9 Free Amazing React Templates for Your Next Project

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9 Free Amazing React Templates for Your Next Project

Nothing beats freebies. People are always looking for ways to make something out of nothing. As a result, freebies and giveaways always provide short and long-term benefits to every business. The same is true for free web design resources. When talented web developers provide free tools or products, they gain valuable exposure to their expertise and open up new doors.

On the web, we can find useful, valuable, free, and premium React templates for dashboards. And to make it easier for you to get them, we've compiled a fantastic list of free React templates for your next React admin dashboard project.

We are all aware of how beneficial dashboards are to any business. Dashboards provide an overall picture of how your business is performing. You can, for example, easily monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time. It will also assist you in developing the app's administration without wasting time.

You'll be able to set up your dashboard with your business's essential functions using the free tools on this list. So, instead of wasting time creating your own, check out these templates and get started on your next amazing application.

With this list of the best free React admin dashboard templates, you can find the ideal solution for building any small to complex app.

Free React Templates in 2023

1) Atomize

Atomize is a React UI framework that enables developers and designers to work together to create consistent and harmonious user experiences. Because of a perfect combination of resources such as style guidelines and adjustable grids, Atomize is suitable for creating any responsive website.


  • Elegant and lovely React Responsive app design components
  • You have complete control when designing responsive apps.

2) React Light Blue Template

Light Blue React is an open-source admin dashboard template created with React and Bootstrap 4. This React template is royal blue and was created with the help of JavaScript and SCSS18.0%. Light Blue React is an excellent template that comes with detailed documentation, clean code, and excellent support. Inside, you'll find a dashboard sample complete with typography, tables, notifications, and all the components such as icons, charts and maps, chat, log-in, error page, and other essential UI elements.

To help you develop faster, the template has been enhanced with Node.js, server-side rendering, and SEO optimization. The Light Blue React admin template can be used to build analytics dashboards, E-Commerce apps, CRM, CMS, SASS web apps, and a variety of other applications.

3) ArchitectUI

Let's start with ArchitectUI, one of the solutions that have far too many fans. When it comes to creating a dashboard, the template ensures a user-friendly experience. For nothing.

ArchitectUI's design is modern and clean, ensuring high-quality content distribution. You can also work with a plethora of UI components, widgets, forms, and charts.

The hide/show sidebar menu toggle and catchy animations are two other cool ArchitectUI features. And, of course, if you want to make any customization changes, go ahead and do so.

ArchitectUI is free and open source.

Please keep in mind that if you ever want to unlock more features, you can always upgrade to the pro version.

4) Shards

Shards is a free React admin panel template that features a modern design as well as a wide variety of custom layouts and components. It has a simple yet elegant design that is suitable for any application. To provide a solid structure for your admin dashboard, it is built with Bootstrap and implemented with create-react-app. Shards make use of the Flux architecture, allowing you to create stunning client-side web applications.

This React template is entirely responsive. It can adapt and reflow the layout to any screen size. It has a simple design but never delivers a highly optimized template for high-performance apps. It also employs modern development best practices. FontAwesome and Material icon packs are also supported by Shards.

5) NowUI React Template

Another excellent dashboard template from this collection of free React templates. UI Dashboard is now available. React is a Reactstrap admin dashboard template. It has a fantastic set of features that will provide numerous options for developing your dashboard's app. This template includes 16 custom-made components, 5 customized plugins, and 7 pages.

This template allows you to change the color of the sidebar background between orange, blue, green, yellow, and red. This template also includes 100 awesome Nucleo icons, maps, notifications, tables, and other elements. It is completely responsive and ideal for administrative labels, project management systems, CMS, or CRM.

6) Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard is a multipurpose application built with React, Redux, and Bootstrap. It includes straightforward React components with a clean design. With such features, you have a wide range of options for creating the dashboard you require for your application.

Crystal Dashboard has a colorful and modern design that is ideal for various businesses. Charts, buttons, notifications, sweet alert, Redux form, AirBnB react dates, Google map, Uber vector map, React Bootstrap table, and React big calendar are all included. Crystal Dashboard is written in SCSS for easier stylesheet maintenance.

7) Black

If you're looking for a free React dashboard template with a black/dark design, Black is the one. Everyone will have no trouble immersing themselves in the statistics and any other information you wish to present with it.

Black is visually appealing due to its use in typography, graphics, cards, and other specialties. That applies to Bootstrap 4, which is also fully compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

Yes, Black is a serious competitor with hundreds of reviews and tens of thousands of downloads. Keep in mind that, despite being dark by default, Black includes a light version and three sidebar background color options.

8) ReactJS Director Admin

Even with admin dashboards, building things from scratch seems so yesterday. ReactJS Director Admin is a fantastic alternative that will keep you at the top without having to start from scratch. When you have access to the right tools, you can quickly create an admin panel for your application or website. That's pretty cool, isn't it?

ReactJS Director Admin has it all, from a beautiful design to a plethora of features. The bundle includes progress bars, statistics, tabs, alerts, a drop-down menu, and time and date. All of these elements and components of ReactJS Director Admin ensure a quick admin realization.

9) Core UI

Create stunning user interfaces by using the ReactJS admin template. You can achieve that wonderful goal with the help of these free React templates. CoreUI is a great option for one's admin panel or dashboard. It is a React and Bootstrap 4 framework that is completely free and open source. It includes over 50 ready-to-use and customizable UI components.

This free template includes components such as buttons, editors, forms, charts, icons, maps, tables, widgets, extras, and notifications. Core UI is completely compliant with FontAwesome icon packs, allowing you complete control over the appearance of your dashboard. It also works with simple line icons, flags, and other Core UI icons.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this was a fantastic collection of React templates that you can use as a starting point and then customize as needed.

Starting with templates is a smart way to accelerate project development and boost efficiency. You do not have to start from scratch every time.

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