7 Ways to Clear Your Mind When You’re Feeling Stuck

03 January6 min read
7 Ways to Clear Your Mind When You’re Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt that you were going in circles with no forward action? Surely, because many of us have—and that happens very frequently. We often get stuck, but we never admit it. But eventually, we need to discover a new roadmap to emerge victorious from our day-to-day situations. Everybody has their reasons for getting stuck, but mostly they are the same old issues and surroundings that make us hopelessly depressed and stuck. We need to do something to get out of that. This blog will tell you how to clear your mind and how it helps you become a better version of yourself. 

Why do you feel stuck?

Have you ever questioned why you feel trapped in life? It's not always simple to respond to that question. The word "stuck" has different meanings to different people. It varies with every individual. 

People evolve throughout their lifetimes. Every day teaches us something new. Your wants, needs, and hopes all change over time. Now that you've mastered it, that ideal job you secured a year ago doesn't excite you enough. Maybe it is getting boring or you are not happy with the overall situation; it can be anything. You might be unsure about where to turn next in a case like this. 

There is a possibility that you may feel overwhelmed by your situation and current events. It's also possible to become anxious over the potential and pressure of your upcoming action. Whether it's over the past or the potential future, being overwhelmed can be challenging to overcome. 

Keep in mind that "joy is stolen by comparison." Take into account your development, your potential, and your future. Don't let comparisons with others make you feel unworthy. 

How to clear your Mind?

1) Get Out of Comfort Zone 

Let's face it, you already know the choice you want to make. If your workplace is making you unhappy, you're probably eager to go. Create a strategy, look for a new job, or start a side business so you can quit your job. Don't let your negative thoughts rule your life too much. You have the skills to land a new job. You deserve to be content. Furthermore, just because you feel stuck doesn't necessarily mean you are. Don't unnecessarily erect obstacles in your imagination. By all means, seek assistance if necessary. 

2) Ask for Help 

The fact that highly successful and happy people didn't arrive there on their own is one of their major secrets. They frequently have a cast of friends, family, mentors, and other people who support them and enable them to succeed. Regardless of the specifics, they always seek assistance when necessary and take pleasure in assisting those who sincerely desire success as well. Asking for assistance won’t make you less; instead, it increases the likelihood that 1 + 1 will exceed 2. Since humans are lifelong learners, we benefit from both the teaching and learning processes. 

Pull others up is your quote. This implies that we desire to support others' success whenever we can. In a sense, we aim to "lift them." We enjoy doing it. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing others we have helped succeed equally well or even better. Never be embarrassed to ask for assistance when you're stuck. And don't be reluctant to extend a helping hand to someone who is more stuck than you are. 

3) Focus on the Positive 

Sometimes we start to feel trapped because we can no longer find the good in our circumstances. Perhaps you aren't seeing things clearly because your anxiety or despair is getting the better of you. Make a list of the advantages of your circumstance. If you feel confined in your career, you might be appreciative of the steady income, the capacity to put food on the table, or the opportunity to develop new skills. 

You might recall some of the enjoyable times you've had with this person in the past. You might be appreciative of the kids you had with them, a lovely present they gave you, or something nice they did for you when you were going through a difficult period. If you just think one positive thought daily, it can change your life—trust me. 

4) Focus on Self Improvement 

Sometimes when we feel trapped, it's because we're attempting to change or grow but believe we can't. At that point, focusing your attention on bettering yourself becomes essential. To assist you in developing insight and removing the burden of stress, you can start using guided meditations. Self-help books written by people who have experienced your exact scenario are available. 

Additionally, you might be able to draw some lessons from someone who has faced adversity despite feeling confined. Furthermore, you can learn new techniques so that you won't feel confined again in your next chapter. That could be new abilities for the workplace or strong interpersonal communication. 

5) Be More Proactive 

Don't just sit around and wait for something good to happen. Making changes is the only way to make that good karma circle back around and release you from your stress jail. This could be changing jobs, leaving your current location, relocating to a different city, taking a solo trip to gain perspective, or doing anything else that would set you on the correct path to living a life that feels free. 

When you feel stuck, moving through the obstacle requires effort, willpower, and a little discomfort. You cannot constantly wait for anything to "happen" or for someone else to assist you in feeling unstuck when you feel stuck. There are times when only you can change your circumstances. 

6) Do What Make You Happy 

Feeling stuck may lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, it's important to take action that will make you happier. You need to take action to do simple things that will make you more satisfied. 

Sometimes having friends over makes you happier. A lot can change when love knocks on your door. Maybe meeting new people leads to a new version of your life. You can do so many different things to rediscover happiness. A little self-love and care can go a long way in providing comfort and relief. The feeling may not go away, but it can lessen it. Spend time with friends and family, watch your favorite movie, or indulge in your favorite food—do the things that make you happy. Take time for yourself and cherish yourself! 

7) Journal 

This is pretty famous around the world. But a lot of business owners don't write enough, despite the fact that it's a highly effective personal activity that can improve your comprehension of any problem or circumstance. Keep a journal on your desk and have it with you at all times. When you leave for work, keep that in your bag! 

Take a moment to write down the problem, what is causing the problem, and any potential solutions in your diary whenever a stressful scenario arises. It might be challenging to sort through a flood of distressing ideas and identify the ones that are causing you the most pain. If you've ever kept a journal, you may already be aware that putting your thoughts in writing often makes it simpler to explore them. Journaling may aid in reducing unwanted thoughts and other mental "clutter." Working memory and other cognitive processes can thus function more efficiently, and stress may even be reduced as a result. 


It can be terrible to feel stuck at some life-changing stages of our lives. But one step is all it takes. Try one step at a time from the list mentioned above; it will make a difference. You can take steps to clear your mind and discover real happiness. As mentioned in this article, you can practice meditation, make minor adjustments, seek expert assistance, and develop a support system. There are several things you can do to reboot, even if your brain doesn't have a restart button. If none of the aforementioned techniques work to help you focus and clear your mind, you can seek expert assistance.