite that are reduced in features and are dedicated to older mobile devices. Undoubtedly, these applications' cost estimation will vary significantly from the versions of the full apps.The scope of the project has a huge impact on the cost estimation process.

Every app has its own features, so to create the estimation, we have to know at least the client’s vision at best technical documentation. The whole process of estimating may last from a couple of hours up to several weeks, depending on the scope and other factors. Estimation also depends on the technology planned to be used. 

Estimation can contain elements like:

  • UX/UI/Graphic Design (All apps)
  • Back End and Front End (Web app)
  • Android and IOS (Mobile app)
  • React Native (Mobile app)
  • QA (All apps)
  • PM (All apps)

Here comes the first question. Is web applications more expensive than mobile? Or is it the opposite? The answer is it depends. Usually of scope. Choosing to develop a mobile or web application should not be a comparison that can be less expensive. It should be strictly a business decision. For example, if the goal is to build a social media platform, we can assume that users would like to have easy accessibility, we can also check that research shows that 60% of Internet usage is from mobile devices. That brings to the decision of Mobile App development...

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