7 Steps For Better User Experience

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7 Steps For Better User Experience

If the navigation is in no place, even a perfect-looking online store will collapse. The structure is very important if you have a large store, it should not cause trouble to the buyers. Good navigation helps in getting visitors, improving SEO, and getting more sales. Let us discuss the methods to improve the navigation of an eCommerce site which in turn provides more value to the customers and ultimately, increases sales. 

The balance between the number of products and categories

The navigation bar does not need too many categories. Here is when the dropdown feature becomes important. It allows the users to indicate that there is more to see instead of cluttering the homepage. Too many options will create frustration in the users and they will leave the site. Hence it is good to keep two or three items within one category.  

The product catalogs structure and design should be balanced. To avoid congestion due to information, it is better to have 5 to 6 categories. 

Remember that there are subcategories such as: 

  • Purpose: Casual, Club, Work, Wedding, Cocktail, Formal, etc.
  • Style: Straight, Maxi, Fit & Flare, Fitted, Gown, etc.
  • Length: Mini, Midi, Floor Length, Maxi, etc.

Visualization can be added to make it easier for the customers. Eye-catching images will attract customers and make their experience better. Category Gallery makes it all possible.  

Large Catalogs: Use the multilevel menu

The buyer cannot reach the product they wish if there are many categories and subcategories. This problem can be tackled by a multilevel menu. This will present a detailed view of the store with a few clicks. This feature is provided by the Smart Mega Menu. It offers: 

  • A three-level dropdown menu
  • Instantly loading categories and subcategories
  • Megamenu which supports icons, labels, and banners
  • Layout direction such as right-to-left or left-to-right
  • Submenus are activated quickly

It should be visible

The most common places for the menu are on top or the left. Smart Mega Menu offers 5 templates that help in different positioning of categories. These templates allow your menu to show more content.  

  • Horizontal list which allows more information while scrolling
  • Horizontal list which allows compact display of content and opens additional items.
  • Dropdown list which allows a better representation of menus on mobile devices.
  • Dropdown list which allows a place for everything needed.
  • Popup dropdown list which makes the menu popup.

Dropdown helps in many ways. The Smart Mega Menu provides icons, labels, and banners. 

Sort it up

Sorting the products will help a lot. There are certain methods for that, according to your aim: 

  • Provide buyers with a low cost which can be attained by showing the lowest-priced products at the first.
  • Setting the price from high to low and creating a "price anchor".
  • Set the products with positive reviews first. This will encourage customer trust.
  • Sorting things in alphabetical order.

Filter Connecting

For finding products according to the right parameters, filters will help. Filters are: 

  • price
  • the size
  • discount
  • color
  • product composition
  • ingredients (for food delivery)

Filters should be simple and with few points. Different colors can be applied to controls. 

The Enhanced Filters provides these features for you. It helps in hiding inactive filters, converting regular into switches, 'In Stock' 'Free Shipping' and 'Rating 4+' options, toggle switches providing better UX/UI experience, sliding menu for filters, multilevel structure, Tag Style Filter Display facility, coloring the components, description for filters, and filter priority for buyers. 

Easing the search

A search bar will help the visitors who are looking for something specific. Search is an important element in making the site navigation better. The search bar should be on the homepage.  

Autocomplete function, which allows the customers to get their search queries done, also saving their time and ensuring an apt search result.  The search bar can be put on the top of the site, on the left or right. Our facility, Searchanise, enables the user to find products, offering them similar products, etc. 

Use the best design practices

E-commerce sites have two types of navigation designs, site navigation; on the top of the page and the side of the page. The hamburger menu is suitable for responsive design in eCommerce platforms.  


Navigation is what helps the user in your site. These solutions help in a better user experience:  

  • Smart Mega Menu
  • Enhanced Filters
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Searchanise
  • Category Gallery

You can contact our developers for more information. 

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