A/B Testing Software to Improve User Experience

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A/B Testing Software to Improve User Experience

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, is a random experiment in which two or more variations of a variable, such as a web page, page element, or font, are presented to various groups of website visitors simultaneously. It is to see which version has the greatest impact and influences business benchmarks, ultimately impacting the user experience.

A/B testing removes all the uncertainty from website optimization and empowers experience optimizers to create fact-based judgments. 'A' stands for 'control' or the original testing variable. A fresh iteration of the original testing variable is referred to as 'B' or 'variant.' As such, the variant that transforms the business performance for the betterment is called the 'winner.' A/B testing considers the 'winner' to optimize the business website and raise the ROI.

Several free and premium paid A/B testing tools can enhance customer satisfaction and boost conversions and total revenue.

Popular A/B Testing Tools That are Free to Use

Google Optimize

To assist businesses in enhancing the functionality of their websites, Google Optimize provides a suite of tools as part of the Google Marketing Platform. With the help of this free application, the business may build and test various website iterations and determine which gives the best user experience.

Google Optimize also benefits from Google Analytics as it is embedded. The business may use the tool to conduct straightforward A/B testing, split URL tests, and multivariate tests. However, the paid version of the tool, Google Optimize 360, has many robust testing features and services that can be used for complicated tests.


Vanity is a Rails development framework that is experiment-driven and datastore-independent. Vanity chooses two options for an experiment and computes a z-score to measure the chances that one variation would outperform the other. Additionally, it shows the likelihood of the optimal timing to end the experiment and make conclusions.

Wasabi A/B testing platform

Wasabi is a fully API-driven tool, allows experimentation with existing data, and offers real-time results across the web and mobile. It has many features, is quick, simple to use, and requires little instrumentation. Wasabi serves as the testing ground for products such as QuickBooks and TurboTax.

Five Second Test

Any part of a website, including the logo, graphic and app design, and prototype, may be tested with Five Second Test, and helpful visitor feedback on the overall user experience is collected. The structure of the website can be improved using this information, and it can also direct the company's performance measures in the right way.


Petri is an experimenting system offered by Wix, one of the best and most free website development tools. The whole product experimentation lifecycle is covered, covering A/B testing and feature toggles. The business may quickly gather user behavior data with the help of this tool, establish filters to choose which user group to include in the experiment, and utilize feature toggles to manage internal implementation specifics and eventually push new features.

Popular Paid A/B Testing Tools


Optimizely has exclusively targeted huge enterprise-level customers with its full range of CRO products.

Its core business is providing services for web experimentation and customization. It primarily focuses on providing services for online experimentation and personalization. Optimizely offers a variety of tools and services to test out messaging and mobile apps and to enhance the complete user experience across interactions. Numerous tests can be run simultaneously on the same page using Optimizely's online experimentation tool and ensure reliable results.

Contrary to the VWO testing tool, which has many applications, Optimizely is only appropriate for huge businesses with specialized experimental teams.


VWO is A/B testing and a CRO tool designed exclusively for corporate clients and is trusted by major players in the industry, such as eBay and Target.

VWO offers a feature-rich monitoring dashboard to help evaluate the effectiveness of testing. In addition, it provides a SmartStats tool that uses Bayesian statistics to speed testing, give greater control over testing, and assist in drawing precise conclusions from testing.

The drag-and-drop editor lets users create A/B tests, Split URL tests, and multivariate tests with their suite.

Adobe Target

An enterprise-level product, Adobe Target offers personalized A/B testing. Google Analytics is integrated and creates reports you may use for changes in advertising offers, customization, and user experience testing.

Like most A/B testing tools, it essentially guides the user through a three-step experimentation setup process where it can quickly generate variations and adjust goals and parameters for the test.

As it provides seamless interaction between products, Adobe Target is an A/B testing tool better suited for users of the whole Adobe branding suite. Furthermore, it supports testing on both client and server sides.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a choice to consider if the objective is to seek a straightforward A/B testing application.

The software provides the standard A/B, split, and multivariate testing capabilities in addition to an exciting funnel testing tool that lets the user test changes on several pages simultaneously. 

The application also offers a real-time display of the tests and their corresponding confidence ratings, which helps verify test results. It enables swift and accurate decisions.

Oracle Maxymiser

A/B testing and customization tool from Oracle corporation, Maxymiser, aids in the creation and management of large campaigns. The product is a good fit for data-driven advertising agencies with native IT support since it has many solid functions and capabilities like funnel optimization, predictive analytics, and advanced targeting and segmentation.

Oracle Maxymiser, similar to Adobe Target, is better suited for clients who utilize the whole Oracle marketing cloud because of its smooth integration among its products.


Convert is an A/B testing and online customization program that provides A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, and multipage experiment capabilities. Companies like Sony and Jabra recognize Convert.

Convert can evaluate the success of tests by reflecting on a wide range of data, from the clickthrough percentage of the variations to their ROI.

The tool offers numerous integrations with popular third-party applications, including WordPress and Shopify. Convert is ideal for small enterprises.


If a website is having trouble getting leads from filling forms or if the visitors are leaving just as they get to the last step, or perhaps, they abandon the project midway through, then a tool like Leadformly may come in handy to assist. 

Even teams with forms that convert well might still gain from testing their forms using Leadformly since they might find new opportunities to raise conversion rates.


A/B testing and split URL testing are both available in Freshmarketer. It can test, target, and approve any trial, and it also integrates with Google Analytics and can even measure the income of all the experiments that have been done.

With the aid of heatmaps for each of the split URL test variations, Freshmarketer's split URL testing tool may assist in testing several URL variations, converting successful test results into actual web pages, and assessing the efficacy of the overall website design.


A/B testing is essential to increase conversion rates and optimize the user experience of any website, A/B testing is essential.

A/B testing can significantly lessen the risks associated with launching an optimization program if it is carried out with great attention and using the existing knowledge. Removing weak connections and identifying the website's optimal version should significantly enhance the business website's user experience. 

Businesses can use many paid and free marketing tools to select the appropriate website version for overall customer satisfaction.

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